War… War Never Changes…

  • A TV Flickers on, skipping through a documentary of the natural resource crisis, the impending conflict in the middle east, and the then-recent effect of The New Plague
  • It flickers once more, now showing the iconic Indian-Head Test Pattern and its accompanied "PLEASE STAND BY" message. "We'll Meet Again" performed by the Ink Spots plays in the background.

Footage of the Resource Wars and the Alaska invasion plays in the background. Ron Perlman fills us in:

"War... War Never Changes..."

"When the spark of nuclear detonation set off a cascade of world-changing events, society as it was once known, was all but erased. The culmination of rising resentment between the human race led to the Earth’s undoing - its ultimate annihilation. But, despite what many would call the final chapter, these 2 hours of total atomic bombardment would later be described as a new genesis."

  • Footage of early Project-Safehouse construction

"Thousands of the ancient world were spared in underground Vaults, giving life to new tribes, brotherhoods, and empires. What followed could only be described as a slow, unforgiving reverberation of past mistakes. Militias and armies would rise, dictatorships would be set in stone, sides would be taken - War would be waged. For it is... that war never changes."

  • Video of Vault door opening, with thousands spilling out into a heat-drenched desert.

"Born into the ----------- of --------------, you have been plunged into a dying society. Years ago, nuclear missiles from a place known only as --------- devastated humanity's progress once again. With the Brotherhood of Steel refusing asylum for ----------- citizens, and the factions of the -------------- growing ever more power-hungry, the world is in turmoil. But in the wake of the 2nd Armageddon, things in the -------... are about to change."