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  • Pepsilova141414

    The G4 tv show "X-Play" will host a Fallout: New Vegas Special on Monday October 11th at 5:30 central American time. G4 is channel 136 in some locations so be sure to check you local listings. Someone be sure to cover it and post the information on the wiki.

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  • Pepsilova141414

    The article talks about the background of the game, along with mostly old info. There is a ton of screen shots (mostly old). It contains some spoliers about Black Mountain. This was not worth translating except for the pictures, but anyway here are all of the new pictures:

    • [1]
    • [2]
    • [3]
    • [4]
    • [5]
    • [6]
    • [7]

    And if you want to see the article heres the link:


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  • Pepsilova141414

    Someone has actually made a Fallout PC case mod designed as an old retro radio! It looks really good and neat.

    Here's the link to the website with the video with more information about it on it.

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