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Trailer and incoming release

Recently, Wayside Digital (formerly known as Wayside Creations) released their final trailer Fallout: The Wanderer, for their latest fan series in the Fallout universe. For those new to Wayside Digital: Wayside Digital is the non-profit that brought us the excellent Fallout: Nuka Break series, a very well known Fallout fan series that's popular enough to get an own Wikipedia page and even an in-game reference in Fallout: New Vegas. Two years ago, they ran a kickstarter for their new season that raised over three times the set target, totalling at $66,625. We are currently in touch with the makers of the series and we will share more details as soon as we get them. In the mean time, I can only warmly recommend to watch the previous seasons (again).warning: watching Nuka Break may cause series addictions. Nukapedia cannot be held liable for this.

Final Trailer, Fallout: The Wanderer

Fallout The Wanderer -- Final Trailer01:03

Fallout The Wanderer -- Final Trailer

Season 1

Fallout Nuka Break - Complete First Season47:12

Fallout Nuka Break - Complete First Season

Season 2

Fallout Nuka Break - Complete Second Season01:15:22

Fallout Nuka Break - Complete Second Season