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Introduction to this week

The spirit of this blog has awakened, the soul of the blog has gone forth
After the success of last week, I decided to make this a weekly blog. I had some nice feedback last week and some good ideas I tried to integrate in this week's blog. I especially liked the "where is Waldo" idea, but sadly, Gamebryo couldn't stand taking screenshots of too many NPC's simultaneously, so that idea won't be used for now. Another idea was touse body parts in a guessing game, but there i encountered the problem that hairstyles are used often by more NPC's, that most NPC's have non-unique clothing etc. So that would probably leave me at posting the picture of a face and asking who it is, or only using people with unique clothing/hairstyles. I may do that later, if i see that people would like that idea as well (please post in the comments if you would want something like that).

Next edition will probably moved to friday


Rules update

The changes to make the blog bigger were made with the intention of giving more people the opportunity and the chance to join the game. Therefore new rules are applied to secure the goal. These rules are open for discussion and are experimental so far


  • Please answer only 1 picture per day (choose one picture of the three, and only post a guess on that picture, also post only 1 guess on that picture per day). Further comments or replies on the blog or on other posts, and do not involve answering the location, are welcome without limitation to amount.
  • People that are more knowledgeable about Fallout: New Vegas are encouraged to try the harder ones and leave the easiest pictures for those who are newer to the game.
  • Please don't forget to say in your post which one of the three you are answering

Featured this week

Featured this week

1) Easy

HS Helena w2 pic2

2) Medium

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3) Hard

HS Helena w2 pic1

(this picture isn't taken in a specifically named place, please give indications how to get here from one of the closest fast-travel-locations)

Helena is a custom name given to Delilah of the Delilah MD mod by scrumpusrex, all credits involving her go to the maker of this superb mod