H&S Helena banner

This is my first blog, so basically an experiment as well. The first ones will be as boring black and white as you see at the moment, but if people like this blog and I have some sparetime, I'll see what i can do to make it better looking.

Basically, the concept of this blog would be: I post a picture of Helena, somewhere in the Wastelands of Fallout: New Vegas and all the visitors are welcome to guess where Helena is this time. The reward? The player who guesses correct gets a special gift on his talkpage.

Please leave in comments either you like the idea or you hate it, either it should be done more than once a week, ... All suggestions, remarks and ideas are welcome².

²I don't need suggestions where to put her next time or what present should be rewarded :)

this week, Helena couldn't sleep well and decided to go for a walk and enjoy the smells of the wastes, covered by the moonshine.

Helena low pose1

Helena is a custom name given to Delilah of the Delilah MD mod by scrumpusrex, all credits involving her go to the maker of this superb mod