When scientists observed the Trinity tests, they realised the world would never be the same again.[1] Some scientists laughed, some scientists cried, most were silent.

But war... War never changes.

After World War II was ended by nuclear strikes, the greater nations realised that non-nuclear proxy wars were the best way to go. But when resources started to get scarce, the greater nations started considering each other's territories again. The situation escalated when China invaded Alaska in 2076 while both nations went to war. On October 23 2077, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer.

When atomic fire consumed the earth, those who survived did so in great, underground vaults. When they opened, their inhabitants set out across ruins of the old world to build new societies, establish new villages, forming tribes. As mankind struggled to rebuild the world, conflicts between the new factions came with it, as war... war never changes.
Ron Perlman

It's just a flesh wound

Robert E Lee Steamboat

The player character slowly opens his eyes and sees a nurse coming to them in a small clinic on board a Mississippi steam boat. The nurse explains the player character that they were found floating in the water close to the ship and had bruises all over them. At this point, the nurse offers the player character a mirror to inspect the bruises. Now the player can decide the gender of the player character, whether they are ghoul or human and all the usual face characteristics. When finishing the character creation, the player character notes that it was just a small fleshwound on the arm and will get out of the bed. The nurse tells the player character to head over to the captain of the ship to discuss something. When getting to the captain's office, the captain will ask the player character who they are, but they can't remember. When the Captain asks what they are good at, the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and skill distribution is opened. The player will notice the new "disguise" skill. After this, they are free to roam the ship.

When meeting Jacob, an old brahmin baron on a side path of the ship, he will offer the player character the challenge to hit as many radligators (mutated aligators) with his .357 magnum revolver as possible within 1 minute. He will also tell the player character it is sometimes easier to use the vertical eagle view to spott enemies. This is however only enabled in outdoor areas. After completing the challenge, the player will receive a 10mm pistol and 5 bullets for every hit on a radligator.

As the player character heads on into the bar, they hear everyone talking about this new aggressive faction that arrived in the north of the Louisiana Wasteland. They call themselves the Enclave. At this point, the first main quest, Meet the Enclave, is initiated.

First location - The Princess

The player character awakes on The Princess, a nice Mississippi steamer that takes tours between New Orleans and Natchez.

Game Location,-94.7242541,7.5z


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