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This article is an entry for the Fallout Apprentice 2015. It should not be confused with in game content.

The Long Walk is a free Fallout: New Vegas add-on released on May 15 2015.


After suffering some defeats in the West, the Enclave pulled back to the center of what previously was known as the United States to regroup and prepare to take back the regions they considered to be theirs. While building up forces and optimizing new technologies at their new capital, Chicago, the Enclave is studying the secrets of the old US Army and trying to get the upperhand. One of the secrets they discovered were undergound traintunnels all across the US. Before the Great War, these were used to secretly move around nuclear weapons to unexpected launch locations. Build to resist nuclear strikes, these traintunnels are still perfectly intact today, and offer the Enclave a perfect tool to do recon behind enemy lines without ever getting noticed.

The Long Walk invites you to follow ED-E into the unknown. When ED-E is triggered by getting in the large vicinity of Lake Mead, ED-E will start broadcasting the voice of John Henry Eden, who invites the player to follow for the greater good, America. When following ED-E down a hatch, the courrier finds himself suddenly face to face with an Elite squad of the Enclave, the E3.

The squad however realises that it is better to get the courier to help them, rather than shoot him on sight, as they don't really know where they are or what's above them. When they explain their whole situation and the hope to do some recon on the ground above them, they ask the courier to clear the surroundings of the hatch first. The courier has to take out a nearby Legion outpost and start a revolt in the NCR to distract the NCR and avoid patrols. The courier however can also decide to snitch the Enclave situation to the NCR and help the NCR set up an ambush around the hatch.



Enclave Elite 3

  • Captain Morgan
  • Henry Krugman
  • Donald Jacobs
  • Dr. Velma
  • Eggy







Armor and clothing

  • Morgan's Power Armor
  • Morgan's hat wwPerk wild wasteland
  • E3 Armor
  • Velma's outfit
  • Velma's glasses
  • Gasmask


Misc. Items

  • Mysterious key
  • Access Code


  • Adrenaline Rush