So Ive noticed everyone saying the Enclave are dead. Well there all wrong and I have proof and ideas so listen. Enclave D.C Remnants: In the Broken Steel DLC from F3 there were tons of vertibirds leaving Adams and and a few at the crawler. Enclave Navarro Remnants: Arcade Gannon states the Enclave left to many different locations in the destruction of Navarro. Chicago Remnants: So this is a mystery but Whitley mentions in ED-E's log that there is an Enclave Outpost in Chicago.

So there I have said it the Enclave are still out there. Now for my and some others ideas.

Enclave Factory: So where was HellFire armor made? We have no clue. So what me and some others were thinking is that there is an organized group of Remnants somewhere in the wastes making some of there armor.

Enclave Tomorrow

There still out there!