• Panzerjagger299

    Fallout Plot

    December 11, 2013 by Panzerjagger299


    The plot takes place after the events of New Vegas with Mr House victorious and you as his loutenant, soon after the Chinese reemerge in the Wasteland with a large invasion on the west coast taking NCR by surprise, Mr. House calculated the inevitable fall of NCR but is reluctant to send his robot army to assist the NCR as it would leave NV weak against the Legion Remnants and the lack of trust in NCR as they might try to take over NV again after the war, so eventually Mr. House and you decide to send yourself, his trousted loutenant to alone assist NCR, the most large and powerfull enough force on the west coast to repell the Post-War Chinese communists.

    Mr. House knows that the NCR is the only buffer power on the west coast and the …

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