This is My story, My life, My lessons learned, My losses.

let's start at the beginning from when i became a Paladin for the brotherhood. It was a normal hellish day in the wasteland, but in the bunker we had a different problem altogether. A New California republic ranger was camping near one of our bunker's and someone had to go and kill him and figure out why he was he not in that order of course. That of course was not the job of a paladin or a scribe, so a Knight was sent.

I was sent to kill the ranger this was the second time i was to be out of the bunker and into the wasteland. Paladin Ramos sent me to grab a stealth boy and a laser pistol along with recon armor. This is what Ramos said to me "Don't come back til you have figured out what he is doing here and killed him". "Understood". So i was sent out into the wastes to kill a ranger. I walked up to the ranger and asked him if he had any water for a citizen of the NCR, while he fetced the water i searched his camp and found a broken radio and some notes.

The note said " pretty good view of the prison, i am going to check the bunkers to see if any convicts are hiding in them and maybe set up a outpost here". When he came back i asked why he was here and why they weren't doing anything about the prison break. the ranger replied " the repbulic doesn't have enough manpower to take it back and i am here keeping an eye on the convicts bu my radio busted a week ago so i couldn't radio were i was". " Thanks for the water" i said right before is shot him in the head and walked back to the bunker to become a Paladin. To be continued....