Wanted to start writing an In-Universe wasteland survivor guide with the users of this Wikia, how this will work is that I will pick a weapon or location or animal and the Users (That is you folks) will write toughts on it from their character, I.E. I would be a Brotherhood of Steel member, skilled would be an NCR trooper, etc. First Weapon will be the

9MM Pistol

  • Fairly low-tech and low damage, this pistol is highly common for civilins and poor raiders, almost anyone can perform maintenence on this weapon, as it is very simple in design. Before the war, this gun saw very popular use as a sporting and personal defense sidearm for the public sector. It has very low armor penetrating capability, power-armored soldiers should consider targets using this as a level 5 priority threat. -Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Cross
  • A fairly common low-tech pistol,raiders,merchants, and the occasional civilian will use these. The 9mm and any variant of it, has never seen any service in any Enclave sector, being far to low tech to be considered for use. The 9mm pistol seems to have the highest record of misfires to date, as it has failed many a Raider in an attempt to dispose of an Enclave soldier. This and other variables make the 9mm unreliable and weak in the hands of any soldier, from green horn, to veteran. -Autumn Jesien, Enclave Energy Sharpshooter
  • Hey, I carry one o' these in my travels on the wasteland..... I can't say it's saved me a bunch o' times, but it gets its job done. I've had a few misfires with it.... thought I was hallucinatin' once, but that was when I discovered what "recoil" is. I only use it against lil' critters an' pests, so I can get a quick meal. But if I were to go huntin' say, a deathclaw, this ain't the gun for me. Aside from them critters, this gun's bought me some time when I be facin' raider ambushes. It's easy to pull out since it's light, and it makes for a quick distraction thanks to its firin' speed. I'd say this gun's worth it if you're new to handlin' guns, but not worth keepin' for a while. Unless of course, you enjoy the sound it makes or how cute its sights be lookin'. -Gerald Strauss, Mojave Wasteland prospector

AEP7 Laser Pistol

  • The AEP7 Was put into use to replace the AEP5, With the AEP6 being an experimental model for testing new ideas in focusing crystal and power output. Due to the low amount of military bases in the Mojave region, this particular design is rather hard to find, with the 10mm pistol being the more conventional weapon. Speculation is that Mr. House, being the CEO of Robco which supplied the pre-war United States with several military model robots, used his influence to ensure that few military remnants could challenge his rule over the remains of Las Vegas. The AEP7 LP is a very effective sidearm against lightly armored hostiles, such as the various merchants and raiders of the Mojave Wasteland. Targets using this should be a Level 3 Priority threat, and a Level 2 Reclamation target. All Members should be reminded to bring in recently reclaimed AEP7 Laser Pistols for maintenence and calibration. -Brotherhood of Steel Paladin Cross