• Paladin Donn

    Point Lookout in my opinion is the best add-on for Fallout 3, despite the mild drug use & the groups of hostile mutated hill billies. The main thing about Point Lookout that makes it so fun is that it is SCARY in some people's opinions. The fact that it is a dark and cloudy swamp lurking with creatures & red necks with guns(typical). It might not sound that entertaining but the experience of game play in it is like none other of the Fallout games. So I recommend buying Point Lookout.

    Ranking of Fallout 3 add-ons: 1. Point lookout 2. Mother ship Zeta 3. The Pitt 4. Operation: Anchorage 5. Broken Steel

    Remember this list is just my opinion don't take it for an actual fact.

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