War Never Changes is a main quest in Fallout 4. It is the final quest of the main story, starting when the player character enters The Commonwealth after the forces of Ronto have entered the city. If the player fails to arrive in the city before Ronto attacks it, the quest is automatically failed. This quest is altered greatly based off the previous quests completed.

Quick Walkthrough

Main Quest: War Never Changes
Arrive in the Commonwealth
Arrive before Ronto's attack
Arrive after Ronto's attack
Meet with the leaders in the Commonwealth
See the ruins of the Commonwealth and the quest fails
Plan the battle against Ronto and let the war begin
Join the battle and fight Ronto directly
Lead a strike group to kill Logan
Fight through Ronto's men until Logan appears to fight you
Kill or convince Logan's Elite Guard to stand down
Kill Logan
With the battle over, decide what to do with Ronto
Reward: Various rewards from the different factions, completion of Fallout 4's main story

Detailed Walkthrough

The forces of Ronto have arrived at the Commonwealth, planning a full scale invasion. The player has been able to optionally recruit various allies, including either the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel or the Brotherhood Outcasts, The Pitt led by Marie, Detroit, and GDInc mercenaries. Hopefully, the player has also been able to counter or destroy Ronto's deadliest weapon, a powerful EMP weapon they planned to use to render most factions useless.


This quest appears on screen immediately when the player and companions enter the Commonwealth within 2 weeks of Ronto's planned attack on the city. If the player has recruited the full aid of Gamma Defense Incorporated, they will be immediately greeted by the sight of a small fleet of their naval ships. Other possible sights include the Brotherhood of Steel's Vertibirds flying over head and Detroit's armored vehicles driving past, if they were recruited. Upon entering the city, the player will be rushed to the Institute's headquarters, where all of the recruited factions' leaders are currently meeting. If the player has not recruited any of the optional leaders, the meeting will only consist of the current leader of the Institute, either Killian or Marcus.

The main plan of action of the alliance changes depending on if the player has found how to counter Ronto's EMP weapons or not. If a counter has not been found, the plan is one of simple defense, waiting for Ronto to enter the city before attacking them and using what little equipment they still can. If the counter has been found and prepared, the plan is a more offensive one, with the alliance dividing into two groups. One group attacking Ronto as they try to approach the city, while the other flanks them from the side. Similar to Detroit, the player can optionally choose how to deploy the different forces, such as choosing whether the Vertibirds should be used for troop redeployment or be used offensively.

After the meeting is over, the group will break up, either joining with their men or speaking with the other leaders. Actions include, but not limited to: Paladin Maxson and Marie speaking, with Maxson questioning why she is there and Marie questioning where the Lone Wanderer is during all of this, Protector Casdin speaking with the leader of the Commonwealth about their technology, and Commander Myers speaking to Ford from Detroit about a possible deal between the two factions. Meanwhile, various scientists and, if present, Sarah Lyons will overlook the reconstruction of Liberty Prime, in hopes that they can bring it back online in time.

The Battle

The player is given two options of how to proceed in the battle. With the main objective being the death of Logan, the player can either join the battle directly, a potentially dangerous, combat heavy route, or choose to take a stealth route, it being revealed there is a metro tunnel nearby (on the path to Wonderland) that runs right underneath Ronto's forces.

  • Joining the Battle - Saying the final battle is chaotic is an understatement. While the exact number depends on how your forces were deployed earlier, dozens, if not over a hundred, of Ronto soldiers may spawn, while the forces on your side also randomly spawn to fight them. Assuming you recruited every group and have found the counter for the EMP weapons, the units on your side include: Institute androids, Union fighters, Brotherhood Paladins or Outcast Defenders, GDInc mercenaries, Pitt raiders and Detroit soldiers. If the EMP problem has not been solved, androids will not appear, and Brotherhood, Outcast and GDInc units will be severely downgraded. When enough soldiers have been killed, Logan and a few of his Elite Guard will appear and, after a short conversation, will attack the player for their actions.
  • Stealth route - Besides the player's usual companions, the player will be accompanied by either elite androids or, if Ronto is still using their EMP weapons, Union soldiers. There are Union soldiers in the tunnels themselves, most likely engaged with Ronto soldiers. The better prepared the player's forces were for the battle, the less enemies appear in the tunnel. If the player was very well prepared, then no enemies will appear, failing to get past the Union's traps. The metro tunnels eventually lead straight to Logan's camp. Fighting through the soldiers here is easy, but the player will quickly encounter Logan's Elite Guard. There is an option to convince them to stand down, making them believe that Logan is destroying Ronto in his obsession, or the player can simply kill them. Either way, the only one left afterwards is Logan, who will refuse to stand down and fight to the death.

If all of the conditions are right, the player will at some point here over the radio that Liberty Prime has been successfully reactivated and is heading towards the battlefield. With warnings to get behind the power-armored soldiers so Prime doesn't mistake people for enemies, Liberty Prime will begin destroying Ronto's forward forces, and with Logan's death, will force Ronto in to a hasty retreat. While Ronto will still be defeated even with Liberty Prime's help, it will be a more messy victory, with Ronto being spread out and disorganized instead of fully retreating.


Various soldiers cheer as it seems the battle is over. The Player does not get much time to celebrate as a messenger appears asking for the player to come to a meeting. At the meeting, the faction leaders discuss what to do next. The leader of Detroit, Ford, will quickly suggest that they destroy Ronto for all they have done. This gets more complicated when Gerard, leader of Ronto's resistance movement, appears and states his believe that Ronto can still be restored and become a valuable ally to the various factions, under Gerard's leadership. The player can even suggest, if they want, that they become the new leader of Ronto, which will result in a large amount of anger from Gerard if the player does not have the Ronto background. After an argument, the leaders agree to a vote to decide whether to let Ronto live and who shall lead it or begin a counter-attack on them. The player gets to vote on the issue as well, and their vote may have some influence on the others. When the decision is officially made, the endings to the game will play and the player will get to resume the game one month after the battle.


  • If the player choose the Human Vault Dweller background, Logan will have slightly different comments before the final boss battle against him. He even laments as he wonders if Vault 122 as a whole is against him, before attacking the player.
  • If Liberty Prime is indeed reactivated, it can be seen briefly before fighting Logan. It appears heavily modified from its appearance in Fallout 3 due to its repairs. Most notable is its misshapen armor and new sensors on its head. Despite this, it is shown to be just as effective as it was against the Enclave, easily mowing down the soldiers it engages.
  • If GDInc is present in force, bombardments from their battleships can occasionally be seen during the final battle off screen. This does seem to have the effect of decreasing the number of Ronto soldiers that spawn if the player engages in the battle.