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Laser RCW icon
skillEnergy Weapons 80
strength req.4
Attack statistics
IR: 15 (20)
UV: 35 (46.6)
IR: 135 (215.5)
UV: 140 (223.4)
DPS (reload)
IR: 141.7 (182.2)
UV: 108.7 (177.4)
crit dmg
IR: 15
UV: 35
crit % mult
IR: x0.1
UV: x1.1
IR:9 (10.8)
UV:4 (4.8)
APIR: 20
UV: 25
projectiles1spreadIR: 0.08
UV: 0.04
Ammo & reloading
ammo typeElectron charge pack
IR: 1
UV: 3
IR: 80
UV: 25
ammo cap.60
reload time
1.8 (1.3)
item HP375
repairLaser RCW
base id1110101b

The UVAR is a unique version of the laser RCW. It appears in Fallout: New Vegas and a future Fallout game.


Originally a regular laser RCW, it was found by Paladin Luxus and heavily modified, but he was forced to leave it behind after leaving the Brotherhood. It was then found and used by other Brotherhood Paladins, like those of Easy Company, and was possibly used by the Courier. After becoming a cyborg, Luxus (now calling himself Luxiga) somehow reobtained the UVAR and began using it again.

Compared to the laser RCW, it has an additional scope, the green lights are now violet, the wood is darker, and the Brotherhood of Steel logo was added on the stock.


It has slightly less health than the laser RCW and weighs more as well. It comes with a 2.6x scope and already has a laser RCW recycler installed. The UVAR has two distinct firing modes that it can switch between at any time:

  • In infrared mode, it operates almost exactly like the laser RCW, firing fully automatic and recycling every fourth shot, for 80 shots per reload. The only difference is a higher critical chance, double that of the laser RCW.
  • In ultraviolet mode, it fires semi-automatically, only recycles every fifth shot, and uses three ammuntion per shot, bringing it down to 25 shots per reload. Despite this, it deals 20 extra damage, has half the spread, more critical damage and its laser attacks are invisible to most enemies. This allows it to act as the only stealth energy weapon.


Using standard ammuntion, it lasts 1870 shots, 24 reloads in infrared mode and 75 reloads in ultraviolet mode, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition type Infrared mode Ultraviolet mode
Shots Reloads Shots Reloads
Standard 1870 24 1870 75
bulk 2200 28 2200 88
Optimized 1700 22 1700 68
Over charge 1247 16 1247 50
Max charge 748 10 748 30


Weapon name (current weapon is highlighted)Icon gun Damage per attack (damage per projectile)Icon damage Damage per secondIcon dps Attacks per secondIcon attack Critical Chance % multiplierIcon chance Critical damageIcon critical damage Attacks in V.A.T.S.Icon sequence Action Point costIcon action Damage per action pointIcon dap Weapon spreadIcon spread Magainze capacity (shots per reload)Assault carbine extended magazines Durability (number of attacks before breaking)Icon repair WeightIcon weight Value in capsIcon merchant Value to weight ratioIcon ratio Skill requiredIcon ability Strength requiredIcon fist
Infrared mode 15 135 9 x0.1 15 3 20 2.3 0.08 60(80) 1870 7 8100 1157.1 80 4
Ultraviolet mode 35 140 4 x1.1 35 1 25 1.4 0.04 60(25) 1870 7 8100 1157.1 80 4
Laser RCW 15 135 9 x0.05 15 3 20 2.3 0.08 60 1995 4 2150 537.5 50 4
Laser RCWWith all weapon mods attachedIcon plus 15 135 9 x0.05 15 3 20 2.3 0.08 60(80) 1995 4 4050 1012.5 50 4


In Fallout: New Vegas, it can be found on the dead body of Paladin Jack Snyder in Searchlight Airport's underground.

In a future Fallout game, it is used by Luxiga after a certain point in the main story and can be either killed for it or convinced to give it to the player.