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Well, since things went boom, nothing's illegal anymore, so I couldn't call it the "Black Market." Heck, even the "Gray Market" is a bit of a stretch, but I will not be known as a "retailer."Ray

The Gray Market is a store run by Ray in Rivet City's upper deck. He sells a variety items, including weapons, consumables, house improvements and even some add-on items, if the add-ons are installed.


Ray, along with others, ran a black market in Washington, D.C. up till 2077. After the Great War, Ray's few surviving associates died, under "very mysterious, shotgun-related, circumstances." Ray then took over what little remained of their operation and shortly after that accidentally turned into a ghoul. Ray currently owns three stores, in Rivet City, Ronto and Chicago, as well as various caravans that run between them and various other locations in between, which Ray refers to as the "Ronto Triangle." Ray previously ran the caravans himself, but is now running the Rivet City store instead.


The Gray Market is a small store located in one of the upper deck's rooms. There is various items lying around, a bed that Ray sleeps on when the store closes and two Gray Enforcers who are present at all times. There is also a very hard locked safe in the corner. All of Ray's inventory is randomized once per game day, any add-on items require the add-on to be installed, although not completed.

Shop inventory

Ammunition Armor and clothing Drugs and edibles Weapons Misc

Ray will also sell the following house improvements:

  • A Very Hard locked safe and key - safe is placed in your bedroom, automatically relocked after opened with key (can not be locked again if lockpicked).
  • Jukebox hack - Can only be bought if you bought the jukebox improvement, allows the jukebox to play stations other than Galaxy News Radio.
  • Gun rack - Can store and display one weapon, mostly two-handed rifles. Despite its name, it can store certain melee weapons as well, but not all of them.

Related quests


  • If asked why he's in the upper deck instead of the marketplace, Ray will state he "had a disagreement with his Royal Harkness, plus I live here, see the mattress?"
  • There is a Very Hard locked safe, identical to the house improvement, in the corner of the store. If asked, Ray will state the key broke about 40 years ago and if the Lone Wanderer opens it, they can have whatever's inside. Upon picking the lock, one will find 200 bottle caps and a "Coupon for one (1) free facial reconstruction - Pinkerton (expires 01/10/50)"
    • Upon closing the safe, Ray will immediately comment that "Pinkerton actually used to consider those to be a form of currency, cheap ass." Pinkerton will never mention the coupon, even when in your inventory.
  • Upon starting Broken Steel, Ray will start his next conversation by stating that because of a "certain someone," the cost of purified water has more than halved, complaining you should consider others before giving away free junk.
    • If the player chose to contaminate the purifier with the Modified FEV, one in-game week after the first conversation, Ray may comment that many of his customers have been mysteriously dying lately and ask if you would happen to know anything about it.
  • If Ray is killed, some time afterwards, a group of six Gray Enforcers, the same as his two guards, will attack the player. They will appear at one of the ambush places the Talon Company and Regulators attack the player, although not at the same time. Unlike them, the Gray Enforcers will not talk before attacking.


The Gray Market appears only in Fallout 3.