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For the main document detailing this quest, see User blog:Paladin117/Apprentice Challenge 1.

Terror Atomics is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas 2.

Quick walkthrough

  1. Speak with Neil at the junkyard
  2. Fight some mole rats
  3. Craft the Pip-Boy multitool
  4. Explore the General Atomics factory
  5. Access the secret elevator in the President's office
  6. Activate the machinery in the factory
  7. Splice open a door
  8. Fight the Mister Gutsys Eve activates
  9. Chase and deactivate the damaged Mister Armory
  10. Calm Eve down or kill her

Detailed walkthrough

The quest will be started by Neil and a quest marker will appear pointing to the meeting point. After agreeing to go with him, you will have to fight some mole rats, during which your weapon will break. Neil will show you a place to craft the Pip-Boy multitool mod so you can fix it. Afterwards, you two will enter the General Atomics factory and explore until reaching the President's office, where you can find a secret lock by either:

  • Reading paper notes on the desk, revealing construction orders, one of which mentions a secret elevator leading to the basement
  • Passing a Perception check of 7 while talking to Neil and noticing something odd about the painting
  • Just checking out the painting

You can either lockpick the lock or find the key in a random book. Once downstairs you must hack a terminal to continue. If you fail, Neil will find the button to manually open the door. In the next room, Neil will optionally show you how to splice and either you or he will have to use it to gain access through the next door. One of the terminals needed to easily calm Eve later is found in this room.

Exploring more, you will soon encounter Eve who will attack you and activate the factory's alarms. Chasing her will result in getting sealed inside a room and getting attacked by multiple damaged Mister Gutsys. After defeating them, a damaged Mister Armory will be activated, it will frenzy however and crash through the exit. Following it will result in it getting pinned against a steel pillar. You can deactivate it by either:

  • Fighting - Its Gatling laser is strong, but it is still spinning in circles while randomly hitting the first and second floors, meaning it should be easy to avoid. Melee and Unarmed fighters may have to circle around it to avoid fire.
  • Splicing - Normally a Mister Armory's control panel is difficult to reach, thanks to it being on top of it. However, with you starting above it, it should be simple to jump on top of it. It's panel is already open and, with many of the wires already damaged, figuring out how to power it down should be simple.
  • Hacking - There is a flight of stairs leading to a third floor. There is a damaged Mister Gutsy here, but once destroyed, you will find the terminal controlling the security systems. If you can hack it (it's an Easy difficulty), you can shut off the security alert and the computer will forcibly shutdown the Mister Armory.
  • Explosion - There are a few damaged pipes underneath the Mister Armory. With an Explosives of 20 or a Luck of 7, you can use a nearby machine to release explosive gas from the pipes. When you or Neil next fire at it, the gas will explode destroying the robot instantly.

Once deactivated, you will find Eve in a sealed room, there is also her diary which is one of the items needed to calm her easily. If you do not read all of these, you will have to pass a Speech check of 20 to calm her down. If you fail to calm her, she will turn hostile and attack you both. Either way, once she is dealt with, the quest will end and you and Neil can now leave.