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Shockswords are post-War melee weapons in a future Fallout game. They come in two different variants, Shocksword (+) and Shocksword (-), which are statistically the same when used.


Designed and built by the Brotherhood Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland, they were based off a unique pre-War weapon found in the VSS Facility. With the Civil War now over, it is now built by the Brotherhood of Steel in the region and traded for help with their water caravans. It's odd features and ease to build made it extremely popular and it has now been spread across over half of the East Coast.


Shockswords appear much like a Chinese officer's sword, but with obvious bits of scrap metal, a pipe-like handle, and two small energy cells in the bottom-middle of the blade. However, the small energy cells never need to be replaced. The swords electrocute anyone they successfully hit and produce either a positive (+) or negative (-) electric charge. While this charge does nothing when used by itself, when one equips two shockswords, the swords will gain a bonus depending on their charges.

If the two shockswords have the same charge, they gain a bonus of 0.1 to their attacks per second and a bonus of plus 2 damage to their normal damage. If the two shockswords have opposite charges, they will gain a bonus of 2 electric damage per second and an additional critical multiplier of 0.1.


This weapon can be crafted by the player, the recipe being sold by random traders.

Creation requirements

Name Requirements Componenets
Shocksword (+)

or Shocksword (-)

Shocksword (+)
Shocksword (-)


The shockswords can successfully strike about 1995 times from full condition before breaking.


The only variants of the shockswords are the positive and negative variants.


Mostly sold by traders and found in random locations.


  • The player holds the swords differently depending on which ones are equipped.
  • If the player has equipped a positive and negative blade, the electricity can be seen flowing in between the blades.