The following is a complete list of all quests appearing in the Fallout 3 add-on Ravens' Port.

Road Trip (Required)

At the start of the add-on, new NPCs named "Gossipy Wastelanders" will appear at Megaton, Rivet City and Canterbury Commons, commenting on the recent refugees into the Capital Wasteland. Three Dog may also comment on it, but it's random. Either by hearing about it or going there directly, the player will find various people from Ravens' Port outside of the Citadel, asking an unnamed Paladin for help as their city gets destroyed. Amongst the group is Samuel, who will speak with the player. Feeling that the Brotherhood is not going to help, he wonders if the player may know of anyone that can help them stop the fighting back at his home. Upon suggesting, he will agree to take the Lone Wanderer to Ravens' Port, feeling a need to see how things are going.

Talon Company quests

Talon Company quests need to be completed if one wishes to pursue either siding with the Talon Company or creating peace between the two factions. For a Talon Company playthrough, all is required is completing the Bounty Collector and At the Twilight's Last Gleaming quests. Other quests are optional, and are failed upon completing the final battle, but may help with the final battle and/or be required for a peace playthrough.

Bounty Collector (Required for Talon Company playthrough)

While traveling through Ravens' Port, a group of Talon Company mercenaries will appear randomly before the Lone Wanderer and reveal their boss wishes to meet with them. Upon traveling to the Talon Company's base, The Armory, where one will be directed to speak with Edward Talon. If you don't already know, Talon will pull out a contract, revealing that he and his mercenaries are supposed to shoot you on sight. However, despite the Lieutenant's complaints, Talon hopes that you can help them in this war, as he KNOWS you have no connections with his superiors and don't want to kill him, like half of his men.

If you accept, Major Talon gives his first request: retrieving some firepower. The Talon Company currently has enough explosives to break through Fort McHenry's main gate, but that would cause heavy losses for them. Talon has learn of Ravens' Port's local mad scientist, Dr. Fernsworth, and hopes that maybe he may have the firepower they require. Accepting automatically starts the Something With Some Kick quest and this quest is not completed until Something With Some Kick is completed.

Boarding Party (Optional)

Requires: Starting Bounty Collector

If it isn't obvious from just walking around, Talon Company has a serious bombardment problem. A ship controlled by GDInc is currently anchored near the city and is launching the constant attacks that are keeping the Company in hiding. While they can attack Fort McHenry right now, it would result in heavy losses as the ship attacks them. For this reason, the Lone Wanderer is tasked with getting rid of the ship, one way or another. Getting on the ship is easy, requiring only to interact with one of its anchors or a ladder hanging off of it, getting rid of it requires:

  • Destroying the ship's ammunition or fuel compartment, which will permanently disable the ship. This can be done by fighting your way to one of the areas or stealthily approaching them. Be careful, as it does generate a large explosion that may kill you by accident.
  • Activating the ship's self destruct. Requires either interacting with the Bridge's computer or hacking a hard terminal outside the ship.
  • The last option doesn't even require boarding the ship. Instead, the player can talk to the leader of GDInc and convince him to send the ship forward to the Capital Wasteland, rather than have it sit here wasting ammunition, and have his forces on the land deal with this Talon Company group. Doing so will result in him ordering the ship to retreat, but it requires a high Speech, Barter, or Big Guns check and requires already completing the GDInc quest Proving Grounds.

Reward: 500 caps and no more bombardments on the city nor during final battle.

Power to the Company (Required for a peace playthrough)

Requires: Completing Bounty Collector and one other Talon Company quest.

Talon decides to show the Lone Wanderer something. He will take you down to a secured vault in the lower area of The Armory, revealing 30 clean suits of T-45d power armor. These suits were found in this vault and are completely operational and battle ready. The problem is: they're also security locked and require encryption codes to open them up. Talon has received word that Lieutenant Way found a facility that may solve their problems, so he asks you to aid her.

At the facility, Way will explain that the building was part of a division of West Tek, the creators of the T-45d power armor. Way will act as a temporary follower as the two of you investigate the second floor, while the rest of the team secures the first floor. The second floor however is filled with feral ghouls. The ghouls are random based off the player's level, Reavers can even spawn if Broken Steel is installed. Getting the encryption code requires using three terminals spread throughout the floor. After collecting the complete code, you and Way will have to return to Talon, who uses the code to successfully activate the various armors.

Reward: Talon power armor and Power Armor for Dummies book given to player and Talon Company heavy mercenaries spawn during final battle.

A Broken Heart (Required for peace playthrough)

Requires: Completing Power to the People

Albert has a few health problems. A heart condition of his causes various problems, shortness of breath being just one example, and while it has never gotten him in much trouble yet, it was the reason he was declined by the Brotherhood of Steel. Helping in the re-activation of the Talon Company's new power armor has reminded him of his dreams of old.

If the Lone Wanderer wishes, they can help him accomplish his previously dead dream of being a Paladin. This requires passing a Speech challenge of 75 with Edward Talon. The Speech challenge can be bypassed by either training Albert a bit (requires a Big Guns or Explosives skill of 50) or getting some medicine for him (stolen from JH Hospital).

Reward: 500 caps.

A Coup de Grace (Required for peace playthrough)

Requires: Starting Bounty Collector

With some investigating, the Lone Wanderer may soon learn that Lieutenant Pascal is planning to get rid of his commanding officer and take over this detachment, violently. The player has a few options with how to deal with the situation:

  • Pascal will launch his attack without the Lone Wanderer's help under specific conditions, resulting in him and three hostile Talon Company mercenaries attacking you, Talon and, if she's around, Lieutenant Way. Conditions that can cause him to attack include:
    1. Trying to warn Talon of what's happening.
    2. Returning with Way after completing Power to the Company.
    3. Begin launching the final battle.
    4. Progressing through the Prisoner of War quest.
  • It is possible to aid Pascal in his coup. Passing either a Speech or Barter check of 40 will convince him to let you help. This requires then talking to Talon and asking him to speak with you alone nearby. Upon arriving in an abandoned corner of The Armory, Pascal and his men will attack Talon, resulting in an easy kill.
  • The final option is to convince Pascal to cease his plans. Doing so requires either passing a Speech check of 60, a Small Guns check of 50, or hacking his private terminal (average difficulty) and reading his private logs.
  • If the player sides with GDInc and does not progress this quest enough when the final battle starts, they will find that Pascal killed Talon and leads the Talon Company during the battle.

If the player wishes for peace between Talon Company and GDInc, then getting Pascal to stop the coup is the best option, followed by stopping his plan and killing him. Pascal killing Talon makes a peace playthrough impossible, but does reward 2000 bottle caps (2500 with Barter check).

GDInc quests

GDInc quests need to be completed if one wishes to pursue either siding with Gamma Defense Incorporated or creating peace between the two factions. For a GDInc playthrough, all is required is completing the Bounty Collector and At the Twilight's Last Gleaming quests. Other quests are optional, and are failed upon completing the final battle, but may help with the final battle and/or be required for a peace playthrough.

Proving Grounds (Required for GDInc playthrough)

Unlike the Talon company, Gamma Defense Incorporated does not come looking for the Lone Wanderer, requiring you to find them. However, the fortress with its constantly firing battleship nearby should not be hard to find at all. When speaking with the men at the gate, they reveal that they are in fact hiring additional mercenaries and will give you your first job if you're interested.

The job should be simple, when the Talon Company attacked them and the chaos started, GDInc's idiotic radio operator dropped a holotape with all of their radio frequencies into the sewers. They wish for you and three other rookie mercenaries to enter the sewers and find it. Sadly, it's not as easy as following the compass... because the tape landed in a Radserpents nest. The serpents will attack viciously and will most likely kill some, or all, of the men with you. Retrieving the tape and returning it will not grant a reward but they will now allow you to start the remaining quests. However, any surviving rookies will thank you for saving them (without you they would be dead) and get you something.

Reward: 250 caps per surviving rookie, 1000 for all three surviving.

Artillery (Optional)

Requires: Completing Proving Grounds.

While Fort McHenry still has some of the cannons from when it was originally in use, more recently it was equipped with a series of heavy laser artillery cannons. Sadly, it seems that these cannons were more for show and with their current power supply they couldn't even hurt a child. For this reason, Myers would like for you to go to the nearby power plant and find three fusion batteries so they can finally give these cannons some kick. This will automatically give a map marker of where to go. The power plant is filled with random feral ghouls, but should be easy enough. There are a total of five batteries spread throughout the plant, but only three are needed for the quest (note: one is also needed for the Life Support quest, so you may wish to grab that at the same time).

Reward: 1000 caps and less Talon Company mercenaries spawning during the final battle.

Scrap Junkie (Optional)

Requires: Completing Proving Grounds.

GDInc is having an odd shortage of supplies, namely equipment to maintain their energy weapons. They need specialized equipment and Myers asks you to search nearby rubble piles in search of scrap metal and scrap electronics for them to use. They need at least 10 of each, which should not be too hard to find.

Reward: Can take GDInc equipment without stealing and Gamma mercenaries' weapons do greater damage.

Prisoner of War (Required for peace playthrough)

Requires: Completing Proving Grounds.

Quite a few people have been entering the city since this little war started. Some passing through, some trying to scavenge and profit off it. What's odd about the city's most recent visitor to the city then? The fact that she was immediately captured by the Talon Company and taken away. Myers is more than interested in what the Talon Company wants with her and asks you to investigate. Releasing her is actually quite simple:

  • If one speaks with Edward Talon, he will reveal he has no knowledge of any prisoner. This leads to the player following him as he tries to find out what the hell is going on, learning that it was under Pascal's orders that the prisoner, Rachel was captured. This will lead to an argument between Pascal and Talon before Talon forces his way into the prisoner's cell and orders the guard to release her.
    • When releasing Rachel, Pascal will appear and launch his coup attempt if he wasn't earlier convinced to stop it. While he will have his usual attackers plus the nearby guard, the player and Talon will also have Rachel, who grabs her gear from a nearby footlocker, to aid in defending themselves.
    • If Pascal was convinced to stop the coup, he will be more helpful during the quest and show Talon and the player where Rachel is. If Pascal is dead however, Talon will find his way there without him. Finally, if Talon is dead, Pascal will refuse to tell the player nothing, requiring the player to find Rachel on their own.
  • Rachel can be found without talking to Talon by entering the small shack containing her cell. While entering without Talon will turn the prison guard hostile, no one else in the Talon Company will turn hostile, even after his death. Her cell can then either be lockpicked or the key can be taken from the guard.

After freeing her and finishing any fighting, Rachel will talk to the Lone Wanderer and, if present, Talon, revealing that she is in fact a Regulator and she is here because of the Talon Company. She has been watching the group for quite some time and came here because she is curious about a few things. If Talon is here, she will ask him a few questions, most of which he doesn't know the answer to, like how the Talon Company was even made aware so quickly of GDInc's invasion plans and who was the "superior officer" that had Pascal go and capture her.

Afterwards, the player can tell her that Myers wishes to speak with her and she will agree to come with you. Talking with Myers brings up even more odd questions. For instance, the story that GDInc was hired by Ronto because of a failed assassination attempt is apparently false and Talon Company doesn't even perform assassinations. If she's correct, who is truly paying GDInc to attack Talon Company? After this second confusing discussion, Rachel will stay at Fort McHenry but may act as a temporary companion if the player asks.

At the Twilight's Last Gleaming (Final Battle)

Requires: Completing Bounty Collector or Proving Grounds.

This battle starts by either talking with Major Talon or Commander Myers, or Lieutenant Pascal if he has killed Talon. Agreeing that it's time to start the final clash, the faction you side with will begin preparing at their base. Starting this quest will make all incomplete optional quests for the Talon Company and GDInc immediately fail and will turn the opposing faction hostile towards you, if they are not already. If the player wishes for a peace playthrough, they may side with either faction. Along with other characters, User blog:Paladin117/Ravens' Port characters#Rachel|Rachel]] may act as a companion during this quest, if she's available.

Talon Company

The Armory will be tense as people prepare. If both Talon and Pascal are still alive, they will either be talking or, if A Coup de Grace has still not been completed, Pascal may attempt to kill Talon. Lieutenant Way will be here no matter whether Power to the Company was completed or not. She will either be talking to Albert, if A Broken Heart has been completed, trying to warn him how dangerous this is going to be even in power armor, talking to Pascal, if he has already killed Talon and taken over the Company, which results in her being detained until the battle is over, or she will be talking with her men.

After speaking with Talon or Pascal, whichever is in charge, the screen will blacken as the player is warped outside of Fort McHenry. The battle will start as Talon Company mercenaries rush the towards the fort as rail cannon fire destroys much of the outer enforcements. Rushing through the hole, the player will meet several Gamma mercenaries but should have some mercenaries on your side as well. The objective is to rush and find the leader of these mercenaries before GDInc has time to regroup. Entering the command building, the player will be forced into dialogue with Risa who demands the player stand down. The player can convince her you wish for peace, otherwise she will turn hostile.

Fighting through the building, the player will eventually find Myers. He will enter conversation first with Talon or Pascal, whoever is in charge, then with the player, noting disgust if the player has done any GDInc quests previously. The player can opt for peace (see below) or can try to get him to surrender or just decide to kill him. Either way, he will yell and turn hostile, but should be easily killed even with his two guards. Afterwards, Hawkins will appear out of nowhere, with your Talon Company noting confusion as to why their boss is here, but he will only congratulate them, believing that Talon or Pascal may have a greater future in the Company then his associates originally believed.

Gamma Defense Incorporated

With Myers confirming that Talon Company is currently held up at an armory, Myers orders his men to prepare for a full on assault and, if still present, will radio their ship to begin bombarding the armory to make way for the assault. This radio transmission will be interrupted, however, as the sounds of explosions and screaming rock the building, Risa rushing in to inform Myers that Talon Company is attacking them. Myers will have you rush out to aid in the defense, with Risa acting as a temporary companion. The player will exit the building just in time to see the front gate explode as Talon Company mercenaries rush in and attack. The player can either assist in the fighting directly or climb the walls and assist killing the Talon Company still outside. Either way, as the fighting continues Risa will inform you that a group have made their way in the main building and that you two must rush in to aid Myers (If Risa dies, an unnamed mercenary will inform you instead).

Entering the building, the player will find a small number of Talon Company mercenaries (and heavy mercenaries if Power to the Company was completed]] and many dead Gamma mercenaries. The player will arrive just in time as the leader of the Talon Company, Talon or Pascal, reaches Myers and an argument ensues. Both Talon and Pascal will note they "should've guessed" as the player arrives on GDInc's side. The player can opt for peace (see below) or can choose to attack the Talon Company. After they are all dead, Hawkins will appear, commenting on how while unexpected, GDInc did an adequate time in defending themselves here at Fort McHenry. Hawkins is sure that his bosses at "Ronto" will consider hiring them in the future.


No matter which side the player fights on, the player can try to suggest the possibility of peace to the two groups. This requires previous work to complete, however. Myers needs to have doubts towards his employer for him to even consider calling a truce, requiring completion of the Prisoner of War quest. If he begins to consider it, Hawkins will appear, starting with some cruel words pointed towards Rachel. He will admit that he operates as both the leader of Talon Company and the employer of GDInc, forcing the two of them to fight for a variety of reasons, including the fact that GDInc is becoming too large and Talon Company is reminding him too much of "the Orleans disaster". He will attempt to convince Talon or Pascal, depending on if Pascal succeeded in his coup, to finish the job and kill Myers. If Pascal is in charge, he will agree and kill Myers. If Talon is in charge, it is possible to convince him to quit Talon Company now that he knows just how bad the organization has come. To convince him, the player needs to have at least three of the following accomplished:

Passing at least three of those will result in Talon shooting and killing Hawkins instead, failing will result in him complying and attacking Myers. If Myers is killed, the ending is the same as a Talon Company victory. If Hawkins dies, Talon and Myers agree to stop the fighting outside and Talon decides he is leaving the Talon Company, to make a Company that his father would be proud of.

JH Hospital quests

Life Support

The hospital's emergency power supply, a set of fission batteries, is finally starting to die, which is the last thing they need right now. Grace asks you to find them a better source, revealing they did have a prototype pre-War fusion battery before a group of raiders stole it. While the compass will mark the raiders home as the main way to get the fusion battery, it is also possible to get one from the power plant. They can also be retrieved for GDInc's Artillery quest.

Reward: 200 caps and free energy cells every few days from Grace.


While the Hospital seems safe from the bombardments (either because they're far away or they stopped), the people in the Hospital would feel a lot better with some type of protection from bombardments or any other type of attack. While it pains Grace to do this, she asks you to see if Dr. Fernsworth has anything to help them. She would send one of the others, but she's afraid they'll come back eaten or mutated. Going to New JHU and speaking with Fernsworth will reveal he does in fact have a special, solar powered, electromagnetic shield that will protect the hospital. However, it's located on the second floor of the adjacent building, a building infested with Wolverines. This is much easier to do at the same time as the Something With Some Kick quest, if seeking a Talon Company or peace playthrough.

Returning the device to Grace will result in the two of you installing it in the Hospital's mostly intact dome on the top of the building and activating the shield. The player can optionally speak with Fernsworth later, revealing he honestly believed the player would be killed trying to get to the device and complains that now he has to feed the wolverines.

Reward: 500 caps and medicine can be taken for free.

Dr. Fernsworth's quests

Help Wanted

Dr. Fernsworth admits, his experiments are more difficult since his assistant died violently selfishly quit. The Lone Wanderer would be the perfect assistant, except for one problem. He needs a special monitor installed into your Pip-Boy 3000. He's all out of them, so if you want the job, you're going to have to find his assistant's dead unconscious body in his campus's basement. The basement is dark, with most of the lights no longer functioning. Most importantly, it's infested with venomroaches. Finding the bio-monitor module on the assistant and bringing it back to Fernsworth will unlock all of his other quests.

Something With Some Kick (Required for Talon Company playthrough)

Requires: Starting Bounty Collector.

So, the Talon Company needs something to break through Fort McHenry... Fernsworth has just the thing, a large rail cannon he is developing. Problem is, the work has been slow ever since he lost the prototype, portable rail gun. If you could find it for him, he can have it completed soon. He thinks he accidentally left it in the building another building on the campus, while he was busy feeding his yao guai. Traveling to the building, the player will get rushed by various Wolverines, a new variant of the yao guai. If the player has a Science or Speech of 50, they can convince Fernsworth to send two of his sentry bots to aid the player. The player will eventually find the rail gun on the first floor of the building and can return it to Fernsworth. Fernsworth will quickly realize his error with the rail cannon (the rails are backwards) and will prepare the weapon for the Talon Company. (Note: It is easier to do this quest at the same time as Shields)

Rewards: Rail gun and may continue Talon Company quests.

The Simulated Terror!

Requires: Completing Help Wanted.

Dr. Fernsworth has finished work on his first attempt at a virtual reality simulation and wishes the player to test how realistic it is. Entering the pod first gives various, simple instructions (jump, walk north, etc.), but these instructions start to get more painful, for instance, jumping off a cliff to your death. Finally, Fernsworth will spawn a horde of deathclaws to attack and kill you. Upon dying, you will be back in the real world and Fernsworth will ask various questions of how realistic those deaths felt.

Reward: Simulation Pains perk.

Polymorphism is our Friend

Requires: Completing Help Wanted.

Fernsworth believes that humans are "falling behind" other races as animals mutate and evolve in this nuclear wasteland. He believed FEV and its effects may have been the answer, but thanks to a "certain someone", Fernsworth has been forced to abandon that line of research. For that reason, he asks you to retrieve a new serum he's been working on in the basement. Getting to the serum requires both fighting through venomroaches and through a radiation-filled area. Activating the machine that stores the serum results in it stabbing and injecting you with the serum instead. After a few dizzying seconds, your character passes out and reawakens back at Fernsworth's lab. Fernsworth is happy he fixed the serum, noting your head didn't explode like poor Amy although there was no reason to believe it wouldn't work. Although, he's sad to admit that your particular mutation isn't as useful as he had hoped, but acid blood must be handy sometimes, right?

Reward: Human-morph! perk.

Completing the add-on

After finishing either the Talon Company, GDInc or peace playthroughs, the player will find minor differences upon returning to the Capital Wasteland. All refugees will be gone as fighting is over no matter which playthrough is done, Rachel will be with the other Regulators in Regulator HQ if she's alive and freed, with other differences being:

  • After aiding the Talon Company, the player may here Three Dog reporting an influx of Talon Company recently and Talon Company mercenaries may become equipped with add-on equipment.
  • Completing a GDInc playthrough results in Gamma mercenaries randomly appearing both in DC and throughout the wasteland, attacking any Talon Company mercenaries they find. If the GDInc Kickass survived the add-on, Three Dog will note how the city is being "blockaded" and a lot more holes are appearing in the ruins.
  • As a result of a peace ending, the player will find a new radio transmission from Edward Talon for the Talon Company, noting that he and his men have founded the "true Talon Company" and warns what will happen after they help repair Ravens' Port.

Behind the scenes

The quest At the Twilight's Last Gleaming is a reference to a line from The Star-Spangled Banner, "What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming".