The following is a complete list of all characters appearing in the Fallout 3 add-on Ravens' Port.

Talon Company

The Talon Company was founded shortly after the Great War by Colonel Norton Talon. Originally known as Talon's Company, it was made up mostly of National Guard members serving under Colonel Talon. They attempted to aid the Capital Wasteland in various ways, with a small mention of them on the Germantown logs. After Colonel Talon's passing, the Company began to shift its purpose and became corrupted. While originally the faction would take optional handouts from those that were willing, these "handouts" began to become mandatory, and after a coup the group became full-out mercenaries-for-hire. Colonel Talon's grandson, Wayne, and a small group attempted to change things back, but failed and were publicly executed.

The Talon Company in Ravens' Port do not represent the main group from the Capital Wasteland. When the Company learned of GDInc's plans to attack them, this detachment was sent north to meet them half way. Despite being told otherwise, the main leaders do not believe the detachment actually stands a chance against their enemy. For this reason, the detachment is made up entirely of "expendables," those that the Company are more than willing to lose, and were sent up in hopes that they can at least weaken the Gamma mercenaries before their arrival in the Capital Wasteland.

Edward Talon

Major Edward Talon is the leader of the Talon Company in Ravens' Port and also the great-grandson of Norton Talon, the founder of Talon Company. Like his father, Wayne, Edward is angered by what the Talon Company has turned into and only remains because of a deep wanting to return it to its former status. However, Edward never acts on his wish because of him witnessing his father's death at a young age. This has caused him to be filled with anger and fear over his father's actions; anger because of how many died because of him and fear because he may repeat those actions. Edward is one of the few in Talon Company that know what their mission really is, a death sentence, and can't help but notice the irony that he was the one chosen to lead everyone to their deaths.

Lieutenant Pascal

Lieutenant Pascal is one of Talon's officers, specifically in charge of the soldiers in The Armory. Like Talon, Pascal is aware of the Talon Company's plans on eliminating them. He is greatly insulted both by them trying to kill him with the others and the fact that he is under Talon's command, a man he considers incompetent. For this reason, he is currently planning a coup with some of his subordinates, planning to lead them to victory over GDInc to prove how wrong his superiors are about him.

Albert Landing

Albert Landing is one of Talon's officers, forcibly put in charge of maintaining the Talon Company's equipment. Albert grew up in downtown D.C. and quickly began to idolize the Brotherhood of Steel after their arrival in the Capital Wasteland. In his late teens, he attempted to join the Brotherhood as a Paladin, but was denied because of a heart condition. Not wanting to become a Scribe, he scornfully joined the Talon Company believing they would let him fight. Instead, they forced him to work as a mechanic, a position he has been unable to escape to date.

Lieutenant Way

Lieutenant Rebecca Way is one of Talon's officers, leading a team that's scavenging for supplies throughout Ravens' Port. Way is one of the few actually loyal to Major Talon, which is why, unbeknownst to her, Pascal convinced Talon to send her away as he plans his coup. Conveniently though, Way was actually born and raised in Ravens' Port, making her an effective scout in this situation. She currently has her team scavenging the West Tek Cryptics facility in search for a way to unlock the Talon Company's power armor.

Unnamed NPCs

  • Talon Company mercenary - generic mercenaries, can be found at all Talon Company locations
  • Talon Company heavy mercenary - more skilled mercenaries in talon power armor, appear during the final battle if quest is completed
  • Talon Company mechanic - three mechanics under Albert's command in the Armory

Gamma Defense Incorporated

Gamma Defense Incorporated, also known as GDInc, is a pre-War private military company. Previously headquartered in Philadelphia in the Eastern Commonwealth, they were forced out of the city sometime after the Great War. Afterwards, they headed south and seized control of the city of Havre de Grace. The city now acts as their headquarters as they continue to do contracts with other factions. Due to a failed assassination attempt by the Talon Company on the leaders of Ronto, GDInc has been hired to wipe out the Talon Company. The forces began heading south to the Capital Wasteland, both by land and by sea on their one ship, the GDInc Kickass. They were more than surprised to enter Ravens' Port to find the Talon Company already knew they were coming.

Commander Myers

Commander Myers is the leader of the Gamma mercenaries in Ravens' Port. He is normally an uncaring man, only worrying about getting paid. This mission begins to have doubts entering his mind. First, their employer ordering them to bombard homes just because they don't know where the Talon Company are now hiding. Then, the possible revelation that their employer isn't who he says it is. Myers may consider breaking a contract for the first time in his life.

Risa Archer

Risa Archer is the unofficial second-in-command of the Gamma mercenaries in Ravens' Port. If the player is fighting alongside GDInc during the final battle, she will temporarily join the Lone Wanderer as the Talon Company invade the Fort. Alternatively, she can be convinced to attempt a temporary cease fire to discuss terms, but this requires either a high Speech or the Lady Killer perk. However, the cease fire is not required for a peace playthrough.


Hawkins is a representative of Ronto, sent to make sure GDInc does an adequate job of wiping out the Talon Company. In reality, Hawkins is lying through his teeth. He is in fact an associate of Littlehorn & Associates, the men who are also in command of Talon Company. During the final battle, if peace between the two factions is attempted, Hawkins will attempt to intervene, revealing his true identity. This war is just one of their many attempts of maintaining a sense of balance within the Wastes, other attempts including having the Talon Company hunting down super mutants, assassinations in Ronto to keep them from spreading too far and various other acts in regions the player has never even heard of. Hawkins will attempt to get the two factions to continue fighting each other, revealing who ever "wins" will become their main mercenary group for future contract needs.

Unnamed NPCs

  • Gamma mercenary - generic mercenaries, can be found in Fort McHenry
  • Gamma sailor - mercenaries found on the GDInc Kickass, less heavily armored than regular mercenaries

JH Hospital

With the mercenaries destroying much of the city of Ravens' Port, the townsfolk have been forced to hide within the pre-War John Hopkins Hospital, providing them much needed medical care and shelter as the rest of the city gets bombarded by artillery fire.

Grace Adams

Grace Adams is the newly founded mayor of Ravens' Port, being elected shortly after the previous mayor's death two days ago. While mayor is the last position she wants to be in, she never even put her name in the ballot, she is taking her job seriously and asks the Lone Wanderer for aid when needed.


Samuel is the first "Ravenite" the player character meets. He was amongst a group begging for assistance from the Brotherhood of Steel. Upon being asked, he takes the Lone Wanderer to his home and, after following them for a while, leaves and returns to the Hospital.

Dr. Fernsworth

Dr. Fernsworth is a scientist as well as the founder, faculty and only graduating student of "New" John Hopkins University. While annoyed by the "loud noises" coming from outside as of late, he refuses to let them get in the way of his research, creating weapons, mutated creatures and other forms of technology. Despite his insane, isolated behavior and even willing to kill the Lone Wanderer "for science", he is willing to help both the town and the Talon Company when they ask, suggesting either a lack of caring with how is technology is actually used or that he may actually have a nice side.


Rachel is a member of the Regulators who is currently investigating the Talon Company. This investigation has brought her north to Ravens' Port where she was immediately captured by a group of Talon Company mercenaries. Despite this, the Talon Company's leader, Major Talon, has no knowledge of her nor her capture by his own men, leading to question who the hell DID order it. Helping in her release will result in gaining her as a temporary companion as well as being required for a peaceful ending to the add-on.


Dr. Fernsworth briefly mentions Doctor Lesko from Fallout 3. He reveals that Lesko was a former student of his, until he was expelled for stealing all of his FEV. Technically, the man isn't even a doctor. Furthermore, it's revealed that it was Fernsworth that told Lesko that FEV "works wonders when used under controlled circumstances", a failed notion that leads to Lesko creating fire ants.

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