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For the Fallout 3 add-on, see Ravens' Port (add-on).

Ravens' Port is a settlement built upon the ruins of the pre-War city of Baltimore in 2277.


After the Great War, Baltimore was severely damaged, with only a few key buildings still standing. Surprisingly, a large number of fishing ships survived the destruction, allowing the city's inhabitants to continue gathering fish, both mutated and un-mutated. While not as profitable an industry as before the War, it has allowed the city to stave off starvation and trade surplus food for other necessary supplies, such as weapons and medicine. It is not fully known where the name "Ravens' Port" actually comes from, many speculating it has something to do with the large number of posters for the Baltimore Ravens, a Columbian League football team, that still litter the ruins.

With Talon Company and GDInc mercenaries now at war, the two forces have met each other at Ravens' Port, causing mass destruction to the few ruins that remain.


The city is mostly open with fast travel enabled, similar to Point Lookout. Traveling to the city initially requires speaking with Samuel, but the player can then travel back and forth between the city and Capital Wasteland by walking into the southwest/northeast corner of their maps until a prompt appears.

John Hopkins Hospital

JH Hospital is a pre-War facility on the eastern part of the map, now being used as shelter by the inhabitants of the city as the war rages outside. While the building suits all of their medical needs currently, it lacks in various other, necessary ways. Most loot is minor medical supplies that require being stolen. This is most likely the character's first stop as Samuel will suggest coming here.

The Armory

The Armory is a former National Guard building based in the western part of the map. The Talon Company were able to access the building through codes that Edward Talon possessed. The Armory contains a large number of weapons and armor used by the Talon Company.

Fort McHenry

Fort McHenry is a coastal fort used over four centuries prior to defend the city. It is in the southeastern corner of the map. While its use by post-War wastelanders is visible, it has since been occupied by the GDInc mercenaries as they bombard the city with their ship.

New John Hopkins University

The "New" John Hopkins University is a post-War college built in the ruins of pre-War JHU's school of science. The college is maintained by a single, completely insane man, Dr. Fernsworth. While guarded by sentry bots, the facility is still dangerous due to the doctor's experiments. The JHU is the most out of the way location, being on the northern edge of the map.

West Tek Cryptics

A division of West Tek that focused on encryption and other security programs, especially for West Tek's power armor. They were previously an independent company but were bought out in 2063. The now destroyed facility is being explored by Lieutenant Way and her men, hoping to find a way to unlock the Talon Company's newly acquired power armor.


Ravens' Port only appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Ravens' Port.

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