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For the location, see Ravens' Port (location).

Refugees are flooding the Capital Wasteland as war ravages the ruins of Baltimore! Choose your sides as the Talon and Gamma mercenaries fight a full-scale war, help out innocents in the cross fire, and gather both old and new military equipment.— Official description

Ravens' Port is the sixth and last Fallout 3 add-on, coming out many years after the previous ones.


When people are fleeing *to* the Capital for safety, you know things are bad.— Gossipy Wastelander
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Whether hearing the rumors or accidentally bumping into them, the Lone Wanderer will encounter a group of wastelanders from Ravens' Port trying to ask the Brotherhood of Steel for help. One of them, Samuel, will offer to take the player character to Ravens' Port. At Ravens' Port, the various ruins of pre-War Baltimore are filled with chaos as the Talon Company and Gamma mercenaries wage war in the streets. The Lone Wanderer can choose to either help the Talon Company or Gamma Defense Inc., or can even find a way to bring peace between the two factions. Along the way, the player can also choose to help the various townspeople and help a local mad scientist with his experiments.



A few creatures return from the vanilla game, including radroaches, feral ghouls, and even raiders, who are located in a single building at the edge of the map. Along with them, are a few new enemies:

  • Venomroach- venomroaches are a variant of the radroach created by Dr. Fernsworth. They are about the same size as the radroach but have glowing stripes. Their bite ignores all armors' damage resistance and poisons the player. When they die, a cloud of poison gas appears around their body for a few seconds.
  • Radserpents - Radserpents are large, mutated snakes found in the sewers underneath Ravens' Port. While not created by Dr. Fernsworth, surprisingly, he is studying him. They are fast, bite enemies rapidly, are highly poisonous and, possibly most important, are impossible to sneak up on, as they can see in infrared and can see the player character, even if they're invisible.
  • Wolverines - Wolverines are yao guai modified by Dr. Fernsworth. Their fur has been turned silver and has higher Damage Resistance than yao guai of the same level. At the same time, their claws have been replaced with an unknown metal, greatly increasing the damage they inflict.


  • Canned mirelurk - same effects of mirelurk meat but with half the weight.
  • FN FAL - assault rifles used by Talon Company mercenaries.
  • Fusion battery - very powerful batteries, needed for two side quests. There are six found in game, five at the power plant and one held by a group of raiders, however, only four are needed for the quests.
  • Gamma laser rifle - laser rifles modified after the War by Gamma mercenaries. They have greater damage and an added on scope making it more suitable for long ranged combat, but the rifle uses two microfusion cells per shot.
  • Irradiated Bass - consumable item, gives 5 HP on use and is worth 8 caps.
  • Laser carbine - modified energy weapons carried by Gamma mercenaries. They're smaller than regular laser rifles, weigh less, and have a faster rate of fire, but have much lower accuracy.
  • Laser's edge - a variant of the Chinese officer's sword, it is a gray sword with red edges. It does 20 damage per swing and 50 damage per second. It is sometimes carried by both Talon company and Gamma mercenaries.
  • Rail gun - a very powerful big gun. Inaccurate at long ranges, but does a large amount of damage and has the same knockdown effect as the Gauss rifle.
    • 15mm EC - special ammunition just for the rail gun, can be purchased from Dr. Fernsworth.
  • Power Armor for Dummies - a skill book of sorts, gives the player the Power Armor Training and Power Armor Expert perks. Given as a reward for the Power to the Company quest or can be found on Talon's dead body.
  • Scrap electronics - similar to scrap metal, several can be found throughout Ravens' Port.
  • Talon power armor - suits of T-45d power armor modified by the Talon Company. They have greater damage resistance but lower health. The only cosmetic change is various black ravens painted it on the armor.
  • Wattz laser pistol - pre-War energy pistols carried by Gamma mercenaries. While doing less damage than other laser pistols, it has greater health and uses 1/2 the energy (every 2nd shot uses no ammo).
  • XL70E3 - pre-War, rare assault rifle used by the Talon Company. It is a burst fire rifle, doing moderate damage but has high health and fire rate.



  • Human-morph! - Your blood has been transformed into a deadly, corrosive acid! Anytime an enemy attacks you with melee or unarmed weapons, they receive damage!
  • Power Armor Expert - You know the makings of power armor like the back of your hand! When repairing a suit of power armor, the suit is repaired even more than usual. Gained through the Power Armor for Dummies book.
  • Simulation Pains - When only a single limb is crippled, the player will receive no negative effects. However, if multiple limbs are crippled, the player will receive the negative effects of all of them.

Behind the scenes

  • Wolverines are a reference to the character Wolverine from the X-Men. Like Wolverine, their claws have been replaced with a special form of metal.
  • The Human-morph! perk seems to be a reference to the Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise.