What's this place for? Ironically, I have no data to answer that with. I always thought having a back door to the Lucky 38 was a bad idea to begin with.WaNe

The RobCo Networking Bunker, most often referred to as RN Bunker, is a former military site, later purchased and converted for other needs when construction of the Lucky 38 began.


Constructed within Las Vegas's sewers at an unknown time, this bunker was used by the National Guard for unknown purposes. The National Guard later stripped it of all equipment and sold it to RobCo Industries. Later that year, Robert House began construction of the Lucky 38 casino directly on top of the bunker, adding it to the already large underground structure of the casino. Much like how the Lucky 38 never served as a casino, the RN Bunker never served its purpose as a network hub for RobCo, possibly because of the Great War or Mr. House's need to prepare for the War. Instead, its massive computer system was used for House's AIs, with equipment serving the AI WaNe's needs, as well as other servers containing backups of other AIs.


The RN Bunker has a very linear layout. The main entrance is that leading from the central sewers. This leads to a small room with some securitron guards, followed by various rooms containing unusable servers. After these rooms, is more securitrons followed by a T-shaped intersection. To the right is the room containing all of WaNe's computer equipment, while to the left is a hallway leading to the Lucky 38's elevator.

Both entrances are initially unusable, they are unlocked either with permission from Mr. House or during the Have You Heard? quest. The elevator will also be unusable during the Have You Heard? quest, even if previously unlocked.

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  • While never stated, the National Guard's use for the bunker may have initially been as a testing site. Upon completing Radological Warfare, WaNe will mention they left behind a prototype mesmetron that was improved upon by House. Furthermore, the mesmetron is located in, what appears to be, a shooting range.
  • If WaNe is questioned about the oddity of the bunker's location and how the elevator could possibly reach this location, WaNe will just cryptically answer "Science is a mystery, eh Six?".


The RN Bunker appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.