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The Mojave Federal Republic, MFR for short or sometimes simply the Mojave, is a post-War government founded in 2282 after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The nation is well known for its advanced technology and believes strongly in independence.



The Mojave Wasteland was mostly undamaged after the Great War and remained mostly independent, with only a few small factions living there, like the Brotherhood of Steel, the Boomers and the Great Khans. This was until 2274, when Robert House and his securitrons revealed themselves, turned three tribes into the Three Families and took over the city of New Vegas. This was all in preparation for the arrival of the New California Republic, who planned to annex the region to gain access to the Hoover Dam. Mr. House and the NCR signed the New Vegas treaty, giving NCR control of the Dam in exchange for the Strip's continued independence.

It was in 2277, that Caesar's Legion came to the Mojave and began a war with the NCR. The NCR won the initial battle for the Hoover Dam, but the war continued on for five more years. Meanwhile, the NCR began planning to break the New Vegas treaty and kill Mr. House. Mr. House, knowing of this, required the Platinum chip to fight off the NCR. It is during this period that the mysterious Courier, the one hired to deliver the Platinum Chip, became a major factor of the war, as people prepared for a second battle for the Hoover Dam.

Unbeknownst to either group, the Courier began working with both Mr. House and NCR at the same time, hoping to convince the two groups to cooperate. These hopes were ruined, however, when the Courier was ordered by the NCR to kill House. Unsure of what to do, a confrontation occurred between the Courier and Mr. House for unknown reasons. The result was the Courier killing Mr. House and secretly using Yes Man to take over the securitron network. After the events at the Divide, the Courier became less idealistic and, seeing the effects of the war against the Legion, began doubting the NCR's ability to defend the Mojave, even after the war.


Now fearing the effects of an annexation of the Mojave, the Courier made an alliance between the various towns in the region. The alliance made plans to attack the NCR during the inevitable battle for Hoover Dam. The NCR would chase the Legion away and then the Mojave would do the same to the NCR. To this end, the Courier made friendships and alliances with the Brotherhood of Steel, Followers of the Apocalypse and the Boomers. The Courier was also able to break the alliance between the Legion and the Great Khans and continued to aid the unknowing NCR, hoping a possible peace with them was still an option.

In 2282, the Second Battle of Hoover Dam occurred. What appeared to be an NCR victory quickly changed as securitrons attacked the Hoover Dam and Camp McCarran, the Boomers attacked Camp Golf, and the Brotherhood of Steel attacked HELIOS One. The confusion at the Dam and the other areas being understaffed resulted in easy victories and small casualties on both sides. Before the NCR could retaliate at all, the Courier appeared before General Oliver and demanded the signing of the new Mojave Treaty, forcing the NCR to leave the desert.

With the NCR and Legion gone, there was initial chaos, especially in Freeside, however this was ended quickly with the aid of the Courier's securitrons. It was shortly after this that declarations were made and the five towns that participated and the Boomers were transformed into the six states of the new Mojave Federal Republic.


After the war, the Courier, that few in the Mojave honestly knew, disappeared without a trace. For this reason, the newly formed Council elected Marcus as their first president. It was also later this year that the Mojave formerly took over Big MT. In 2284, the borders between NCR and Mojave were re-opened and later that year the NCR was able to end the NCR-Brotherhood War. The MFR continued to strengthen themselves, forming their official military, using robots to build new infrastructure, and creating new towns, namely Bonnie Springs, New Nipton, Nellis, Indian Springs and Searchlight.


The MFR is made up mostly of original residents of the Mojave. However, there are a decent number of both immigrants and tourists from the New California Republic, refugees from Caesar's Legion and others from independent regions. There are also a small number of ghouls and super mutants. By law, mutants are equal to humans and can live wherever they wish, however most prefer living in Jacobstown.


The MFR is divided into six states. While the names of these states are unknown, if they even have ones, the capitals and some other towns of the states are known:

Each state has representatives, the number of which is chosen by that state. It is completely up to state how these representatives are chosen, but they are almost always the mayor of a town or leader of a faction from that state. No matter the number of representatives, each state is only given one vote towards federal decisions. The representatives vote for how their state will lean in the decision, while the President acts as a tie breaker. Oddly, while there is surprisingly little fighting between different states' representatives, there is often fighting between those from the same state, especially the representatives of New Vegas.


The Mojave still has a small military, only considered to be in the hundreds. They have to make up for their small size with mobility and technology, having the largest known number of military robots in the post-War America as well as the largest number of aircraft. Amongst other technologies, the military is also known to have control of the Archimedes II weapon at HELIOS One.


The Mojave's infantry is made up of both regular infantry and motorized infantry. Infantry focuses on defending key locations, such as Hoover Dam and Black Mountain, while motorized infantry focuses on offense. The motorized infantry divisions are always ready to move and capable of great speed, shown by multiple divisions arriving in Seattle before the NCR, despite the greater distance.


The MFR is capable of manufacturing, maintaining and even upgrading a large number of robots. They namely use securitrons, some of which are now Mark IIIs, robo-scorpions and eyebots. Securitrons and robo-scorpions mainly focus on defense, but are ready to be deployed along with motorized infantry. Eyebots are mostly used for reconnaissance and aiding in communications. Infantry was also seen having cyberdogs outside the Lucky 38.


The Boomers are full members of the Mojave, with a representative in the Council. The Boomers are trusted in operating the MFR's air force. While extremely small by pre-War standards, they now have the largest air fleet on the West Coast. They have unknown numbers of Vertibirds, B-29 Superfortresses, and fighter craft resembling the P-47N Thunderbolt. Many of these aircraft were found and repaired, but Big MT is able to manufacture them to a degree, thanks to a certain technology.

Mojave Commandos

The Mojave Commandos are an organization created by some of the Courier's former comrades, namely Craig Boone and Ulysses, with support from President Marcus. The Commandos are chosen from elite, loyal members of the military and are headquartered in Big MT. Once finished training, they undergo an operation and have various implants from the Followers of the Apocalypse and Big MT installed in them. They focus primarily on combat and infiltration, only being sent out on high priority missions.

Relations with the outside

Brotherhood of Steel

The MFR and Brotherhood of Steel have a strong relationship. After their war with the NCR, the Brotherhood was forced to leave the Core Region, turning the Mojave chapter into the new head of the organization and moving their headquarters to Big MT in order to police its technology. The Brotherhood has been given a large amount of freedom to operate with in the Mojave, although this has caused at least one incident, and, in exchange, have their Paladins aid the Mojave's military when needed.

Followers of the Apocalypse

The Followers of the Apocalypse are allies of the MFR. Initially, the Followers had a horrible time trying to aid New Vegas, but when mass amount of supplies started to arrive from Big MT, they had all they ever needed. A limited number of Followers are allowed to work within Big MT, but most in the Mojave operate just outside New Vegas.

Great Khans

While not much is known after the Great Khans' move to Wyoming, they are considered an ally of the Mojave, thanks to the Courier. While not willing to aid in the defense of Seattle, a radio announcer was heard saying that Regis made an announcement, stating any attack on the Mojave by the NCR would be met with Khan force.

New California Republic

While at peace for decades now, the relationship between these two nations is tense at best. The militaries of both nations more than belief in the possibility of war and run various drills to prepare for the possibility.


Thanks to data and technology found at the Remnants bunker, Sierra Madre and Big MT, as well as continuing research by the Think Tank, Brotherhood of Steel Scribes and Followers of the Apocalypse, the MFR has some of the most advanced technology seen since the Enclave. Not only possessing the pinnacle of pre-War technology, but having the capabilities to upgrade and possibly even manufacture more of it.

Infantry are seen to have an unknown version of combat armor. The ones that are not equipped with energy weapons (plasma rifles, laser RCWs, Gatling laser emplacements, etc) are shown with advanced guns, like anti-materiel rifles. Robo-scorpions have been upgraded to a more modular design, while securitrons were mentioned to be in the middle of being upgraded to Mark IIIs. Furthermore, Brotherhood of Steel members are shown in upgraded T-51b power armor (unofficially named the T-51c), however whether these are simply upgraded suits or manufactured from scratch is unknown.

The motorized infantry are shown to have specialized vechicles, both trucks, designed to either hold soldiers or robots, and jeep-like to escort them. It was also stated they were able to create a B-29 aircraft from scratch, bringing the Boomers' total to four. While most of these vehicles run on nuclear power, the Boomers' bombers and fighters still run on oil. This has led to some resource concerns, with mechanics trying to modify the aircraft to accept newer power sources.


  • Unlike the NCR, the Mojave does not seem to want to expand, only taking over uninhabited areas. While some see this as them not wanting to repeat the NCR's mistakes, others see it as them still too weak to hold a larger region.
  • The seal of the MFR, the phoenix, is supposed to symbolize the people of the Mojave rising from the ashes of the Great War, while the 6 sides of the hexagon represent the six states of the government. Unofficially, the hexagon also seems to be a nod to the symbol of Big MT, although the hexagon is at a different angle.


The Mojave Federal Republic only appears in Fallout: Seattle Plague (see film treatment).