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Mobius made many prisons for his former friends. Prisons for the body, prisons for the mind. The problem was, despite all the centuries he spent protecting the world from his friends, he forgot to protect his friends from the world. That’s now my job.

Luxiga (formerly known as Paladin Luxus) is a cyborg traveling across the post-War United States while working for Dr. Mobius and a possible companion in 22XX.



Luxus is a former Paladin of the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. While there, he worked directly under Elder Elijah, doing assignments that required a little more “direct” action than what the scribe would do. During the battle for Helios One, Luxus was with Elijah as he tried to activate the secret weapon there. However, there was not enough energy or time for it and, with the New California Republic surrounding them, it was impossible. With no other options, the Brotherhood was forced to retreat, but to Luxus’ surprise, Elijah chose to not follow them.

For a while, the two traveled together, and Luxus began to question Elijah’s decisions, whether to continue following him, and more importantly, why the Brotherhood was failing against the NCR. Eventually, they stumbled upon Big MT, but were quickly separated upon entering. Luxus spent the next few days trying to locate Elijah and survive against the onslaught of enemies.

Ultimately, Luxus was captured after taking a severe blow to the head by a protonic inversal axe, losing his left eye and taking brain damage in the process. Unlike the others who have been captured and taken to the Y-17 medical facility or the Think Tank, Luxus was surprisingly taken to the other dome instead.

Day 000

Location: X-42 robo-warfare facility


Injury diagnostic complete;
Data retrieved from Auto-Doc AP;
Parts from robo-scorpion ready;
Beginning procedure;

Procedure complete;
Reactivating robotic and organic brains;
Screaming and spasming unexpected, correcting;
Minds are conflicting;

Conflict ended, synthesis has occurred;

Now that the other “visitors” were gone, Mobius knew there was a problem. The visitors made the Think Tank question things and Mobius had to make sure no others tried to break into Big MT the way they did. Luxus was different from the other visitors, the others came wanting answers or vengeance. This man though came following orders, a soldier. Mobius could use a soldier, once he was repaired of course.

The procedure changed Luxus in an unexpected way. He wasn’t just physically changed, with a robotic arm, eye and various other, unseen parts. The former robo-scorpion’s mind was attached to his and the two minds fused. This new cyborg was different, it was both of them and neither of them at the same time.

Day 079


Luxus: This isn’t real.

Mobius: And why would you say that?

Luxus: It just can’t be, I don’t care what videos you put in my head. Elijah wouldn’t...

Mobius: Mmm you so sure? This robo-scorpion saw it all.

Luxus: He really did it, didn’t he? Luxus, Veronica, the Brotherhood, all just dead weight to him. He truly cares about nothing other than his stupid revenge.

Mobius: What now…eh, Luxus?

Luxus: Luxus was the human’s name, I’m Luxiga.

Luxiga learned more of Mobius and the Big MT during his long recovery, learning between his Psycho rages of what he is doing to the Think Tank and why. Eventually he agreed to work for Mobius to help protect the technology there and to find any and all threats, whether it be people who will sneak in or armies that will force their way in. However, he needed to get used to his new body and proof himself capable before he could set out. Fighting lobotomites, Y-17 trauma override harnesses, and various other tests. After finishing all infiltration tests, he was rewarded with a mark I stealth suit, being told the mark II suit needed to stay there for later.

Day 153


It’s the oddest feeling, in seconds information can be sent directly into my head; locations, images, orders, whatever he wants to give me. I access a robo-scorpion and I can see all of the data it has. With one thought, I can make it do whatever I want. It’s almost an addicting feeling, but my mission is more important than simple wants.

Luxiga was finally ready to leave and was given his orders. Visitors #1 and #2 were threat level 5, Visitor #3 was threat level 3. All threats at level 5 were to be eliminated at any opportunity. With that, Luxiga left Big MT and headed west.

Day 171

Location: The Hub


Getting into the NCR was surprisingly easy, their army is apparently busy. Fighting the Brotherhood so close to home and preparing things in the Mojave. People are whispering that the “Legion” is going to attack again, guess you miss a lot when you die.

NCR: Threat Level 3

Day 203

Location: REPCONN headquarters


Set up base in an abandoned building, robots scare most people away, didn’t stop someone from robbing the place, though. A lot of factions here, but none as dangerous as this courier everyone’s talking about, may be gathering factions to help with the war, or taking it over. People say the Brotherhood is all dead, but then why did I see my old colleague gathering supplies?

Courier: Threat level 4
NCR: Threat level 3
Caesar’s Legion: Threat level 3
Brotherhood of Steel: Threat level 1 (may die on their own)
Boomers: Threat level 1 (no plans of ever leaving)

Day 276

Location: Sierra Madre


Found some clues in the Mojave about Visitor #1, turns out they were true. Found him locked away in a vault, screaming over various radio frequencies. After much hard work I finally released him and, after a small chat, proceeded to shot 16 plasma bolts into him. Also, found some weird designs for an odd weapon and a construction device.

Visitor #1: Dead
Visitor #3: Threat level 2 (Seems to want to stay here)

Day 303

Location: Colorado



Day 354

Location: Chicago


Still can’t get a signal from Big MT, something may have happened to the antennae. The Brotherhood splinter faction is located here. Must be blind though not to notice the Enclave in their own home.

Midwest Brotherhood: Threat level 3

Day 391

Location: The Pitt


Heard tales of the Brotherhood’s actions in Washington D.C. and of some “Lone Wonderer”. I’m more interested in this Institute, however. High level of technology, powerful, and their plans...

They may be threat level 4, or even 5, skipping over New York for now and heading straight to Boston.

Daily schedule

Luxiga spends his time at the various bars, hotels and other such places around the Commonwealth. After a random number of days, he leaves and heads towards the next location. When at these locations, the player can ask the owner about Luxiga, although they only have minor information about him. The player can pass an Intelligence or Medicine check to notice that he is drinking just enough alcohol to stay sober or a Perception check to notice he’s actually here to listen to everyone’s conversations.

If met while in between locations, he will notice if the player is dehydrated or hungry and give them a water or a MRE while complaining that the player is unprepared. After being convinced to help the character or the Resistance, he will move to the Boston Army Depot and stay there permanently when not following the player.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

General Services Quests
Essential: yesIcon check
  • Always
Companion: yesIcon check
  • Permanent
Plays Caravan: noIcon cross
Merchant: noIcon cross
Repairman: noIcon cross
Doctor: yesIcon check
  • Restores HP
Rents bed/room: noIcon cross
Starts quests: yesIcon check
Involved in quests: yesIcon check


  • Mysterious Stranger 2.0 – If the player’s reputation is too low, Luxiga will give them a test to see how serious they are. The location and target(s) are completely random. If the player’s reputation is high enough, this is skipped.
  • Home is Where the Robot is – Once Luxiga’s trust is gained, he will tell the player to meet him at a location tomorrow at 2 (A.M. or P.M. depending on current time). The player can arrive at any time after this (He will complain but there is no penalty) and he will take the player to his base.

Other quests would depend on what the main story is.

Effects of player’s actions

  • Luxiga’s first conversation with the player will change depending on the player’s reputation and Karma. If the player has little of both, he will not know who you are and seem mostly uninterested, unless the player mentions the Institute or the Resistance. On the other hand, if the player’s reputation is moderate to high with a number of factions (whether positive or negative), Luxiga will instantly know who the player is and comment on their actions.
  • If the player chooses to work with the Institute, they will find Luxiga waiting for you at a random location, at which point he will “suggest” the player rethink their choices. If the player does not pass a Speech check, he will turn hostile.
  • If asked, Luxiga will state that he believes that people are most likely not ready for the Big MT’s technology. If the player has a high amount of Karma and a high Speech, they can slightly change his views, making him consider using his knowledge to help others.

Other interactions

  • If asked, Luxiga will talk about the Lone Wanderer and the Courier from Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas:
    • “I’ve only heard rumors, people don’t even know if it’s a man or a woman. People say his stare can make a deathclaw explode, he fought in this ‘epic battle of good versus evil’, how he defeated the Enclave single handedly, and how he is the captain of an alien mothership. I assume most of it is exaggeration.”
    • “I remember seeing that courier first entering the Lucky 38. Not every day you hear of someone going from dead in a shallow grave to alive to becoming the most important piece in a major war. Too bad I have to kill that lucky bastard on first sight.”
  • If the character has a high Energy Weapons skill, they can ask if he has a weapon that can get around the Institute’s defenses. In response, he will say “I got just the thing” and give you schematics to build a holorifle.
  • Luxiga has a very hard terminal in his base containing files he made while traveling as well as the holorifle schematics. However, if accessed without permission, he will instantly know, causing him and his robots to turn hostile.


  • If the Institute is defeated without changing Luxiga’s opinions, he leaves the Commonwealth immediately and heads for New York City, continuing his mission till he returns to the Big MT and discovers what has changed while he was gone and finally getting to meet the Courier.
  • If the Institute is defeated and changes Luxiga’s opinions, he stays in the Commonwealth for a few months afterwards to help the people adjust, especially helping the androids. He continues on his mission later, but continues to help various settlements and factions he meets as he goes.
  • If the player sides with the Institute and kills Luxiga, his ending will describe how a small group of survivors from the Railroad discovered his body, learning from him of locations with valuable resources, this however was most likely too little to help them.


  • Luxiga’s beta suit – Modified version of the stealth suit Mk I. Statistically the same, but with different coloration and the long sleeves ripped off (although the gloves are still there).
  • The unique laser RCW, the UVAR.


  • If the player places mentats or psycho into his inventory, he will say: "Try to use these sparingly, I've seen what too much can do to people." referring to Doctor Mobius' addiction to these chems.
  • If he is interrogated by the Institute, Luxiga will randomly switch between English, Spanish, German, Latin, and RobCo sound waves in order to annoy his interrogators.

Notable quotes

  • "Mobius considered that, but for some reason he thought four arms and a laser tail would be a little much for an infiltration unit."
  • "Listen, I don’t care about your dreams, your hopes, or your boring rants about freedom. All I care about is destroying the Institute, do you want my help or not?"
  • "I feel I should tell you now, I turned off my pain receptors 4 hours and 23 minutes ago, so you may want to switch tactics."
  • "No, I’m a completely different person, Luxus is dead. You could say that Luxus and the robo-scorpion were the alphas, while I am the beta."


Luxiga only appears in the game I just made up.