They took everything from me, my wife, my health, my home, all for some "experiment". I will make America pay, I will make this nation burn a second time and this time, there will be nothing left.

Logan is a former Vault dweller, the current leader of Ronto and the main antagonist of Fallout 4. Learning of the Vault Experiment some time after being forced to leave his Vault, Logan has entered a seemingly never ending rage, with the sole goal of destroying everything in the post-War United States.


Born in 2272 in Vault 122, Logan was unknowingly part of the Vault Experiment. Vault 122's experiment was testing the effects of electromagnetic pulses over time, both on machinery and humans. This experiment caused various health problems on a variety of the Vault's inhabitants, with Logan himself complaining about migraines on multiple occasions. Logan eventually fell in love with and married another of the Vault's inhabitants, Claire, however she at some point passed away from sickness. In 2291, Vault 122 was deemed to unsafe to live in anymore, with various machinery failing and quite a few "harmless" leaks. For this reason, the southern Vault door was opened and the Vault dwellers started a settlement on the surface.

Logan, however, did not stay with the rest of the Vault and instead began traveling. This later took him to the Capital Wasteland, where he found Vault-Tec headquarters. It was from its terminals that he learned of the Vault experiment and that the death of his wife was caused on purpose as part of this "experiment". Returning to the new settlement, he met with the overseer and learned she was aware of the experiment all along. Enraged, Logan shot and killed her and left the settlement, permanently. Filled with rage, Logan departed for Ronto with plans to get vengeance on the United States' descendants, aka wastelanders.

In Ronto, Logan successfully led a military coup and took over the military city, preparing it for an invasion. While many cheered him on, the city was filled with chaos as public executions became commonplace and a resistance movement appeared in an attempt to stop Logan. Despite Ronto's power, Logan feared that even it would not be enough to go up against the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel nor the Enclave. For this reason, Logan set his sights on Vault 122, realizing that the EMP technology there would render the other factions' technology useless.

Interactions with the player character

It was Logan that hired the Prison Warden to hunt down and capture the player character for him. When the player later meets Logan during the Arrest Warrant quest, Logan will reveal why. His explanation changes depending on the player character's background and race:

  • Human Vault Dweller - While the two of you used to be "neighbors" of sorts, Logan has come to believe that, like Vault 122's Overseer, you too knew of the Vault Experiment. Whether the player confirms or denies it, Logan blames the player for the death of his wife and decides you must die.
  • Human Commonwealth - Revealing he is partially responsible for the civil war in the Commonwealth, Logan believes the player may be one of the few that can possibly end the war peacefully. Whether commenting that you don't care, you will stop it, or that you already have, Logan will try to kill you to keep the Institute unstable.
  • Ghoul mechanic - Despite Logan's attempts, Detroit has been able to repel all of Ronto's attacks thanks to their armored vehicles. For this reason, an expert in the machines can be very useful to Logan.
  • Ghoul from Ronto - Logan has been spending quite some time attempting to track down the player character, being one of the few of Ronto's former government left alive, you are a potential threat to his new power.
  • Super mutant - As one of the United States' attempts at a biological weapon, Logan was curious how dangerous a super mutant really is. Plus, if you are from the Brotherhood of Steel, he questions what the player's mission is.
  • Android - With the Institute keeping a surprisingly tight grip on their androids, the only way to capture one is to find a run away or an android chasing a run away, both of which are difficult. So, Logan was surprised to find a single, easy to track android outside of the Institute, just waiting to be disassembled and studied.
  • Blank Slate human or ghoul - Logan has a very large scar on his face. In this option, Logan claims the player is the one that gave it to him, after a random meeting in the Wastelands. The player can either claim that it was in self-defense, that it was a mistake, that you did it for fun, or can claim ignorance. Either way, Logan wishes for some vengeance.


  • Arrest Warrant: As the player nearly succeeds at catching the Prison Warden, a bunch of Logan's men come to capture the both of you. Bringing you to the newly unsealed Vault 122, the player gets to meet Logan for the first time and watch as he executes the Prison Warden for failing to capture you.
  • War Never Changes: Logan personally leads the forces of Ronto in their attack on the Commonwealth. Whether doing a direct attack or a stealth tactic, the player's main goal in the battle is killing Logan. While it is possible to persuade his guard to stand down, it is impossible to convince Logan to stop and he must be killed.