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For an overview of laser rifle models in the Fallout series of games, see laser rifle.
Ah, you mean Number 23... She may not have the stopping power or range of her older sister, but she makes up for it with pure determination and durability. If she quits on you, you deserve to die.— Adam Douglas

The LPA-CR Model 23[1], better known by most as the laser carbine, is a weapon in Fallout 4.


One of the biggest complications of laser weapons is the "blooming" effect. As a laser beam travels, it loses power due to the atmosphere and thus causes less damage to the target upon impact. To overcome this, the Institute's Head of Technology, Adam Douglas, developed a series of weapons that used phased arrays, rather than crystals, to form its beams, allowing the laser to travel further than normal. Unlike the laser array rifle, the laser carbine uses this technology to develop near AER9-powered beams while only using a little more power than a plasma pistol, making the weapon exceptionally useful at close ranges. Recently, the Institute has begun giving laser carbines to other factions, namely trading them with the Gun Runners at the Pitt and with the GDInc mercenaries, while giving them to others in secret.[2]


With a damage of 20, it does just a little bit less damage than a laser rifle, has a higher rate of fire, and higher durability. Unlike all other energy rifles, the laser carbine uses energy cells as ammunition, rather than microfusion cells. However, the laser carbine has below-average ammo capacity, with only 15 shots per reload without mods. If modified it actually has a higher than average number of shots.


The laser carbine can fire a total of about 1,745 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 117 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

Ammunition typeDurability
Over charge116278
Max charge69547


While the Institute has no modifications for the weapon, the Gun Runners have developed some by taking parts from other energy weapons.

  • Laser carbine high-capacity terminal - Increases the ammunition capacity from 30 to 60, allowing for 30 shots per reload
  • Laser carbine capacitor cylinder - Increases the fire rate by 1 and allows the laser carbine to fire fully automatic


  • Carried by some androids in the Institute
  • Sold by Gun Runners just outside the Pitt, along with mods
  • Used by GDInc mercenaries, who will have some lying around their camp if they participate in the final battle
  • Used by members of the Riggers, especially their raiders


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  2. Adam Douglas confirms it was the Institute that was secretly supplying the Riggers with weapons and hints they may have given them to other factions.