Whether I want to or not, House's order was clear: Spread the message of his death throughout the Wastes. My only option is to conquer every radio station I can find till the whole nation is my audience: from NCRR to GNR, no where will be safe.WaNe

Have You Heard? is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Depending on which main quest arc the player follows, it will either interrupt the Wild Card: Change in Management, For the Republic, Part 2 or Render Unto Caesar quests, but it does not appear in Mr. House's quest arc.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: Have You Heard?
Speak with Caesar.
Speak with Moore.
Speak with Yes Man.
Access the Lucky 38's computer.
Use Computer Whiz perk.
Speak with Emily Ortal if you helped her bug Mr. House.
Activate the three Lucky 38 Executive Overrides.
Find and access the RN Bunker.
Convince WaNe to stop this.
Trick WaNe into crashing.
Fight the securitrons.
Convince WaNe you won't hurt it.
Head into the bunker to find WaNe.
Get Victor to help you.
Ignore or delete Victor.
Fight or get around WaNe's securitrons.
Disconnect WaNe from the securitron server.
Shut WaNe down.
Reset WaNe's systems.
Reward: 500 XP
Speak with WaNe about how to report House's death on the radio.
WaNe won't report anything.
WaNe will tell everyone the Courier killed him.
WaNe will lie about House's death.
Reward: 500 XP
Reward: 500 XP
Strip Infamy
NCR Fame
Legion Fame
Reward: 500 XP
Strip Fame

Detailed walkthrough

The quest will start differently depending on which quest arc you are progressing through. However, each is similar in that it starts after dealing with Mr. House and reporting on it.


Upon speaking with Yes Man and installing it into the Lucky 38, Yes Man will initially report everything is running fine. However, Yes Man will quickly report that something wrong, he can't access the server that controls the securitrons. He will be interrupted as the securitrons in the room change their television icons and reveal they are being controlled by Mr. New Vegas.


Upon returning to Hoover Dam and reporting to Colonel Moore, she will complain about the situation at the the Strip. The securitrons are going haywire and are playing Radio New Vegas' broadcast. The embassy has been put on lockdown and she orders you to figure out what's going on. This requires returning to the Lucky 38's penthouse and interacting with Mr. House's, now blank, monitor.

Caesar's Legion

If the Courier reports to Caesar, he will state what's happening on the Strip. There's no way of knowing what they're going to do next and Caesar doesn't want a wild card this close to the battle. The Courier must return to the Lucky 38 and use Mr. House's computer.

Accessing the bunker

Whether talking with Yes Man or using the monitor directly, the location of the Mr. New Vegas will be revealed, but it can't be entered without the right access codes. The access codes are encrypted in House's secure server, and can be gained by one of three methods:

When exiting the Lucky 38, several securitrons will be present, all mimicking Mr. New Vegas as he does his broadcast. With the codes in hand, the Courier must make their way into the central sewers, where the entrance to the RN Bunker is. The closest entrance to the bunker is outside Camp McCarran or by entering the north sewers or east central sewers. Using the terminal will unlock the entrance.

Inside the bunker

Looks like we have a special guest on today: the one and only Courier Six. This event will mark the Courier's first, and last, radio appearance.Mr. New Vegas

Mr. New Vegas will begin talking about the Courier, as they enter the bunker. Even if Radio New Vegas isn't playing on the player's Pip-Boy, there are loudspeakers playing the station throughout the bunker. Walking through the small entrance hallway will lead into the first room, with three securitrons inside. Mr. New Vegas will speak to the Courier directly through the central securitron, introducing himself as WaNe, an AI.

WaNe doesn't actually want to do any of this, but Mr. House sent a command at the last minute to spread his eulogy throughout the Wasteland. For that reason, WaNe now has to use the securitrons to attack and take over other radio stations, allowing it to spread the news everywhere. WaNe also admits that it has decided it must kill the Courier now, both for its own protection and to complete its orders. There are two routes to take from here.

Non-hostile route

It is possible to convince WaNe to stop this. First, the player must either pass a skill challenge of 50 in either:

  • Speech - convincing WaNe that it can try to gain its freedom
  • Science - realizing that the "order" House sent to WaNe is actually an error, and that he must have had a system to prevent this situation
  • Survival - stating there is no way WaNe can "conquer" America's radio stations with this small number of securitrons, a fact WaNe admits it already knew

Succeeding in one of these will result in WaNe admitting there is a stored backup of itself and a system restore should get rid of the order and return WaNe to normal. However, WaNe still does not trust the Courier and fears this is a trick so the Courier can delete it. The Courier must convince it otherwise by either passing a Speech check of 80, a Barter check of 70, or by reminding WaNe of a "good deed" that was previously accomplished, deeds that would convince WaNe the Courier isn't cruel. Good deeds include:

If the Courier successfully convinces WaNe, it will set all the securitrons in the bunker non-hostile and the quest will update to head directly to WaNe's servers.

Hostile route

If the player fails, or doesn't wish, to convince WaNe to stop, the securitrons in the room will turn hostile and will have to be destroyed to move on. It is also possible, if the Courier has an Intelligence of 6 or higher, to say a paradox to WaNe, WaNe will think about the paradox until its systems crash. While only temporary, the crash causes the securitrons in this room to return to normal and won't be hostile. However, WaNe will recover later and the securitrons in the rest of the bunker will still be hostile.

Continuing into the bunker, the Courier will enter a server room and be sealed inside by WaNe. While at first the quest marker suggests this is WaNe's servers, upon interaction, the player will find it's actually a backup server for Victor. Activating it will result in Victor speaking with the player through the computer, questioning what's happening and realizing it must have crash because of House's demise.

To Victor's surprise, considering the Courier got rid of House, Victor is willing to help deal with WaNe, however, Victor can't access the securitron network, the same way Yes Man can't. Conveniently, there is an offline securitron in a maintenance port in the room, so Victor asks to be manually transferred to it. The player can choose to do as Victor asks, resulting in getting a short term securitron companion, can choose to continue on without Victor's aid, or can even choose to delete Victor entirely, if they feel the need.

After interacting with Victor, a nearby screen will activate. If Yes Man has been installed in the Lucky 38, it will first be him on the screen. Yes Man will state he has found deactivation codes for WaNe and begins relaying them to the player, he's interrupted by WaNe however, who orders Yes Man to cease communicating with the bunker. Yes Man, of course, complies immediately and disappears. Afterwards, or if Yes Man was not installed, WaNe will appear on the screen and complain about the player's actions, but ultimately opens the door further in the bunker.

In the following room, two securitrons wait, the player can engage them in fighting or choose to run past them. This leads to a T-intersection, with WaNe's server room in the room to the right. However, upon approaching the entrance, the door will close and the door on the opposite side will open, revealing 6 securitrons on the other side. The securitrons will immediately open fire and leave no way of fleeing. The player can choose to fight them, but there is another option. Next to the door for WaNe's room, is a device for WaNe's connection to the securitron network, dismantling it (Repair of 30) or destroying it will result in the securitrons returning to normal and becoming non-hostile. If Victor is present, he will notice the device as well and destroy it himself.

Dealing with WaNe

If the non-hostile route was followed, WaNe will allow the player in its server room without problem. Otherwise, the player must either destroy its securitrons or manually disconnect it from the network. At which point, WaNe will decide to just end this now and unlock the door to its server. The player must interact with the server's terminal and disconnect WaNe from the securitron network, if it wasn't disconnected already.

Now the player must choose whether to reset WaNe, returning it to a state before House went offline and letting WaNe return to just a normal radio host, or to shut down WaNe altogether. Shutting WaNe down will still allow Radio New Vegas to play, however there will be no narrations or audio, just the songs playing continuously. If WaNe is reset instead, it will report that its systems seem fine now and realizes, with some disdain, that the Courier is now its boss, since the player now holds its off switch.

If reset, WaNe will ask how the player wishes to report the news of what happened to Mr. House. The player can choose not to report anything at all, resulting in Mr. New Vegas acting like nothing happened. The player could also tell WaNe to give the full report of the Mr. House's fate, which results in an increase of reputation with the NCR and Legion fame, but a decrease in reputation with the Strip. Finally, the player can tell WaNe to lie about Mr. House, resulting in Mr. New Vegas blaming the incident on a technical error, and resulting in an increase in Strip reputation.

Afterwards, the player must leave the bunker and report back to whomever gave the Courier this quest. Conveniently, it turns out the Lucky 38's elevator is connected to the bunker. Alternatively, if siding with Yes Man, Yes Man will take control of a securitron and speak with the player before they leave the entrance, telling them he found out what the platinum chip does and wishes to demonstrate the upgraded securitrons.

Quest stages

10 Activate the Lucky 38 Executive Overrides
15 (Optional) Find Emily Ortal
20 Stop Mr. New Vegas
30 Shut WaNe down
40 Reset WaNe or shut him down
50Quest finishedIcon checkExit the bunker


  • If the player makes a mistake or changes their mind with which option to choose (shutting down or resetting WaNe, what story to tell), it is possible for the player to choose a different option, as long as they do so before leaving the bunker. Interacting with the terminal will give the option of shutting down or powering up WaNe, while dialogue can be used to change which story WaNe tells. Upon leaving the bunker, the player will receive whichever reward was chosen.
  • While not part of the quest if the player takes the non-hostile route, it is still possible to bring Victor back or delete him. However, his dialogue will be slightly different since the situation with WaNe is over.
  • If brought back, Victor will decide after the quest to stay in the bunker for a while. Unsure about his programming now that House is gone, Victor wishes to be alone for a while to think things out.
  • It's still possible to shut WaNe down in the non-hostile route of the quest, despite promising not to. As a result, upon next interacting with WaNe's terminal, the player will find the terminal's message replaced with "Jerk.".
  • If the player started out doing Mr. House's quest arc, then later switched to another, this quest may be much more difficult, as the securitrons in the bunker may be upgraded to Mk II. However, it is possible to skip the first part of the quest this way, as Mr. House may have previously unlocked the bunker's main entrance.

Behind the scenes

  • Have You Heard? is the name of a popular song published in 1952.
  • If one takes the hostile route, while speaking with WaNe in Victor's server room, WaNe will complain about "a lack of deadly neurotoxin" to kill the Courier with. This is a reference to GLaDOS from the video game Portal, who tries to use deadly neurotoxin to kill the player in the final fight.
Perk wild wastelandThe following is based on the Wild Wasteland trait and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • If the player tells WaNe to lie about Mr. House's death and has the Wild Wasteland trait, Mr. New Vegas will blame the mistake on "Veronica messing with the teleprompter again." This is a reference to the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, where Veronica alters the teleprompter to trick Ron Burgundy into cursing while on the air.
Perk wild wastelandEnd of information based on the Wild Wasteland trait.
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