The Chryslus Fortress

The Chryslus Fortress is a large, pre-War vehicle that the player character gains control of early on in the game. The Fortress includes room for six people to sleep semi-comfortably, an internal cooking set (for Survival crafting), and tons of room for storing equipment. When parked, the player can use an external workbench for other forms of crafting. With its main ad campaign centered around it being a "mobile fortress", the Chryslus Fortress has heavy armor, bullet (and laser) proof glass, and plenty of cover on the roof in the event of an attack.

The Chryslus Fortress is used as the player's main form of travel. It replaces the fast travel system and is how the player travels through the world map. When in local maps (like the Commonwealth, Ronto or River City), the Fortress stays parked where it starts. It has an advanced tracking system that is somehow still functioning, showing its location on the player's maps. When traveling between locations, random encounters will occur, sometimes requiring defending the Chryslus Fortress, while it is either in motion or not.

When firing a companion, the player can tell them either to return to their home or return to the Fortress so they can be recruited more easily. While the Fortress can hold both the player and five companions at the same time, not everyone is willing to live so "closely" without some convincing. For this reason, the player's Charisma stat controls how many companions can stay in the Fortress; a Charisma of 1 or 2 will only allow 1 companion to stay on it, while a Charisma of 9 or 10 will allow 5 companions.

The World Map

The world map is a large map that spans much of the northeast. It is divided into multiple regions, containing dozens of major locations and hundreds of minor ones. The regions include:

New York Empire

Despite being named an "empire", the New York Empire is extremely small. The region the faction only spans New York City, and even then they mostly only control the area around Manhattan. What they lack in area, the Empire makes up for in population, having thousands of citizens living in the ruins of the city. Skyscrapers have been converted into a giant maze of homes and shops as the Empire's government operates from the, partially still standing, Empire State Building.

The major areas of the New York Empire include:

  • Manhattan - despite the city's large size, most of the population of the post-War area are from outside of New York, as the Great War killed ~80% of the city's population, and many died afterwards. Manhattan can become hostile towards the player, depending on their choices early on in the main story.
  • Rikers Island - the initial starting point of the game, it become inaccessible after the starting quest, although one can return after the main story if the prison is shut down.

The Commonwealth

Main article: The Commonwealh
  • The Commonwealth - the main location of this region, being the post-War ruins of the city of Boston.
  • Vault 82 - a Vault-Tec Vault and the home for androids with the Vault Dweller background. Without said background, some convincing will be needed to gain entry. The Vault's fate ranges from complete destruction to the formation of the first android settlement.


Controlling much of the area north of the Canadian border, Ronto is a large city with one of the largest military forces since the Great War. Prior to the game's completion, the inhabitants of the region are extremely hostile, with random attacks by Ronto soldiers common, and accessing the city itself being impossible without "expert" help.

  • Ronto – Not as heavily affected by the Great War as most American cities, the city of Ronto is surprisingly intact. Despite its heavy focus on military, Ronto was previously a non-hostile city. That was until a few months ago when Logan launched a coup and turned the city into a dictatorship with plans of conquering larger regions.
  • Kingston - this seemingly destroyed and deserted city is in fact the headquarters of the Resistance, attempting to overthrow Logan's control of Ronto. The area becomes accessible as part of the main story, but eventually disappears, later explained that it was found and destroyed by Ronto.
  • Vault 122 - primarily accessible through the main story, this is the former home of the player character if a Human Vault Dweller background was chosen, as well as Logan, the man who now controls Ronto. This underwater Vault was built underneath Lake Ontario, having entrances that lead to Toronto, Canada and Wilson, New York. The Vault has been abandoned, with all of its former occupants settling in Wilson.


A newly created settlement, it is populated by the former Vault dwellers of Vault 122. Because of his former affiliation with the town, Logan has ordered Ronto to stay clear of the town, instead having his men focus on entering the Unite States through the Commonwealth and Detroit. This may be his undoing, because if anyone can help the player counter Ronto's EMP weapons, it's the people of Wilson. The Vault dwellers have been having a particularly hard time adjusting to the wasteland, having particular problems with shades. For this reason, they are more than generous if the player offers to help them, especially if the player has the Human Vault Dweller background.

Capital Wasteland

The former setting of Fallout 3, the region has changed much since the Lone Wanderer has left. With both the super mutants and Enclave gone and raiders and slavers at an all time low, the Capital Wasteland has finally gained some stability and has entered its first economic boom since the Great War. This period may be approaching an end however, as the Brotherhood Civil War has recently re-started and the threat of Ronto grows ever bigger. Traveling through the Capital Wasteland can be difficult for super mutants, especially ones with the Vault 87 background.

  • River City - formerly known as Rivet City, the city has expanded greatly in the last decades. Parts of Washington D.C. are being demolished and renovated to conform to the ever growing city, as the air craft carrier still acts as the city's political and scientific center. Meanwhile, all of the city's water is supplied by the famous Project Purity, now a formal part of the city.
  • The Citadel - the headquarters of the Capital Wasteland's Brotherhood of Steel chapter. The faction has rebuilt itself under the leadership of Elder Sarah Lyons, suffering heavy losses in its war with the Enclave. While Lyons is the official leader of the faction, Paladin Arthur Maxson acts as an unofficial co-leader of the group, with his main efforts being to re-establish contact with the main Brotherhood.
  • Fort Independence - the headquarters of the Brotherhood Outcasts. Despite a 15 year period of peace, the Outcasts have broken their truce with their former brothers and have begun a new war against Lyons' Brotherhood of Steel. Previously seen as a beneficial, albeit rude, group, the wastelanders of the Capital Wasteland have mixed views of the Outcasts thanks to the civil war.


The Motor City, parts of Detroit's once great automotive industry still functions, allowing the city to perform limited construction and repairs for vehicles (including the Chryslus Fortress), a rare ability after the War. The city is currently controlled by a group of ghouls, some of which have been around since before the War, and Detroit is the home of player characters with the Ghoul Auto Mechanic background. This region is currently a war zone, however, as the city is under attack from Ronto, who wish to enter the rest America.

The Pitt

Built within the post-War ruins of Pittsburg, The Pitt is a major steel producer after the War. While originally a virtual hell, thanks to both the trogs and the slavery, all of that has ended now thanks to Marie. It was Marie's blood that led to a cure and the extinction of trogs and she, becoming the leader of the Pitt at a surprisingly young age, abolished the city's slavery. The citizens worship her to a degree, a fact that creepily reminds her of how they used to worship her father. Under her leadership, the Pitt's goal has shifted greatly, the city opening up trade with other settlements and selling the steel it used to use for weapons.

Havre de Grace

The city of Havre de Grace, just northeast of the Capital Wasteland, is a city controlled by Gamma Defense Incorporated, a group of mercenaries-for-hire. To live in the city, one must work for the corporation, whether it be as a soldier, a smith, or a trader. Of course, any one is allowed to visit the city, how else would people hire them? Unlike most factions, they show little fear of Ronto's invasion and require the player to pay full price if you wish to recruit them as allies.

The rest

Of course, there is more than just the major locations of the game. There are dozens of minor locations, such as raider bases, abandoned pre-War facilities, and animal dens. There are also random encounters, similar to those of the original Fallout. These encounters appear as the player is driving between locations and range from friendly merchants to deathclaw attacks to being attacked by the local hostile faction.