A New World

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It is time for a new generation of gaming, so it is time for a new generation of Fallout. The world maps of Fallout and Fallout 2 have combined with the local maps of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, fast traveling is done through the Chryslus Fortress, and cities are larger and more populated than ever before! Travel to the Commonwealth, River City, Ronto, and hundreds of places in between!

A Player Character with Infinite Possibilities

Appearance editing is done like never before, traits are returning with more options than ever, and there are two much more important character options now...


The player is now able to pick between four different races, each with their pros and cons.

Race Pros Cons
Humans Gain +2 skill points per level None
Ghouls Radiation heals your health over time
Limbs heal over time
Chems' positive effects reduced
Limbs have less health
Super mutants Immune to Radiation
Bonus to all Strength based checks
+10% Damage Resistance
Penalty to disposition towards most characters
Can only wear specially crafted, hard to find large armor
Andriods Don't need to worry about Hunger, Thirst or Sleep
Immune to radiation and poison
Need to worry about their systems' Power
Majority of consumables have no effect
Need to find specialists for repairs, instead of doctors


Of course, what is a character without a background? This is the first Fallout game to offer a choice in one's history.

Race Background Description
Human Vault Dweller You were born and raised in Vault 122 to the north, until the Vault was abandoned.
Human Commonwealth While not a full-fledged member, you've done plenty of work for the Institute
in the Commonwealth. This could make the wars very interesting...
Ghoul Auto Mechanic Whether learned recently or centuries ago, you are one of the few
who hold the pre-War knowledge of auto mechanics that make Detriot famous.
Ghoul Ronto You worked for the government of Ronto, that was before the military coup, mass murders
and anarchy forced you away from the city, of course.
Super mutant Vault Dweller You are from Vault 87, super mutants like you are hated throughout the Capital Wasteland.
Super mutant Brotherhood of Steel You work for the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, sent east on a mission.
Android Commonwealth You are a forced servant of a member of the Commonwealth, sent south on a mission.
Android Vault Dweller You are from Vault 82, one of the two "Brain Vaults". How did a Vault get androids?
All races Blank Slate Your origin is a mystery, few to none in this region know who you are
or where you've come before this.

Modifying Mods

One of the new features of hardcore mode is advanced mechanics when repairing weapons. While some weapons are still simple, such as the good old baseball bat, other, more complex weapons are divided up into multiple components. Repairing is now done by replacing or maintaining these individual components. As the components degrade, the weapon's stats are decreased and if the component's health hits 0, the weapon will stop functioning.

Meanwhile, modifying weapons is now done by either adding new components to a weapon or replacing pre-existing components with more advanced versions. One could add a scope component to a laser rifle, replace the magazine component of a 9mm with a larger magazine, replace the deathclaw gauntlet's main hand with one of an alpha deathclaw, and limitless other possibilities. Some components are unique to just one weapon, while other components may be used by multiple weapons.

Other Features

Combining the systems of Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 has both damage resistance and damage threshold, resulting in a wider variety of armor effects. While optional, two of the main quests in the story contain a bit of a strategy side, where the player is given a map and can decide how to deploy their resources or can leave it to somebody else to do. Unlike previous titles, the Pip-Boy is an optional component of the game, with Vault dweller characters gaining it at the start of the game and other characters optionally getting one at Wilson or Vault 82. Characters without a Pip-Boy use a journal as their menu instead.

Gameplay after the main story is expanded upon more than any other Fallout game. The player can return to a wide variety of locations after the story is complete, seeing the effects of their actions, can continue side quests they didn't have time to do during the story and start new side quests that become available. A greater emphasis has been put on the SPECIAL system, with the primary statistics have a greater effect on gameplay than previously, the player acquiring less skill points than previous games depending on whether they are in hardcore mode or not, and dozens of traits.

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