This page lists all characters in the incomplete telemovie Fallout: Seattle Plague. Some characters have yet to be named due to laziness the early stage that this was written. (see film treatment)

Main characters

Character Background/Appearance Personality/Skills
Lydia Umbra A thief on the run, wanted by the MFR and BoS for murder. Aggressive, Secretive
Tagged skills: Melee Weapons, Sneak, Barter
Asian. Short, brunette hair. Brown eyes. 38 years old.
Benjamin Salk Vault dweller turned Followers doctor, was ex-communicated
for unknown reasons but still trying to cure Seattle's "Green Death."
Caring, Logical
Tagged skills: Medicine, Science, Guns
Caucasion. Silver Hair. Blue eyes. 35 years old.
Ethan Ghoul from before the War, went from Desert Ranger
to NCR Veteran Ranger. Lives with his great-great granddaughter.
Jaded, Wise
Tagged skills: Guns, Survival, Medicine
Rotting skin and little to no hair. Eyes never seen behind sunglasses. 246 years old.
Dominique Former Legion slave, freed herself and others. Lived with
family in Seattle, but is the only one still alive.
Kind, Bit Unbalanced
Tagged skills: Survival, Lockpicking, Speech
Caucasion. Shoulder length, red hair. Green eyes. 36 years old.
Sam Super mutant with partial memory loss, doesn't know where to go. More importantly, seems to have been mutated fairly recently... Angry, Confused
Tagged skills: Explosives, Repair, Survival
Looks mostly like a Mariposa super mutant. 53 years old
Lancer First member of the Mojave Commandos,
on a mission to capture Lydia and Benjamin
Loyal, Stern
Tagged skills: Energy Weapons, Unarmed, Repair
African American. Mostly shaved, black hair. Blue eyes. 42 years old.

Major characters

By order of appearance

  • Senator Hanlon - Former head of the NCR Rangers, now senator of Redding. He fears the direction the Rangers are heading since his leaving.
  • Chief Sarrano - Chief of the NCR Rangers, was oddly promoted despite his lack of rank, which Hanlon fears is a sign of foul play.
  • General Howl - Leader of the MFR's infantry.
  • City Councilor - A councilor in Seattle's City Council, it was he that suggested calling in the MFR for aid.
  • Riot Leader - An unknown man, seems to purposefully causing much of the anarchy in the city.
  • Mutant Leader - Unofficial leader of the group of super mutants in Seattle.
  • Ranger Officer - Veteran Ranger and leader of a small group of Rangers in Seattle.
  • Rickter - Second in command of the NCR Ranger group in Seattle.
  • Unknown Man - Name says it all, nothing is known except he seems to be behind everything in Seattle.
  • Mojave Commander - Officer of the MFR Infantry, in command of the forces defending Seattle.
  • General Lee Oliver - General of the NCR Army, blamed by some for the loss at the Mojave.
  • Colonel Cassandra Moore - Colonel of the NCR Army, was present at the battle for Hoover Dam.

Minor characters

By order of appearance

  • Merchant - Random merchant trading between Seattle and NCR. Needs to risk the plague or he'll lose everything. Life was saved by Sam.
  • Senior Scribe Santangelo - Former companion of the Courier, now works at Big MT. She helped develop the Stealth Suit Mark III.
  • Arcade Gannon - Former companion of the Courier, now works at Big MT. He helps with research and implants.
  • President Marcus - Former companion of the Chosen One and current leader of the Mojave Federal Republic.
  • Hub Senator - Senator in the NCR from the Hub and supporter of the annexation of Seattle.
  • E-D3 - One of many MFR eyebots that run reconnaissance for the infantry, this one accidentally saves Mojave Commander and Lancer.
  • General James Hsu - General of the NCR Army, promoted some time after the battle for Hoover Dam.
  • Ranger Ghost - Appears with a group of NCR Rangers near the end.
  • Sergeant Craig Boone - Former NCR sniper and companion of the Courier, co-founder of Mojave Commandos.

Behind the scene

Icon cut contentThe following is based on Fallout: Seattle Plague cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • In early development, one of the main characters was Rebecca. She was Ethan's great-great granddaughter. She idolized him and wanted to be a Ranger like him, but did not want to join the NCR. For this reason, she became a member of the Mojave Commandos. Her role was later replaced by Lancer. It has been stated she will appear during the television show, but it is unknown if she will be a Commando or not.
  • Also during development, there was to be a seventh main character, who was never named. He was to be a slave that broke free while being transported through the NCR. He was removed due to some redundancy and parts of his background were fused with Dominique's.
  • Veronica and Arcade were originally supposed to have an additional scene in the telemovie. At first, they were to arrive in Seattle along with the Brotherhood of Steel paladins but this was cut. It was then replaced with a scene after ARCHIMEDES' firing of them at Big MT. During the scene, it would've been revealed that it was Veronica that originally activated ARCHIMEDES to try to convince the Brotherhood to change their ways. Doctors Mobius and 0 were supposed to appear in the background of this scene. This scene was cut due to time constraints and other factors.
  • At one point, Boone was supposed to be at Seattle. He would spot Dominique at one point and it would be heavily implied by his reaction that Dominique is in fact the Courier. Despite the implication, it was never planned for Dominique to actually be the Courier. This was later removed due to Dominique's small change in background and Boone's time in Seattle was cut all together.
  • Originally, Benjamin being wanted by the MFR would not be revealed to the audience until Lancer meeting him at Mercer Island. It would only be revealed that Lydia was wanted at the beginning. This was scrapped later on to try to lessen confusion.
Icon cut contentEnd of information based on Fallout: Seattle Plague cut content.