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Everybody Loves Gray is a side quest in Fallout 3.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Everybody Loves Gray
Spend at least 200 caps at Ray's and agree to his job
Collect evidence on Leea in Rivet City
Collect evidence on Mark in Megaton
Collect evidence on Frank in Canterbury Commons
Speak with the Rival Merchant
Give Ray the real evidence
Lie to Ray and give him the fake evidence
Receive the dart gun and kill the Rival Merchant stealthily
Reward: 1,500-1,800 caps
Reward: 500-600 caps
Reward: 1,000-1,200 caps

Detailed walkthrough

Starting the quest

To start the quest, you must spend at least 200 caps at Ray's Gray Market. The caps do not need to spent at the same time and can be done in separate visits. After exiting the trading screen, Ray will enter another conversation with you, commenting on how you've been spending a lot of time around his shop and asking if you would like to do a "little side business." Talon Company mercenaries have been ambushing his caravans as they enter or leave the Capital Wasteland. Obviously, a rival merchant is hiring them, but more importantly is that they always know the caravans' routes and schedules, meaning someone is giving them the information. Ray has narrowed the possible suspects to three people, but there may be others working for them, so Ray needs you to investigate them.

Collecting evidence on Leea

I found Leea as an orphan when she was barely a child. She's been like a daughter to me and she thinks just like me, that's why there's a good chance she's the one behind this.

— Ray

Leea lives in Rivet City, when not in her room in the Upper Deck, she spends her time in the Market, mostly Gary's Galley, or The Muddy Rudder. There are five pieces of evidence you can collect on her:

  • Talking to Angela at Gary's Galley
  • Talking to Belle at The Muddy Rudder
  • Visiting Leea while at The Muddy Rudder and giving her three drinks (Speech of 35 required)
  • Breaking into her safe and stealing a holotape (Lockpick of 50 required or pickpocketing her key)
  • Getting caught in her room with a Speech below 50

After collecting at least three pieces of evidence, the quest stage will be complete and it will be decided that Leea is innocent.

Collecting evidence on Mark

Mark, he's loyal and a good man, he's also an idiot, so if he's the snitch, he probably doesn't even know what he's doing.

— Ray

When not working, Mark stays at Megaton, spending most of his time in Moriarty's Saloon. There are five pieces of evidence to collect on him:

  • Talking to Sheriff Lucas Simms
  • Talking to Gob
  • Hacking into Moriarty's terminal
  • Breaking into his house and listening to him talk in his sleep
  • Talking to Mark with the ghoul mask equipped

After collecting at least three pieces of evidence, the quest stage will be complete and it will be decided that Mark is innocent.

Collecting evidence on Frank

I used to consider Frank a smart man, but he can't be too smart if he's the spy. Maybe it's more than luck he has survived the last three talon ambushes.

— Ray

Frank lives in Canterbury Commons, usually in his house preparing for the next caravan trip to Ronto. He only has three pieces of evidence to collect:

  • Talking to Derek about "The Shadow"
  • Hacking his terminal (Science of 75 required or finding the password at the robot repair center)
  • Following Frank from his house at midnight and picking up the note he leaves

After collecting all three pieces of evidence, it will be confirmed that Frank is the informant.


After collecting enough evidence on all three of them, you will be confronted by a Merchant at Rivet City, who confirms he's the one paying the Talon Company. He knows what you are doing, and is willing to pay double what Ray is offering if you give Ray some fake evidence, making it appear that Mark is the spy instead.

Tell Ray the truth

You did the right thing, kid. And by right, I mean choosing money, I mean really, being "little goody two shoes" is a little clichéd these days. Maybe one day I'll give you a chance to fill Frank's newly vacated spot.

— Ray

Upon giving Ray the real evidence, Ray will thank you for your service and he will reward you with 1,500 caps. With a Barter of 40, you can also convince him to give an additional 300 caps in exchange for the identity of the rival merchant, causing Ray to wonder if he could hire the Talon Company to whack the guy for him, for the irony. After getting paid, you can optionally stand around and wait till all three of the suspects arrive, prompting Ray to shoot Frank and kill him.

Lie to Ray

He detonated the explosive, in your face? That's priceless. I think Mark deserves a raise.

— Ray

After giving Ray the fake evidence, Ray will ask that you wait till after his meeting to collect your reward. When the three suspects assemble, he will tell Mark about the investigation and the evidence he's acquired, before standing up and killing Frank. Ray will then force you into conversation, explaining that Leea was a false lead all along, to get the attention of the merchant if they were in Rivet City, and, since no one would actually hire Mark for this, that only left Frank. Disappointed in your choice, Ray gives you a chance to partially redeem yourself. If you accept, he gives you a dart gun and tells you to kill the rival merchant, without attracting anyone's attention. Upon killing him, Ray will give you 1,000 caps, plus an additional 200 with a Speech of 50.

If you refuse Ray's offer, he will still give you 500 caps, for fishing out the merchant, plus an additional if you have a Speech of 65. Ray will then suggest going to the other merchant to collect your reward from him, before he finds out what really happened. However, upon approaching the merchant, he will suddenly explode, the same way as one with a grenade in their pocket.

Quest stage

10 Collect evidence on Leea
15 Collect evidence on Mark
20 Collect evidence on Frank
30 Return to Ray in Rivet City
40Quest finishedIcon checkGive Ray the evidence
41 Give the fake evidence (Optional)
42 Talk to Ray
43Quest finishedIcon checkReturn to the Rival Merchant
45 Kill the Rival Merchant stealthily
50Quest finishedIcon checkReturn to Ray