Don't worry, you won't be in prison long. The Warden's employers will be here for "pick up" in two days.— Reese

A Long Way From Home is the first main quest of Fallout 4, starting immediately after creating a new game and talking to Reese.

Quick walkthrough

Main Quest: A Long Way From Home
Awaken in Rikers Island and speak with Reese
Be escorted to your cell and go to bed
Speak with the other prisoners until Jessie approaches you
Create a distraction
Break into the armory
Arm yourself
Fight past the guards
Sneak through the ruins
Gain your old equipment back and get knocked out
Reward: Weapons, equipment, escape from Rikers Island

Detailed walkthrough

After the opening cinematic, the player will be prompted to choose their race. The quest then starts with the player awakening on an operating table with Reese patching you up. The player quickly learns that their character was attacked by a group of thugs and dragged here half dead. "Here" being Rikers Island, a prison used by the New York Empire, where the Prison Warden has gone out of her way to capture you.

Reese is interrupted by the Guard Captain, who takes you to your temporary prison cell, where you shall wait for two days until those paying the Warden come for you. The player will then get to meet their cell mate, Jessie, before having no choice but to go to sleep (or powering down if you're an android) for the night. The following morning, the cells will be opened to let the prisoners move around a bit. The player can optionally talk with some of the other prisoners, including Reese, who reveals he too is a prisoner.

After a bit, Jessie will come up to you and suggest a way to escape this place. He points out a nearby armory that's roof has collapsed. For this reason, the cell above it is always sealed to keep the prisoners from getting in through the hole. He suggests that either you or he will create a distraction, while the other one opens the cell and acquires the weapons needed to get out of here. The player can choose whether to create the distraction or break into the cell.

Distractions include:

  • Hacking a Very Easy terminal and reactivating the prison's turrets
  • Causing a riot by either attacking one of the prisoners or getting Joe to do it for you
  • Attacking one of the guards

Breaking into the cell leading to the armory can be done by:

  • Breaking into the guard post, either by lockpicking or gaining a guard key, and hitting the master release button
  • Lockpicking the cell door
  • Stealing the guard captain's key (opens both the guard post and all of the cell doors)

Inside the armory is an assortment of weapons, the player is able to take a 10mm pistol, a laser pistol, stun and shrapnel grenades, a combat knife and a stun glove. With the armory open, a true riot will begin, with prisoners running in to grab weapons and attacking the guards. Jessie will approach the player and suggest their next course of action be to get to the main armory, where more powerful weapons and the prisoners' personal items are held. The player can get to the armory either through fighting or sneaking through the abandoned part of the prison.

Upon reaching the armory, Jessie will arrive and will quickly find your gear (it is the most recent addition after all) and will begin searching for his own equipment. Your gear includes an outfit, a personal note (both of which depend on your chosen background), and 10,000 bottle caps. Before Jessie finds his equipment, a woman will walk into the room and will shoot him in the head, followed by shooting you in the stomach. When you collapse to the ground, she will walk over and pick up your newly re-acquired bag of bottle caps. Revealing herself to be the Warden, she comments how the caps will "have to do" as there's no way she can get you out of here past the riot.

A large explosion will be heard in the background (the prison doors being destroyed) and the Warden will take her leave. As the player struggles to stand back up, Reese and another prisoner, Krieg, will show up and pick up the player. The player will lose consciousness as they carry you outside, either because of blood loss or, if you're an android, because your power core is failing. The quest will then end and the next quest, Arrest Warrant, will begin when the player reawakens in New York City.

Quest stages

10 Speak with Reese
20 Head to your cell
30 Wander the prison area
40 Distract the guards
45 Break into the armory
50Quest finishedIcon checkFind your gear


  • The outfit the player gains is either a Vault outfit, a jumpsuit, a suit of leather armor or a wastelander outfit, depending on the player's chosen background.
  • If the player has either of the two android specific backgrounds or the Brotherhood of Steel background, the note they gain will start a side quest upon reading it. All of the notes give a small bit of the character's background, with the exception of the players who chose the "Blank Slate" background, whose note only cryptically states "Good Bye".