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  • Paladin117

    Thanks to a previous tweet by Geoff Keighley, this has unfortunately been disproven:

    I know I am personally saddened by this news...

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  • Paladin117

    Laser carbine

    April 13, 2014 by Paladin117


    The LPA-CR Model 23

    With a damage of 20, it does just a little bit less damage than a laser rifle, has a higher rate of fire, and higher durability. Unlike all other energy rifles, the laser carbine uses energy cells as ammunition, rather than microfusion cells. However, the laser carbine has below-average ammo capacity, with only 15 shots per reload without mods. If modified it actually has a higher than average number of shots.

    The laser carbine can fire a total of about 1,745 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 117 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

    While the Institute has no modifications for the weapon, the Gun Runners have developed some by taking parts from other energy weapons.

    • Laser carbine high-capacity termina…

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  • Paladin117

    Fallout 4 main plot

    October 31, 2013 by Paladin117

    The story of Fallout 4 takes place in 2302, 25 years after the end of Fallout 3. Starting in New York, specifically in prison, the story takes the character through dozens of locations and what begins as a simple chase turns into a full-scale war.

    • Gameplay starts with the player creating their character and awakening in Rikers Island, learning that they are an "unofficial" prisoner being held here personally by the Prison Warden. The player and their cell mate, Jessie, are able to create an armed prison riot, overwhelming the guards and getting to the main armory. While there, the player regains their equipment from before the game's start, which includes thousands of bottle caps, but is interrupted by the Prison Warden who kills Jessie and s…

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  • Paladin117

    War Never Changes

    October 30, 2013 by Paladin117

    War Never Changes is a main quest in Fallout 4. It is the final quest of the main story, starting when the player character enters The Commonwealth after the forces of Ronto have entered the city. If the player fails to arrive in the city before Ronto attacks it, the quest is automatically failed. This quest is altered greatly based off the previous quests completed.

    The forces of Ronto have arrived at the Commonwealth, planning a full scale invasion. The player has been able to optionally recruit various allies, including either the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel or the Brotherhood Outcasts, The Pitt led by Marie, Detroit, and GDInc mercenaries. Hopefully, the player has also been able to counter or destroy Ronto's deadliest weapon, …

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  • Paladin117

    A Long Way From Home

    October 29, 2013 by Paladin117

    A Long Way From Home is the first main quest of Fallout 4, starting immediately after creating a new game and talking to Reese.

    After the opening cinematic, the player will be prompted to choose their race. The quest then starts with the player awakening on an operating table with Reese patching you up. The player quickly learns that their character was attacked by a group of thugs and dragged here half dead. "Here" being Rikers Island, a prison used by the New York Empire, where the Prison Warden has gone out of her way to capture you.

    Reese is interrupted by the Guard Captain, who takes you to your temporary prison cell, where you shall wait for two days until those paying the Warden come for you. The player will then get to meet their cell …

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