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  • Paladin117

    Xbox One modding

    June 15, 2015 by Paladin117

    Got some news people, Todd Howard was at the Xbox E3 conference today and announced that it is now possible to transfer PC mods for Fallout 4 to your Xbox One game for free. No word if this is possible for the PlayStation 4 as well.

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  • Paladin117

    According to a recent Game Informer article, not only will Fallout 4 be at Bethesda's big E3 conference on June 14th, but we will also get the following events at E3 itself:

    • An interview with Todd Howard himself at 2:30pm PDT, June 16th (9:30 PM UTC)
    • An interview with Todd Howard, Emil Pagliarulo, Istvan Pely, and Jeff Gardiner at 1:00pm PDT, June 17th (8:00 PM UTC)
    • And maybe something else at the E3 recap hosted by Pete Hines at 1:00pm PDT, June 18th (8:00 PM UTC)

    We're now getting news of more events:

    • The BE3 Pre-Show has been confirmed to be at 6:45 pm PDT, June 14th (1:45 AM, June 15th UTC) which is 15 minutes before the main event itself.
    • A YouTube Live event has also been confirmed to happen at 9 am, June 15th (4 PM UTC)
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  • Paladin117

    BE3 Pre-Show

    June 1, 2015 by Paladin117

    Hey, everyone! According to a recent conversation between Pete Hines, Morgan Webb, and Adam Sessler on twitter, Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will be hosting both a pre-show and a post-show for Bethesda's E3 event. These shows will feature game developers and will occur on Bethesda's Twitch and Youtube streams. No starting time for the pre-show was mentioned, however, nor whether or not Bethesda Game Studios' developers would be there.


    More important news has since occurred: GO HERE NOW!!

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  • Paladin117

    Thanks to a previous tweet by Geoff Keighley, this has unfortunately been disproven:

    I know I am personally saddened by this news...

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  • Paladin117

    Laser carbine

    April 13, 2014 by Paladin117


    The LPA-CR Model 23

    With a damage of 20, it does just a little bit less damage than a laser rifle, has a higher rate of fire, and higher durability. Unlike all other energy rifles, the laser carbine uses energy cells as ammunition, rather than microfusion cells. However, the laser carbine has below-average ammo capacity, with only 15 shots per reload without mods. If modified it actually has a higher than average number of shots.

    The laser carbine can fire a total of about 1,745 times using standard cells, the equivalent of 117 reloads, from full condition before breaking.

    While the Institute has no modifications for the weapon, the Gun Runners have developed some by taking parts from other energy weapons.

    • Laser carbine high-capacity termina…

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