While I cannot thank the Fallout Wiki enough for providing upto date information on all Fallout games; (actually, Thank You!)

I did have difficulty navigating or finding FONV specific information, as general terms such as "Enclave" would direct to Enclave History prior to Fallout 3, and even when searching for NPCs in FONV, and belonging to a certain faction; it would list

Name of NPC (New Vegas)

I understand that the NPC with the same name and/or the same unique character appeared in previous Fallout Games; only information I wanted to see was, Inventory, Stats, Faction, Location and related quests in FONV.

Jacobstown - Marcus (New Vegas)

I am aware that he has very small role in FONV however any information not specific to FONV is confusing and irrelevant when the topic is clearly FONV; listing quests from previous games next to "Unfriendly Persuasion" is misleading in my opinion, and removed.

BOS - Hidden Valley (New Vegas)

Similiar to Lyon's BOS in FO3, Hidden Valley has completely different goals and agendas; for FONV, survival and lockdowns. Its main page should contain, the list of quests, as well as an unmarked quest(Missing Laser Pistol, and reward for returning it as well as alerting Gomez of the incident which PC had agreed to keep secret. And the link to Hidden Valley virus page. (Which after sucessful completion; given access to the database; which is restricted to basic information regarding the purpose and structure of the bunker and if asked how to gain access to more information; instructed to speak to Gomez to obtain higher security clearance.)

After intiating "I could make you care" with Veronica; and giving her a Formal Wear (do not direct to pre-war outfit page from FO3 as they do not unlock the Scribe Counter Perk.) And returning to Hidden Valley despite PC had never met Vernocia prior to completing all tasks given; the scripted encounter is not affected speaking as if, Veronica led the courier in.

None of them turned hostile against the player whose reputation with BOS cannot be any higher; and upon exiting the bunker and with or without Veronica in company and only during sand storm; 3 Paladins spawn and one is equipped with a Gatling Laser etc. (Rare, as BOS inventory never replenish and is the only place one can be purchased. Another can be found in the Safe House, and infinite number of them on 360, by removing the 1.2 patch saving, then loading it with the patch spawns them along with everything added to the safe house by the update however did not remove any items stored in lockers.) Perhaps move it to exploits section and add a link to it.

And for "talks" Fixed Inventory may not be a bug since no BOS member can gain a reputation of higher than neutral, which is required in order to gain access to the high-end arsenal; thus the courier alone can buy them. It is entirelly logical, despite being inconvienient; makes complete sense especially during lock-down, no Super Mutant is going to walk in and buy out all the Super Slede the PC sold to BOS. BOS collects high-tech equipment, if the PC sells them a Plasma Caster; it should not be available for sale but due to lack of storage area, display most of all complex AI, it remains in inventory of the merchant.

Wearing a BOS disguise to lower the reputation will prove this. (Veronica however does provide her last warning do to simple programming of companion AI.) There is a reason, PC cannot be idolized by the BOS. When idolized, disguise would not work and the BOS merchant is not a generic NPC, and completing the Missing Laser Pistol in her favor is rewarded by all items being offered to PC for their VAL. While 5 percent is deducted for items being sold.

Authorization to use the shooting range is highly neglected reward; it means they completely accept and trust the PC. Obvious clue is "use your own ammo" which is at the entrance of the bunker. Same with the virus; obviously the terminals aren't infected at all. PC's willingness to complete the task and dedication to help the BOS is being tested. This is something I highly doubt requires any hard evidence.

Needs verification? Yes; but quite helpful for those attempting to understand the logic behind the BOS in Hidden Valley, not in any way related to Fallout 1 or 2.

PS3demon 04:23, February 20, 2011 (UTC)