• PS3demon

    Seperate Pages for FONV

    February 20, 2011 by PS3demon

    While I cannot thank the Fallout Wiki enough for providing upto date information on all Fallout games; (actually, Thank You!)

    I did have difficulty navigating or finding FONV specific information, as general terms such as "Enclave" would direct to Enclave History prior to Fallout 3, and even when searching for NPCs in FONV, and belonging to a certain faction; it would list

    Name of NPC (New Vegas)

    I understand that the NPC with the same name and/or the same unique character appeared in previous Fallout Games; only information I wanted to see was, Inventory, Stats, Faction, Location and related quests in FONV.

    Jacobstown - Marcus (New Vegas)

    I am aware that he has very small role in FONV however any information not specific to FONV is confusing a…

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