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The reason I gave it that name is a secret. If you want to keep talking, buy something first, ya low-life!— Micah

The Rad Shack is a store in The Hub during the events of Fallout: New Vegas.


The "Rad Shack", named by Micah, is a store that has "special something" in all of the items. When the PC interacts with him, he will share his secret: All of his items are irradiated. He says that his business plan is to sell all of his junk to Ghouls so he could make a trip to "the high hill." Passing the Speech challenge opens the quest Rad-icule.


The store itself is merely a tent with tables outside of it's entrance containing several junk items, all of which are listed as irradiated. Inside is a cot and several science books lying next to it. Entering his tent without completing Rad-icule will cause Micah to turn hostel.


  • Rad-icule: The PC is given several options to deal with Micah. You can simply pass a Speech check, causing him to stop selling irradiated items at the Rad Shack, and gaining positive karma. You can also pay him 2000 caps for his trip to Big MT, which will cause him to give all of his items for free. Turning him into the NCR police will cause him to disappear from the Hub entirely, including his store. He will be located in the NCR Correctional Facility, California Branch.


  • There are a large amount of Radiation Containers in the back of the store. This hints that he makes his items irradiated on purpose.
  • Ghouls appear to be his main costumers, and most of the Hub's ghoul population can be found near The Rad Shack.
  • An Easter egg can be spotted nearby his store, in the tunnel way. There is a corpse of an NCR soldier, titled "Dead Gunner."
  • If you complete the quest Rad-icule in Micah's favor, he will give everyone of his items to you for free, and disappear from the Hub forever. All of his items are not irradiated upon retrieval, however.