I recently did some research on the New California Republic, and I have come up with some enticing info. Note that some of these sources and Tweets are old, and may not apply anymore.
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After doing some reading in the TVTropes website, I ran into their description of the NCR:

  • The New California Republic (NCR) in Fallout 2 and Fallout New Vegas is a neutral example of a Federation. On one hand they are the only major faction in the entire post-Great War America that that improved the standard of living of the common people by rebuilding infrastructure such as railroads, establishing of trade routes, and reorganizing the code of law, etc. However, they are also a selfish, corrupt, bound by countless red tape, and a semi police state that is willing to use all kind of dirty tricks to force other settlements into joining them. Overall they are about as good as any functional post-nuclear war government can get.
  • Given that the only other choices are random anarchic thugs or myopic self-entitled elitist/racist/fascist groups, they are the best choice. Occasionally, one might get lucky and stumble upon good independent groups, like the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel, or you can try to forge an independent wasteland, but they're unlikely to hold with the NCR's expansion or other groups' own agendas.
  • Fallout: New Vegas really goes crazy trying to paint the NCR as just as bad as the other two options— one being a complete dictatorship, the other being pseudo-Roman slavers who regard most women as property. It's pretty ridiculous, especially during the sum-up when some of the characters complain about how "badly" the NCR treated them.
  • This is because Chris Avellone has been actively trying to make the NCR seem like crap as he feels they have done away with the post-apocalyptic feel of the series. He's right, of course. The NCR is pretty much like modern day America and the post-scavenger world is off to the east and north. He even went so far as to add a nuke the NCR option in Lonesome Road and has said on his twitter account that if another Fallout comes to him, he's nuking the NCR for a clean slate in the region.

After reading this, I found out that their not joking. He posted this on his Twitter in 2011:

After following the blog made by our fellow administrator Agent c's blog post about Obsidian pitching Fallout: New Vegas 2, it looks like the NCR will not be returning, or might be totally destroyed in the long run.

Please vote and state your opinions on here. NCR out.--User ncr A Safe People is a Strong People! 17:52, February 27, 2013 (UTC)

Do you wish to see the NCR return if Obsidian makes another Fallout title?

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