Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics had their share of superstitious characters who used magical thinking to explain their world; these characters were generally tribals or unsophisticated townies. This didn't seem to be present in Fallout 3. With the exception of the Point Lookout tribals, everyone seemed to have mundane views on things: the residents of Megaton may not know how power armor or vertibirds work, but they know that they're being used by humans and aren't aliens or demons. Fallout: New Vegas brings the superstition back just a bit with tales of the Burned Man among other things. Where things get weirder is in the DLCs where educated, more worldly characters like Elijah, Christine Royce, and Joshua Graham attach mystical, mythic qualities to places like the Divide and the Big Empty.

Given that there's been paranormal stuff in the Fallout setting before (Anna Winslow and Psykers come to mind); does anyone think that the Fallout setting is going to develop more of an air of mystery and wonder with the coming DLCs?