• Outcast Mephisto

    Hey all,

    I think we all know that Fallout 3 is a dull, unrealistic game where "It takes over 6 headshots to kill someone", you "Don't need to eat at all", and "There are no consequences for your actions". Well, I'm going to provide a few mods that'll make Fallout 3 an actually fun game instead of a player-is-a-god-that-can't-kill-anything game.

    Primary Needs: This mod adds in "Primary Needs", food, sleep, drinking and the likes of it that makes way for more immersive gameplay, but where are the headshots?

    Hardcore Mod: This mod makes it to where stabbing someone in the neck will actually kill them, shooting someone's head will be deadly, and the legs/arms hurt when you shoot 'em. Oh, it also increases the base amount of blood, as well as the …

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