"I'm paying you for this, it's a job!" Otis shouted. Rome raised her free hand in the air, her other occupied with a nasty-looking pistol. "Like I give a ****! I need something to keep my mind occupied, usually its killing people, and it looks like I’ve found a good little distraction standing right in front of me!” She grinned, and for the first time in a long time, Otis was afraid.

The fear was quickly replaced by rage as a red mist fell over Otis' gaze. This soft-hearted, pitiful excuse for a bounty hunter had turned on him. Otis twirled his machete so it was equipped backhand, lunged toward her, and roared "TRAITOR!" Without even flinching, Rome raised her pistol and pulled the trigger. A flash of light, a burst of unimaginable pain, and everything was dark.

"Hey man, I think he's waking up." A soft male voice resonated from everywhere and nowhere. "Wait, really? I didn't think he had a chance!" This one was different, a woman's voice. "But you're the one who operated on him!" "Yeah, that's why I'm surprised!" A third voice, scratchy and older, added to the din, "When he opens his eyes, make sure they still have color in 'em! That's how you know he's workin' for THEM. THEY gots all-white eyes, no pupils, no color at all!" "Shut up, No-Bark."

The cacophony of voices made Otis' head hurt. And because he was still feeling pain, he knew that he was, somehow, still alive. With immeasurable effort, he forced his eyelids to open. It was dark, in a hut or shack of some sort. He felt a dull force behind his eyes, not a searing pain, but a numb, thumping one. His vision blurred, then retained focus as he tried to sit up. Three faces crowded around him. One, an old, bearded man, probably "No-Bark", was staring intently into Otis' eyes. Satisfied that they still had color, he nodded to the other two and exited. The second face, the woman, shook her head at the door and said something to the final face. "I'll take the 2500 caps you found on him as payment, and I'll leave a few extra shots of Med-X in case the pain flares up again. You First Recon boys learn first aid too?"

Otis looked at the final face and almost passed out again. It was Manny Vargas, the Great Khan sniper Otis had hired Rome to kill. Vargas nodded at the doctor, and said, with some hesitation, "Look Ada, I just don't think you should take the caps until he's well enough to give them to you himself." The doctor shrugged, "Hey, I've got other, less-likely-to-die-or-sue-me clients to meet, and this sorry sack of flesh threw off my schedule. I'd say 2500 caps is a great discount for emergency brain surgery." Groaning, knowing he was in no condition to argue, Otis flopped back down on the mattress and allowed the painkillers to take him to sleep again.


Hello everyone, and welcome to A Traitor's Worth: The story of Otis. This story centers around my character, Otis, after his betrayal by the "consultant" Rome. For the full backstory, check out Rome's story (written by AverageAverage) here:

I highly suggest you read through the entire thread, as well as the predecessor, but Otis hiring Rome (from his point of view, written by me) is on page 17, and the story of how Rome goes about her contract starts on page 18. (told from Rome's point of view, written by AverageAverage). This leads all the way up to the beginning of this post here.

Disclaimer: Otis' story takes place in the same "universe" as Rome's, but as AverageAverage and I are not collaborating on the stories, there may be discrepancies in who's dead, who's not, etc. Gonna be fun!