Because It's cool now.

I've got enough weird things for people find when they google my name, so why not join a wikia page for the love of my life, Fallout.

Anyways... Soo... I've got about... 500 bottlecaps. In real life, sirs. I'm getting ready for when everyone is dying from radiation and getting eaten by deathclaws. I'm gonna be LOADED! That way I'll have all the latest technology in the wastelands. Screw all you zombies, ahem ghouls, and your retarded mutants too!

Just kidding. I'll share my wealth.

So... Go with NCR... or go with Legion... that's my question. I like Legion, because their like the Mickey Rourke team, and NCR is like... The Joker.

So.. either way.. they're both crazy.

Am I a perv for having the prostitution mod on my game? I totally know how to whore myself out. I just hate getting stuck in the blow job position if I talk to the wrong person.... It's hard to walk on your knees.

So that's my first blog. Good to know I'm smart.. har har.