aka Joy Surber

  • I live in A Tiny Placid System in the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • I was born on April 6
  • My occupation is Mind taker
  • I am Femtron
  • OpiateNecklace

    Fart Squiddles.

    September 8, 2011 by OpiateNecklace

    I'm watching my Fiance finally play New Vegas. Pretty exciting stuff. I have nothing much to say on here, as I barely even get on here anymore. I can't correct the things that are already perfect. *joke*

    I felt a little like Data there.

    My son fell asleep while watching Daddy play Fallout with him. I think that's about it for this post. I wish I could play my games without the computer overheating. New fan it is. THEN I CAN PLAY MY FLIGHT SIMULATORS!

    I felt like Marty Martian. :)

    Why is it that Elmer Fudge, Tweety Pie, Cecil Turtle and so on did not have alliterations, and the characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Conrad Cat, and so and so did have that??? HMMM?

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  • OpiateNecklace

    So people. How are you? What music do you like? Are you guys mostly Americans? Or Extraterrestrial beings? Not sure.

    I'm pretty sure I need to stop listening to Collective Soul.

    You guys liking Honest Hearts so far? I did not like Dead Money...

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  • OpiateNecklace

    I'm making a blog

    April 23, 2011 by OpiateNecklace

    Because It's cool now.

    I've got enough weird things for people find when they google my name, so why not join a wikia page for the love of my life, Fallout.

    Anyways... Soo... I've got about... 500 bottlecaps. In real life, sirs. I'm getting ready for when everyone is dying from radiation and getting eaten by deathclaws. I'm gonna be LOADED! That way I'll have all the latest technology in the wastelands. Screw all you zombies, ahem ghouls, and your retarded mutants too!

    Just kidding. I'll share my wealth.

    So... Go with NCR... or go with Legion... that's my question. I like Legion, because their like the Mickey Rourke team, and NCR is like... The Joker.

    So.. either way.. they're both crazy.

    Am I a perv for having the prostitution mod on my game? I…

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