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I can let you into the Underground Library, for a price...Stapleton

The Underground Library is a secret brothel, located underneath the Library in the Downtown district of the Hub. The brothel caters to only the most wealthy and influential citizens of the wasteland and is completely unknown to the general public. The player can only gain access to the Underground Library through a dialog option with Mrs. Stapleton that appears with a Perception of 8 or better, and then followed by either a Speech check of 75% or a "deposit" of 3000 Caps. Once inside, the player can find "Specialists" that provide a variety of "services" for a "generous donation."

Management and Business

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Chris Lil. She doubles as an actual librarian . You are only able to speak with Chris Lil after being granted entry by Mrs. Stapleton and he claims to handle the "management and security" while Mrs. Stapleton handles the accounting. Chris is located in the billiard room located in the southern part of the Underground Library's lower level.

Alice Dunton is Mrs. Stapleton's "Library Assistant" and greets the player when he enters the Underground Library. She will tell the player about all the Specialists and the "services" that they provided. If the player chooses the "My tastes are a little unusual. Have you anything else?" dialog option, she will mention that Sandy the ghoul is a specialist that provides a "necrotic post-human" service, Helga the (somewhat) non-hostile super mutant is a specialist that provides a Dominitrix service, and that they have a giant molerat named Belle.


The Specialists are specially trained experts, each with there own unique style and abilities designed to fulfill each customer's preference. Each Specialist is also an expert in human psychology, personally trained by Mrs Stapleton.

Related quests

  • A Bird Needs To Fly: If the player succeeds a speech check of 75%, a dialogue option will be available to ask Alice Dunton what is bothering her. She will tell the player that she is pregnant and Is contemplating running north. The player can either encourage her to get a new start in northern California or stay at the Underground Library. She will give you a freebie with any of the specialists for your help upon completing the quest.


  • It is rumored by the other Specialists that Helga might not in actuality be a female.
  • A guard named Gunner can be found dead in one of the rooms on the first level with a ball gag and a love letter from Helga in his inventory.
  • There is the only male Specialist. His name shows as Jasper the Gimp.