I... Hate... Anchorage...

I said Anchorage!

I... Hate... Anchorage...

I hate Anchorage!

I hate Anchorage and F3 is the worst.

I loved it when the fan-base came first.

I hate F3... It's the worst...

~hawks and spits~

A casual game... is the game I curse...

I hate F3... I said I think it's the worst!


I despise the sound of Casual's Bleat!

I hate it when they suck Bethesda's teat.

Trampling on canon in the street!

I hate Casuals... They're the worst...

They say that 3 is food for the soul. I don't think they have one though.

I loved the Fallouts back in the day. Where you actually had a role to play.

My quest options were vast and long. now I only have one railroaded run-along.

Do you hear what I say? I hate F3's quests. I think they're the worst.

I miss Black Isle. They put the Fan-base First.

Get the picture? I hate Fallout 3.

~in the background: "Yeah hate it... That's right buddy..."~

I've said it before, the old Bethesda's gone. They've sold out from now on.

They're now selling to the casual player.

Follow their single story path. No thinking allowed. Choices are the worst.


Listen to what they're telling you now: "There ain't no fun that thinking can endow."

"Become a Sheep. Complex quests are much worse."

"The original fans lack any worth!"