• Onebodytomany


    April 27, 2011 by Onebodytomany

    Hello people, just trying to start an intelligent conversation. Im just wondering, what do you people think about the various factions in New Vegas? What i mean to say is, how would you view them in real life? Ill write my opinions, and i would like it if other people did to, because i like hearing peoples view on things.

    1. The NCR. Ok, ill start with the NCR. I have mixed feelings about the NCR. They have good views, but they dont seem to go about the task of implementing these views rather well. They seem to try to do too much good in too little time. Plus, some of the things they try to do just arnt possible in the aftermath of a apocalypse. They dont seem to realize that people ethics are different, and most people are to busy trying …

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