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  • OldWorldBluesIsBest
    • intro starts with over a still image of Noah's Ark sitting on the water*

    Armageddon. Something predicted countless times, by countless people. However, what if there was some truth to the theories?

    • the picture changes into one of a giant light house overlooking the sea*

    Since the beginning of time, humanity has tried to cross vast seas, and take their resources. After nuclear Armageddon, nothing changed. Humanity moved from land to giant boats called "arks".

    • the picture changes into a picture of group of people on a boat*

    These arks were the only sign of life, America was naught but an extension to the mighty oceans of before.

    • the picture switches to two people smiling and holding a baby*

    You were born on an ark, raised to love the sea, and taugh…

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