• I live in South Carolina
  • Bio Kik - OldWorldBluesIsBest

    Discord - Scoobster ✔#5892

    Contact me if you wish, and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

    I was here for a good while, and had multiple accounts. This one is the main one at this point I suppose, and unless I get unbanned on here I guess I won't be coming back.

    Read my posts if you want. We can talk about them even, should you be curious. Not too much to say about a lot of them, some of them have history though. A sort of importance that some of you may be interested in. Do as you like, read what you want, just remember that there are multiple sides to every story. You might want to hear mine.
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  • OldWorldBluesIsBest
    • intro starts with over a still image of Noah's Ark sitting on the water*

    Armageddon. Something predicted countless times, by countless people. However, what if there was some truth to the theories?

    • the picture changes into one of a giant light house overlooking the sea*

    Since the beginning of time, humanity has tried to cross vast seas, and take their resources. After nuclear Armageddon, nothing changed. Humanity moved from land to giant boats called "arks".

    • the picture changes into a picture of group of people on a boat*

    These arks were the only sign of life, America was naught but an extension to the mighty oceans of before.

    • the picture switches to two people smiling and holding a baby*

    You were born on an ark, raised to love the sea, and taugh…

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