So yeah, this is gonna explain some of the happenings building up to my departure and the time between that, and what's happening now.

Firstly, yeah, I did leave back in March. And I'm gonna explain why in this. I was contemplating it for a couple of months beforehand actually, and then it built up, and then I left like I did. It was a mix of interactions with other users and all that, you probably know all this, but I'm gonna recap it and go into how it was from my own perspective. The main things were all of the drama and that, as well as the debate around the content I was putting up. Of course, I don't mind people questioning my content, being constructive, all of that, but some people on this subject were just nothing short of cooperative or reasonable on these things. I don't wanna sound like a dickhead when I say this, I don't mean it in the way you'd immediately think when I do, but later on in my time here, most people involved in this became nothing short of targeting on it. And after consulting the chat logs, this is pretty much irrefutable. Now I know what you're gonna say and think, about how that isn't meant to be done, but whether you agree on what I'm about to say or not, in my eyes, it's best to know what people actually think of you. People who I didn't even imagine would be being sly with me actually were all along, some of which hardly had anything to do with these things or even knew little about them. I could go and name names, but yano what, I'm not really here to do that, I don't wanna make scenes with this. I'll just stick to what's relevant anyway.

One of the problems with this site anyway, or at least some influential people on it, is the attitude towards what some perceive as "speculative content". Now I've never put anything directly speculative, I have put possibilities down, however, they aren't wild possibilities, and they are possibilities that are in fact relevant and hold interest and need to be noted, it depends on what the subject is really, and even possibilities I keep to a minimum, so I've never really understood what people have meant by this. Anyway, I noticed more of a change in this over the weeks, and everything, almost literally everything I added was almost immediately pounced on by almost always the same small group of people. Now before that incident with Chris with the Westside edit or something, everyone involved in them had some kinda set approach to it, where they were open, workable, and cooperative with it. After the Chris incident, as I said with the targeting above, and if you care enough to consult the chat logs, it noticeably declined, and influential individuals such as Paladin117, and others, I can't remember fully since I haven't been here for time and I wanna quickly get this done with, were then analysing my work and looking for apparent flaws simply for the sake of attempting to get under my skin, and even looking through many of my historical edits simply for this purpose. Not with the intent and heart of finding flaws or anything in order to provide better content or anything, no, it was instead just for that purpose I've explained. And onto something else, many viewholds and attitudes by people here towards content is, in a nutshell, pedantic, making it hard to work with. A lot of times the pedantic reasoning didn't even have much weight or reason to have their effect in place of which, etc. I ain't someone that's hard to speak to, yano what I mean? If you speak to me alright, then I'll be the same with you, and we can reach summet. But these people just threw all of that out of the question. And if you're gonna be sly, as evidence by the chat logs, then sorry, but you can fuck right off. Same thing with the admin request, the same people were doing the same thing I've just talked about, to be honest, some of the reasons put forward were massively bullshit reasons, not gonna lie. As for some decent and logical reasoning, about my interactions with users, e.g. the incident with Modgamer, all I can say is, maybe that's true, but I think that's a good point. The problem with some admins here is how they beat around the bush with bullshit that occurs. Not comparing myself with this, just using an example, but it's like Tagaziel, or Simon Cowell on his talent shows, sometimes, we really need someone with that sorta cruel, no questions or answers, shut the fuck up kind of attitude and aspect towards stuff. Guess it's summet without any right answer, really, just down to perspective innit?

Speaking of pedantic, there was the whole debate around the war pages, minor characters, having "minor" pages deleted outright, etc. Most of which holds the majority of the work I do here. And there was a massive drive for these genres of content to be removed, etc. Unlike other debates about stuff, these subjects didn't have a vote or discussion about them. Soon after I left, the content stayed and the attention and hype around the subjects dropped. See where I'm going here? Anyway, at the time of me leaving, if you mix in all that stuff, and the fact that there was so much drive for these types of content to be removed it seemed as though it'd happen, etc., everything else I've talked about, it made being here a pretty difficult and problematic experience, and as always with this site's symbolic drama, it will rise and rise into one massive shitstorm, and I figured it was only a matter of short time before it all kicked off. Then, with the incident with the San Luis and all that shit, it was kinda the tipping point, and I thought "yano what, fuck it, probably best to leave now, seems like it's time innit?"

And that's basically what happened. As for the question of if I'm returning here? Don't really think so. Can't really see that much has changed, seems like the same shit's gonna happen if I return. Just came here to put things to rest pretty much and answer some stuff. Anyway, if you got any questions, feel free to ask below.