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Fireteam HEX members

  • Brigadier Albert Royez - 2240 (leader)
    • A dedicated soldier for almost four decades and survivor of three tours against Caesar's Legion, he's served well. He tried running for president in 2284. He oversaw the planning department for the Glorada Campaign. He's pretty much married to his job, and is a no-nonsense sort of guy. He looks like this.
  • Captain Owen Chadwick - 2250 (co-leader) (tactical officer) (primary Vertibird pilot)
    • A quiet man, he's been serving in logistics and supplies since 2275. Before Glorada, he oversaw various stretches of the Long 15 and other trade routes, as well as constructing and planning deliveries. He also leads 10% of the NCR's Air Force, and is a skilled Vertibird pilot, first taking the stick at 11 years old with his father who had a similar job, following in his footsteps. Before Glorada, he spent most of his time on his own in the office, coordinating routes, and like Royez, became married to his job. Similar to his old position, he leads HEX's organisation and tactical side, planning operations, etc. He looks like this.
  • Lieutenant Brianna Kudlow - 2255 (tech officer) (Ranger)
  • Sergeant First Class Anthony Westlake - 2265 (communications officer)
    • A self-proclaimed professional slacker, and proud of it. While he does show excelling drive and enthusiasm in his work, he can rarely be arsed doing it. Aside from his brilliance in combat and agility, sarcasm and casual foul-mouthedness is his greatest weapon. Originally, he was born in England in a post-apocalyptic city named Manchester. He mentioned that the city did have another name, but that because the name was changed so many times due to alterations in power and constant warring tribes conquering the area over and over again, he completely forgot the name. He and his family moved to the Commonwealth at age 12, and at 14, they relocated and went on a journey to the NCR. Apart from that, he doesn't really say. He follows a unique subculture from back home which is a mix of underground cultures in the real world from 2007-2014. Throughout his later teen years from 2280, he made work such as music, etc. in the NCR, and began attracting pockets of individuals to it, and it became a full-on subculture with around 5,000 followers. He joined the NCR Army at 20 in 2285. He does show a scientific side, and studied it heavily in his childhood, and became more interested in technological science near the end of his teens. This allowed him to be an excellent comm officer, and he worked at various Ranger stations before HEX. He looks like this.
  • Sergeant First Class Nicole Ortega - 2263
    • Aspiring to go out into the world and see the real action, she's had to endure being sent on poor, boring placements with no action at all, wasting her magnificent soldiering talents. After getting to know some valuable individuals at her placement, they saw how wonderfully skilled she was, and managed to sway her superiors in sending her out into Arizona. Since 2285, she's been going out on individual NCR raids in Arizona against the Legion, as well as patrolling the Mojave length of the Colorado River with the Joint NCR-Vegas River Border Patrol Agency. She also has eyes for Corporal Shortland.
  • Corporal Reece Shortland - 2268 (primary dog handler)
    • Shortland is quite similar to Westlake in personality. He shares a similar sense of humour. He is a sufferer of OCD and is mildly autistic, resulting in his life being fairly difficult. Nevertheless, he worked as hard as he ever had to gain his position as a Ranger, and wowed his superiors at his revolutionary fighting skill. Since he is close friends with a Senator, he convinced the senator to get him onto the HEX mission, as he wanted to further himself and prove himself even more, but also to get away from particular people in his unit who he heavily disliked. He succeeded, and went on to join Fireteam HEX. He is a part of the subculture that Westlake follows as well. In personality, he is fairly quiet and keeps his-self to himself. He looks like this, minus the tattoo.
  • Fidget (Belgian Malinois dog) - 2284
    • Rescued from the Legion in 2285 by Nicole Ortega at five months old on a raid in Arizona, he was rehabilitated and trained for a military life in the NCR. He was adopted by Major Carrie Boyd in 2286, and pressed into service in 2287. He looks like this.

Chapter 1 - Fortification

April 29th, 2290, 10:32AM

"There it is, that's the safehouse, down there. See those grey warehouses? There's about twelve buildings there." came a voice from the cockpit.

"Jesus Christ, do we really have to set up the base today? Royez, can we not just leave it until tomorrow?" said Sergeant Westlake.

"Once again Westlake, I'll refer you to my answer an hour ago. Chadwick, how are we on that landing?"

"I'm gonna set her down in front of this building, I want all of you to go inside and set yourselves up while I fly this baby to the hangar. After that, I'll meet you all back here." Captain Chadwick replied as he set the Vertibird down on the road.

"Alright then, come on everyone, me and Westlake'll get these doors open." said Brigadier Royez as he stepped out of the Vertibird.

With everyone off, Chadwick flew off to dock the Vertibird in the hangar building.

"Yeah, I'd say the brass back at Shady did a good job with this place. I guess the six months the army spent sending VTOL teams heading to this place back and forth setting it up paid off." Royez said.

"I know, really not sure why everyone in the planning department back home didn't like it, all of this work and the resources spent in it was essential. They honestly couldn't have expected us six to do it all ourselves. Like you said, it paid off." added Lieutenant Kudlow.

"It was a pretty good diplomatic move and gesture from House, too, his help in getting the facilities at this place up and running was invaluable. Kinda gets the ball rolling for good future relations, about time too." Royez said.

Wasting no time, Royez and the others got the shutter doors open. In the six months before HEX arrived, the NCR and House sent teams to set up the HEX Safehouse, adding in a reactor, solar panel, and restoring various warehouses, and other things, however this did not escape scrutiny by some who considered it a waste of resources and scarce Vertibird fuels.

"Okay everyone, like we discussed, we'll stick to our schedule, and hopefully we'll have this done by the end of tonight." Royez said.

"So if I recall correctly, me and Shortland are setting up the security at the moment?" asked SFC Ortega.

"Yes, you two can set up the security robots and turret systems around the vicinity. Remember, we only want them active at night. However, be sure to set the sensor equipment to operate 24/7, we need to be able to monitor for hostiles entering the base at all times. For now, leave the protectrons, turrets, and Gutsies, I just want the Securitrons and sentry bots up for tonight, need the reactor to be balanced out to utilise all of them." answered Royez.

"And don't forget to take Fidget with you!" Royez shouted. Ortega turned round and ran back for him, then carried on heading to the security management warehouse.

"Uhh, what is it I'm meant to be doing again?" Westlake wondered.

"Gettin' real tired of your attitude, Owen. You'd better not act like a dumbass all the way through this mission. Still can't believe you managed to get on this, your attitude towards work stinks and no matter what evidence for this I had and no matter how much I protested, that incompetent Hsu let you in regardless." Royez was growing tired of Westlake's infamous personality and lack of attention paid.

"Hehe, we've been through this before, I remember the first time two years ago. I'll be honest with you, I'm not even going to rise to it. Now, what am I meant to be doing?" Westlake nonchalantly responded.

"The others might find you funny, but I on the other hand am not so keen. Now listen closely, I want you to stay here with Kudlow and set up all the rooms in the safehouse and organise everything. She's upstairs in the barracks right now." Royez explained.

"That wasn't so difficult was it?" Westlake remarked. He then went off upstairs to speak with Kudlow. Royez then left the safehouse building and jogged over to another warehouse to get into a military truck parked inside the warehouse. The truck was delivered by Vertibird a month ago, and was to be used by HEX to quickly and easily navigate the perimeter as well as transport items throughout the base. There was also a small delivered Chryslus SUV in the garage warehouse too. Royez turned the key and drove the truck back to the safehouse building to pick up Chadwick. Chadwick got inside the truck.

"I still can't believe our luck with them flying this truck out here." Chadwick said.

"Haha, neither can I!" Royez drove back over to the Vertibird hangar to pick up some items from inside of it.

The entire day was then spent organising and fortifying the safehouse and base, readying the area for their hunt for the G.E.C.K. By 8:30PM, the job was done. The nearby farm was set up, as well as a grass field for training. In addition, they also set up the water purifier, the training centre and firing range, the workshop, the comms centre, the solar panels, and the nuclear reactor. The security system was instated and fully operational too, and the rest of its systems would be activated the next day. They had already contacted Shady Sands and informed them of their success in arriving and setting up the base. The entire base resembled an Enclave bunker. The team then spent the night sat in the safehouse building drawing out plans for tomorrow.

"I'm wondering which town we should try, not sure why, but I've got my money on Troika." suggested Shortland.

"I'd say it could work with any, really." said Royez.

"Really? You lot aren't foreseeing them being suspicious or anything?" Westlake interjected.

"Owen, these are people who used to worship electronic product brands. They aren't exactly scholars, over there." Royez assured.

"Fuck me, see, that's what I keep on talking about, that right there. Your ignorance, and your closed-mindedness. It's absolutely a known fact the Coil Vision have drastically changed from their old state. They aren't that much like what they were back in the Reaver Movement times at all. Get with the program, honestly." Westlake refuted.

"Look, let's not blow this whole thing up again. So we'll recap this, me and Shortland go into town dressed in the jumpsuits, pretend we're from the Vault, and then plead for shelter in the town. Once we've done that, we have a temporary residence there for long enough for us to get in touch with the locals and get the information we need." Ortega summarized.

"That's right, and if and when you convince them you're really from the Vault, you work our way up through the community and gain the attention of the Coil Vision military. Just before that, you befriend the rest of us. You then tell the army you were captured by Fellowship soldiers upon your escape from the Vault, and were taken deep into the warzone area." Chadwick continued.

"And then, you tell them you escaped and got into CV territory and made your way here to civilisation. There was coincidentally an outage of the pulse field for the first time ever last week, I just got told from Shady Sands, so that fits in. Pretty bad scene, too. Ended up with a massive raid, 400 lives lost from both sides, 200 of which were civilian." Royez continued.

"Jesus, that's bad. Makes me wonder about the future stability of that pulse field. But anyway, in your meeting with the army, you tell them about how Vault 51 holds the several G.E.C.K.s, and that the Fellowship had brutally interrogated you for the access codes. Then, they'll think of the whole thing as a massive emergency and strengthen their efforts to quell the warzone and further the advance to Jacksonville. We'll then all be given extra rights and military access to the campaign, and be able to do almost anything we like." said Chadwick, finishing off the recap.

"And that right there, is trickery at its greatest." said Westlake.

"Kudlow, what do you think?" Ortega asked.

"I think that'd work, I'll cover your backs every step of the way. It'll certainly cover our long-term plan, wouldn't it?" Kudlow questioned.

"Oh yeah, definitely. I'll go over this again too, just for the record. Our long-term plan, is to utilise this Vault 51 trick, and then gain access to the higher individuals of the Coil Vision, and get military-grade access to everything we need to get to that Vault. We also pay a visit to the Brotherhood of Steel down south, and see what we can get from them. We haven't drawn out a plan for that yet, though. One idea we have is setting things up to make them broker a unification deal with CV, not sure if we'll try that, but it's a thought. Afterwards, we'll definitely need to help them break into Cape Canaveral and use the technology there, the stuff there is crucial to the advancement into Jacksonville. And that's basically our long-term plan in a nutshell, I'm pretty confident in it, and you all should be too." Royez explained.

"So I guess we've covered everything tonight, so I think we should all go to bed early, we've got a lot of ground to cover tomorrow. Especially you two, Reece and Nicole. Takes roughly four and a half hours to walk down to Troika.

"Oh my God, really? Ugh, well, alright then, I guess we should." Ortega sighed.

Chapter 2 - Vault Dwellers

April 30th, 2290, 09:12AM