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Florida, 2290 (Colloquially Glorada (Gloh-Ray-Da) Wasteland) (It is named similar to Dayglow.

Florida is plunged into War with three main organisations: The Ash Sphinx Fellowship, Coil Vision, and 3-Some Caravans. They are fighting for control of Florida and the ideology of it's populace.

Minor factions

  • Various scattered Raider gangs
  • Umberto Family
  • Brotherhood Of Steel
  • Twisted Hairs
  • Bright Brotherhood


  • Raptors (Alligators): Bipedal - They are much like Tyrannosaurus Rexes, with long arms. They are as efficient as Deathclaws in battle. An adult Raptor can be as high as a lamp-post.
  • Brahmin
  • Velvet Giant Ants (These are hated by farmers as their sting can kill Brahmin.)
  • Radscorpions
  • Gladelurks (Similar to Mirelurks but are descended from the local Gopher Tortoises.)
  • Anklebiters (Mutant Raccoons)
  • Fellowship Trogs
  • Ghouls
  • Cyberdogs
  • Floaters
  • Somersaulters (Local tropical Frogs the size of a toddler with highly athletic moves.)
  • Scatterpillar (Mutant Scatterpillars the size of a normal radscorpion. They are descended from the Eastern Tent Caterpillars. Once they grow into adults and become either Moths of Butterflies, they are named by locals as Cazadores as they mistake them as the same thing. However, the adults don't stay in Florida and terrorise the population. Instead, they immediately make a great migration to the south, somewhere in the Caribbean. It is so far unknown where or why. However, there have been legends of them returning from the south over a century ago.)
  • Palmetto Radroach
  • Ausir's Embrace: Although they are really just pre-War house cats, the Fellowship uses them for a variety of functions in their Army and declares them as Holy. The punishment for killing one, even by accident, is Death.)
  • Iguanas
  • Big Horners
  • Dogs
  • Mole Rats

Ash Sphinx Fellowship

Formed in the rubble of Atlas Wasteland (Atlanta, Georgia), it was created by Philippe Sol Sanchez in 2243 as a tribe following Ancient Egyptian society and culture. They are the conquerors of sixty-six tribes.

Philippe Sol Sanchez was born on 16th September, 2042, Barcelona. He became a respected military leader, who had fought during the Euro-Arab War of the 2060s. He rose up to a member of the Spanish Ministerio de Defensa. He was an independent activist against events such as the Annexation of Canada, the invasion of Mexico, and the US' failure to feed the population, and became famous after releasing private information on US politicians.

A man of history, he was always interested in Ancient Egypt. On October 23rd, 2077, he visited Atlanta, Georgia to look around an Egyptian Museum there. However, the bombs fell that afternoon.

Waking up a week later, Sanchez was trapped in the Basement Exhibits of the Museum with no way out. He suffered some small bits of amnesia, and lost portions of traits of his personality. There was nothing but an internet terminal, and a library of 2000 Egyptian history and research books. He was entirely caved in. He survived off of the irradiated plants growing in the rocks, and condensation from the pipes. He was also ghoulified, and also suffered a rare trait of Ferocious Post-Necrotic Dystrophy, where the road to feralism was paused, and only a brief and miniscule damage to the mind and personality was experienced.

He became fixated on every Pharaoh, from Ptar to Nectanebo II. Soon, his political status and mindset warped. He believed that Humanity needed warriors and barebones, not gadgets and medicine, to live. He believed Humanity lost its class, culture, etiquette, respect, and that the modern ways are delusional, frivolous, and a degradation to the Universe. He began supporting reactionary, reforming, and radical views, and say Ancient Egypt as an example of perfect and special society.

He became a man of progress, and devotion to work. He lost all concern for material needs, such as comfort and entertainment, seeing them as "an eyesore and an obstacle". He declared himself "Osiris' Continuity". He embraced Mother Nature and vowed that Mankind should step down from it's greed and live with the World, not for it, and stop using technology; instead, use what the World gives them.

Twelve years had passed, and he managed to break into a medical office of the basement. After several years of also studying Asian Zen, Buddhism, Yoga, etc., he discovered more changes and abilities from his Ghoulification, which no other Ghoul in America had noticed. The life longevity of Ghouls allowed Sanchez to find a way to completely slow down his body clock dramatically, and Sanchez could eventually sleep for hours, wake up to simply eat, drink, etc., and immediately fall back to sleep again, similar to that of Kleine-Levin Syndrome. He utilised this to easily fly through the years until his rescue. Due to his rare form of FPND, and the personality alterations and damages that came with it, he never became bored or considered suicide.

This plan worked. By the 2nd June, 2228, there were already tribals formed around the Museum who began worshipping the Exhibits and books. They made it their goal to explore the basement. After five months of digging the rubble, they made it into the basement and found him. Believing him to be Osiris' Gift, and that he was the Inheritor due to his Ghoulification and presentation, they rescued him and declared him Holy.

Sanchez awoke. He knew the tribals were just idiotic crazies, but he decided to abuse this, and create a plan to create the World he desired. Raised from the ashes and rubble of the Museum, he named his organisation "The Ash Sphinx Fellowship". He began to declare War on other tribes, enslaving and conscripting them to gain muscle and foothold in the Atlas Wasteland, and thereafter raid and pillage towns and settlements to gain intelligent people as opposed to the "idiotic tribal crazies". The intelligent people he enslaved from towns were "rehabilitated" into Sanchez' way of thinking, but carefully though as to keep their intelligence. The intelligents were put into his Organisation. The intelligent people were an upper class within the Fellowship as they were the ones that Sanchez desired in his organisation. He saw the tribals as "hopeless miscreants", and restricted them to the Army, seeing them as "guard dogs". He made melee and hand-to-hand weaponry the standard. (e.g. swords, nail boards, sledgehammers). Guns were permitted, but not using guns was highly encouraged, promoting bravery, purpose, talent, and honour on the battlefield, whilst also encouraging soldiers to "get the job done with whatever it takes properly" and not "play hero." Explosive, Biological and Energy Weaponry were strictly forbidden. Most of their beliefs could be compared to Amish. They permitted natural processes to be used. For example, all buildings/structures are to be made of: (in order of social status): Stone, wood, concrete, or man-made metals. All objects are made of these too. All forms of power were outlawed. Fellowship industry, lifestyle, etc. could therefore be called similar to that of the First Millennium. All steels, irons, glass, bronze, etc. must only be made through hand-made procedures. However, the Fellowship Government promoted citizens to use these materials as a back-up plan, and heavily promoted people to use wood, concrete, and stone, pressuring people not to rely or "enslave themselves" to metal, etc.

Sanchez was classed as the Pharaoh of the Fellowship. The ranking system of the military is as follows:

  • King, commander in chief
  • General, or overseer of the army, who reported directly to the king
  • Lieutenant commander: Serving as senior officer
  • Overseer: Garrison troops
  • Troop commander: In charge of several regiments, a brigade or a fortress
  • Captain: Controlling an entire company.
  • Commander: 250 soldiers
  • Dyad: controlling 200 men.
  • Eye of Fifty: The lowest commander, controlling 50 men.
  • Warrior: Standard soldier
  • Spark: Trainee soldier

For major military actions, the Pharaoh physically leads the army into battle.

Philippe needed to branch out of Atlanta at some point however as his resources, troops, workers, and manpower began to dwindle. He amassed his Fellowship to scour the empty ruins of Atlas for all food, helpful items, and to retrieve and destroy all items Sanchez' banned. They became a Brotherhood-like organisation.

They came to live with the irradiated land, accepting it for what it is. Water must only be purified through natural home-remedies. Medicine is only natural home-remedies.

By 2230, the Atlas Wasteland was occupied. They set out eastward, on their path of tyranny.

In 2253, a member of the Fellowship Army, Dyad Stuart Isles, was sent to lead a nine-man expedition to the Institute in Massachusetts, to take reports, map the area, and gain as much knowledge as possible. During the expedition, Isles was reported to have went scouting alone while the others were sat at the camp at Montgomery County, Maryland. He never returned, and could not be located.

In 2275, Sanchez went on a heavily-protected state visit to Caesar's Legion, at Flagstaff, Arizona. He stayed for a week with Caesar. Both parties took great advice from each other, and much of this advice shaped the future actions and development of the Fellowship, and even added minor change to the Legion.

By 2282, all of Georgia except the Southwest Georgia was occupied by the ASF. The Northern half of Alabama was under their control as well. The south of Tennessee, including Nashville (now known as Ash-Hill) was occupied.

They began to enter Florida in 2281, when the Coil Vision flew into Florida in 2283 after hearing news of them. CV had longed for Florida, after Legends of it having mountains of metal and scrap, and rainfalls of technology. They wanted to protect this wealth from the ASF who were going to destroy it all. They have also had to deal with 3-Some, a prospecting company in Florida with a formidable Army, who Sanchez has deemed "ignorant material pigs".

For nine years, Sanchez has tried to take Florida for himself, and has conquered and fortified Jacksonville and a few spots in the north of Florida, but to no avail in the rest of Florida.

In 2290, Philippe was diagnosed with a form of Cancer, that would kill him within three years. He kept this secret from the Fellowship, and began making plans for his predecessor. While his Cancer could easily be cured, he still stuck to his beliefs and hatred of medical science, sticking to natural home-remedies.

The Fellowship is built on the backs of Slaves. In Florida, 1000 Slaves were sent in 2289 to build a Pyramid in the ruins of Jacksonville out of concrete. It was designed to be impossible for Coil Vision to knock down. It would be the size of the Pyramid Of Giza. Philippe aimed to take Florida to primarily take over Okeechobee River. In the 200 years since the War, the rivers and lakes had all unified and joined together, due to mass natural, and nuclear erosion. He vowed to take over Florida to make it is his Nile.

Daily civilian life under the Fellowship's shadow is ordinarily farming. Women took care of the home and children while the father looked out for the income. All civilians lived in wooden/concrete/stone houses restricted to all but the family. The richest citizens are however able to afford houses made from man-made metals, steels, etc. and glass windows. All people bathed in the rivers, lakes, and communal or private pool craters (craters filled with water). The currency of Caps became the standard, however in 2288, Philippe announced plans to switch the country into their own currency of coins. All clothing was simple linen sheets, woollen clothes from sheep, leather from Brahmin, or the skin of other animals. Military Armour is created from man-made metals and Brahmin leather.

All men went to an examination to decide whether they had their heads shaved at age 9. 45% have theirs shaved. There was no upper or lower class in their society, as men and women were equal and everybody received the same wage. All people lived on fruit, vegetables, crops, and animals.

The primary reason of getting to Florida was getting enough manpower and supplies and recruits to lead an expedition to completely take over the State Of Tennessee and fortify the Marker, the ruins of Memphis, to make it the Fellowship's Capital. The Old Egyptian Kingdom's Capital was in a place called Memphis, and Philippe intended to honour this. The reason later changed into destroying Coil Vision, which Sanchez instantly grew to despise, but secondly Umbertami, who he spat upon for their "degenerative" acts. It also grew into occupying the river network to occupy his Nile.

Major cities/Settlements:

  • Atlas (Atlas Wasteland) (Atlanta, Georgia) (Capital) (Demonym: Legends)
  • Ash Hill (Nashville, Tennessee) (Second city) Main city of the milling, mining, salvaging, and refining industries. (Demonym: Ashur)
  • The Plantation (colloquially the Jungle) (Savannah, Georgia) Is the main city of farming, food, and other related industries in the Fellowship. (Demonym: Wildmen)
  • Generation (colloquially, but rarely "Genesis") (Athens, Georgia) A major city, its name refers to Athens, Greece. It refers to how the generations passed, and how Ancient Egypt passed it all down. It is a haven for "scholars", individuals working in literature, and scribes. (Demonym: Geneses)
  • Barrier: (Hoover, Alabama): Founded after the official state visit to Caesar's Legion in 2275, it was founded in goodwill, wishing Caesar well on his plans for the Hoover Dam. (Demonym: Tiler)
  • Diaspora: (Rome, Georgia): A major city, Named after the exodus of Legends during the Fellowship's early conquest of Atlas, it now celebrates Egypt's links to Rome and the Byzantine Era, and after the 2275 state visit, goes on to celebrate the relationship between the two nations. (Demonym: Wanderer)
  • Alpha (Huntsville, Tennessee) Alpha is centred around the gigantic stadium within it. Alpha is a town based all around fighting, competition, hunting, every possible thing under the sun. The most famous attraction is the stadium within it, where fighters all across the Fellowship's lands compete for a chance of glory and fame at the annual championship, or individual contests and cups throughout the rest of the year.
  • Mill: (Montgomery, Alabama): The main source of the Fellowship's resources. All lawful resources (steel, scrap, etc.) are taken to the Mill and are refined, created, etc. here.

Coil Vision

In 2199, the Midwestern Brotherhood attempted to absorb the Reaver Movement into their ranks. This caused a gigantic split in the Reaver Movement. Only 20% of the Reavers joined the Brotherhood. The remainder regrouped in an attack on Newton and rescued all the captured Reavers, adding more power to their forces. They then fought an exodus out of Brotherhood territory to escape their wrath and start anew, losing 15% of their personnel during this. They resettled in Northwest Louisiana.

They began setting up a fairly efficient new empire throughout South Louisiana, Southwest Mississippi, and Houston, Texas, with the crumbling Midwestern Brotherhood powerless to stop their expanse, setting up a base and eventual capital in Rogue Blade (the ruins of Baton Rouge). They began annexing communities in the regions, and building towns. This was finalised by 2210. During this time, the Reavers transformed from their raiding, illogical, techno-religious, ridiculous demeanour, into a more scientific, and down-to-Earth type. They became on-par with the Brotherhood of Steel in the way of personality and mission, however, they still had wild ideological differences to the Brotherhood. Regardless, the Reavers still kept some hints of their religion. They recruited, annexed, and populated mainly illiterate or poorly educated wastelanders, raiders, and the like.

However, in 2273, they learned of the Ash Sphinx Fellowship, and realised they were closing in on their territory, alarming the Reaver leadership. After careful consideration and debate, they discovered Glorada. They decided that capturing Glorada would deal a major blow to the ASF and hinder their expansion, slowly bleeding them, and saving the remains of America from them. They were not however just in it for free, as they were also in it for the legends of it having mountains of metal and scrap, and rainfalls of technology and old major US Army bases. If the ASF conquered Florida, they and America would be doomed. Since they could not run the risk of going through areas close to ASF lands, it was almost impossible to walk to Glorada. And so, they copied the way their old enemy came to their land.

The Midwestern Brotherhood at this time were massively crippled and were mainly in Chicago, but still had some bases and a large, considerable amount of personnel throughout the Midwest, and so the Reavers' were not foolish in jumping the gun and assuming they were gone, and took great caution in their mission to recover and salvage the Brotherhood's airships at their landing sites (and possibly rebuild/reconstruct some), and build their own airships to travel to Florida. They immediately set about to rebuilding and repairing them, no matter how long it took. They found a total of thirty airships were littered in the fields.

Five years of blood and sweat were spent on dragging them back to Rogue Blade, rebuilding them and scavenging them for parts. Some airships were completely rebuilt into pristine order, whilst the majority of their fleet were the Reavers' own freshly built ones, using parts from the Brotherhood's. The Reavers had a long meeting and decided to rename themselves "Coil Vision", after their signature energy weaponry, and that they had a vision on technology. They called themselves Coils.

Three years later, in 2281, the passengers could be catered for, and the journey began. With a fleet of fifty airships, carrying several thousand war technologies and 10000 passengers (4000 military, 6000 civilian), the journey lasted six days. Every single citizen and soldier was taken away from their territory. Their territory was completely abandoned, forever. They did not seek to reclaim the area if they won Glorada over the ASF, and instead, they aimed to resettle permanently in Glorada and rebuild their empire.

Coil Vision landed in Florida on the 12th August 2281. They had at least five years to train the soldiers, educate the soldiers, recruit more, earn respect from the locals, gather more equipment, and set up defensive perimeters for the attack. They set up a headquarters in Orlando. They set up a minefield and pulse field similar to the one seen in Anchorage, and the pulse field ran all the way from Titusville to Homosassa.

Coil Vision had an army of 8000 against the Fellowship's Gloradan Campaign brute force of 19000. The Vision's only advantage was the Fellowship's ill-equipment and devotion to the Planet.

The Fellowship invaded on the 7th March 2282, and for five years, the centrepiece and front line of the Coil-Sanchez War, was a giant square zone stretching all the way from Orlando to the I-10. (Jacksonville) This zone was owned by nobody, and the location of all the combat of the war. If the Fellowship disabled the Pulse Field and broke through CV's side of the road and fought around to the other side of the Pulse Field, Coil Vision would be doomed, and so would the Glorada populace.

They harass all civilians in their territory for any technology they are carrying, and spread missionaries into all settlements to attempt spread their religion. CV citizens only get to live with no technology, and only live with whatever natural items that they can scavenge. There is also a religious class in Coil Vision country. While it is not law for civilians to do so, anybody who does not follow the Reaver Religion is treated as a second class. And they know if you're lying.

3-Some Caravan

The Giordano triplets are tight knit Italian-American brothers who are virtually inseparable. Born in 2206, they are Enzo, Guido, and Vinnie. Originally from Georgia proper, they ran their company 3-Some Caravans in Macon, and held three stores throughout the area. They served in wastelander militias fighting against the Fellowship Raiders. They became famous throughout the resistance communities, and retained strong links with other traders and local caravans. They soon became wealthy, with stockpiles of Fellowship gear, loot of dead rival traders, making deals with raiders, etc. In 2234, Enzo Giordano convinced the other local traders and caravans to unify under 3-Some. Little did they know that the Giordanos would break their promise, and blackmail them into handing all their assets to 3-Some. They paid the raiders to play along with this and help keep them under control should they have any ideas of fighting back. They enlisted several raider gangs too for muscle, and promising them of a new life. They would make an exodus to Florida, to begin their fresh start.

Arriving in Clearwater, Florida two months later, they founded the town named "Troika" in 2236. Their plan worked as expected. The other traders they brought gave in to the blackmail, and went under 3-Some's flag, and the Giordanos became fairly wealthy. The Raiders became part of the 3-Some military, protecting their caravans. Glorada was rife with oppurtunity for them. Travellers and wanderers visited Troika regularly, and became a part of the Gloradan caravan trade routes. 3-Some became a wealthy, steady, and strong company. By 2242, Troika became a full-on bustling settlement, rather than a small town. Eventually, Troika became similar to Canterbury Commons, and became the hub for the caravans. By 2247, 3-Some started secretly picking off other caravans to the point where they were crumbling, so that 3-Some would buy out the remains of the despondent company. They eventually became a small-time family business into a mainstream company in Glorada. In the same year, the Umberto Family recognised 3-Some's fame and reliability, and requested their help along with several of the other mainstream companies. However, only 3-Some and two other companies took part in this project. The other companies claimed the Miami Project was a disaster and doomed to fail, and refused the offer. This was 3-Some's big break and finest hour.

Because of this, all trading outfits in Glorada went out of business. Except for 3-Some and the other two companies that helped in the Miami Project, due to the piles of caps they received for their assistance. 3-Some received a 2.5% share of the income from Umbertami. This allowed them to create their second town, named Shellshock. However, nearly a hundred new independent businesses, companies, etc. opened in Umbertami, and 3-Some needed to act fast. They began doing the same as they used to, picking off Brahmin until they are despondent enough to sell themselves to 3-Some.

By 2280, they were the third most biggest caravan company in Florida. Thanks to the efforts of 3-Some, the other two caravans, and Umbertami, it began to become an area similar to how the Core Region was in Fallout 2. By 2290, all three of the triplets were still alive, and still running 3-Some.

They are similar to the NCR, but in an economic way. They buy settlements and land areas in Florida to fuel their agenda. They often take deals from other wealthy ranchers, much to the dismay and destruction to their citizens. 3-Some has also been reported to secretly kill off deliveries and Brahmin of settlements in order to secretly blackmail and give them no choice into signing their properties over to 3-Some. 3-Some are a member of the Gloradan Commission, a grouping of the three main caravan outfits.

When the Coil Vision arrived in 2278, they knew they stood no chance against them. However, the other two outfits on the Commission went in all guns blazing, and were cut down after three months. This left 3-Some as the only remaining caravan company in Glorada. Coil Vision requested them to sign a treaty with them, where they are independent, but follow Coil Vision trading laws, give them a 25% share of the income, and accept Coil Vision sovereignty. With a smirk on their faces, the Giordanos signed away.

Led by Director Enzo Giordano, the faction isn't doing too well due to the Fellowship Invasion. They have an Army of 4000 caravan guards who do what they can. They also have squabbles with Coil Vision due to the Visionaries taking technology before 3-Some can find it and sell it, however they must keep on Coil Vision's good side or else they will be stripped and revoked of their rights to trade in Glorada.

Their main industry is farming, ranching, and scavenging.


They are hundreds of Raider gangs scattered throughout Florida, and they are most prominent amongst the tribals in the Everglades and the dust and ruins of the wasteland. They raid and pillage towns and unsuspecting travellers and caravans.

Twisted Hairs

Originally the Gatekeeper Tribe, formed in 2253 in Daytona Beach, they were met by a man named Ulysses in February 2283. The Gatekeepers were a wealthy, prestigious tribe in the area. They were highly political, philosophical, and held views very similar to that of Ulysses about the current political challenges in Glorada. Ulysses settled down with the tribe, and soon joined and integrated with them. Ulysses' wisdom, experience, education, and cunning tactician skills saw the Gatekeepers through several hard times, invasions, attacks, battles, and problems within the tribe. Over time, the Gatekeepers learned valuable lessons from Ulysses and teachings from his tribe, the Twisted Hairs, resulting in the Gatekeepers integrating several policies and cultural points held by the Twisted Hairs into their own tribe. Over time, they soon became quite similar to the TWs. Ulysses tuned them into a tribe he saw as perfect. When the Gatekeeper's leader, Patrick Sligo died in 2288, they hailed Ulysses as the new leader. They began to breach from the confines of Daytona and spread out, preaching their ideals to the public, through word, or gun. Ulysses convinced the tribe to rename. They have the same culture as the Original Twisted Hairs, mixed with a tropical presentation and lifestyle, somewhat Hawaiian.

The tribe is entirely against Coil Vision, tentatively on the fence with 3-Some, and undecided about the Fellowship.

Umberto Family

A smuggler, mercenary, and crime family from Matanzas, Cuba, dating back to pre-War times, a detachment led by dynasty member Cristavao Umberto made haste to Florida in 2239 to search the Everglades for it's sunken riches, and ten years later, smuggle everything back to Cuba to sell. Much of them mutated into Swampfolk however, and Cuban society would treat them worse than Ghouls. The Umberto Family was equal to Talon Company, but somewhat equal to the Brotherhood of Steel in resources.

During the trip, they came across Swampfolk tribals. Two certain tribes were feeble enough to worship the Umbertos, thinking they were heavenly angels due to their laser weapons and Mark II Reinforced Combat Armour and Helmets. They used them as muscle for their next assignment.

They came across Miami. After spending 3 years clearing the city out with the superior strength and exoskeletons of the Swampfolk, they cleared the place out, with outside help and spending 8 years cleaning the place up. However, their years of heavy work in the swamps terraformed some of the Umbertos into Swampfolk, including the leader, Cristavao. They decided to make Miami the gem of Florida, a business paradise, a gambling heaven, and a bright shining jewel in Florida. And so it did. Civilians flocked to Umbertami. By 2250, their base was now Umbertami, and they ran several casinos, hotels, entertainment facilities, resorts, and businesses there. Security in Miami is tight, with almost 175 Securitrons patrolling, 350 Human security personnel with considerable amounts of other robots. There is a zero-tolerance on weapons. Miami is often referred to as "Umbertami". Rumours of Umbertami spread across the USA, and became known as "the other New Vegas". The area is similar to Tenpenny Tower, with a notably posh, bigoted, upper class culture. There are three sections of Umbertami: a section for poorer, everyday wastelanders, partygoers, drunks, idiots thinking they'll win their fortune, and vagrants. A second section is for businessmen, traders, etc. The third section is for the upper class, for people who can afford it, who are healthy, "correct genetic make-up", with resorts, luxury hotels, and other such attractions. Ghouls are only permitted in the economy sector. The only hotel in the high-roller sector is a sixty-five-storey beachfront tower, named "Paragon Palace" in which the top floor has four penthouses and a balcony overlooking all of Umbertami, and the rolling plains of the Glorada Wasteland, as well as the Everglades being fairly viewable. The Atlantic Ocean was fully viewable from here, too. Cristavao snipes from his balcony, too, and also looks at the scenery with a pair of binoculars. Paragon Palace was the remains of the Hotel InterContinental Miami. Miraculously, four of the skyscrapers on 2nd Street survived and were intact after the Great War.

The Umbertos brokered a treaty between them, Coil Vision, and 3-Some, where 3-Some would open up their shares of trading and business in Umbertami, and where the Umbertos would hand over sovereignty of Miami and the outlying region to the Coil Vision, in exchange for it being classed as a separate administrative region of the Vision's territory, where Cristavao and his council would rule, and continue to overlord the entirety of Umbertami. The Coil Vision then set up an entire route to Umbertami through the I-95 from Melbourne to Kendall, with regular patrols across the stretch of interstate. Both Umbertami and Coil Vision supplied military assets for the patrolling operation and for the costs of the maintaining of the route. The route was then named the "Long 95".

Their leader is Cristavao Umberto.

The Umbertos back at Cuba were wiped out in 2266 after an earthquake. The Umbertos in Florida are all that remains of their legacy. They decided to remain in Glorada and make a fresh start.

Brotherhood Of Steel

During a reinforcement expedition to the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel in September 2274 to bring new troops, a team of 242 soldiers were sent, a massive 9.1 magnitude earthquake occurred in Louisville. The earthquake spread in massive amounts to Madisonville, Kentucky, where the Brotherhood expedition was then located. 43 Brothers died, and 26 were lost and never found. Due to many paths being blocked by rubble, and many routes becoming impassable, the Brotherhood had to figure out their own way to the Capital Wasteland. After a mistake and accidental misdirection through pre-War maps which were of no use due to how much the War changed the environment, as well as the recent earthquake, they accidentally ended up in Tennessee. They realised their mistake, but then remembered the reports on the "dominant military asset" in the region. They realised they were now surrounded by that army, and were encircled in their territory. After a tactical discussion, they realised there was no going back up to Kentucky, and that is was suicide to think of going around them eastward. They concluded the only way to go was back west to California, or down into Florida, where they had a good chance of circumventing the Ash Sphinx Fellowship and weaving past them towards D.C.

Two months later, they decided to stay put and set up a Chapter in Florida. However, a force of just 150+ was certainly far from enough, and they barely knew anything about the local area, and additionally, the caravans were formidable armies and had most of the locals' respect, and not to mention the city of Umbertami, and so making a start was hard.

In February 2275, they set their sights on Port Charlotte. It was a pre-War military base with a gigantic security system, but it attacked anybody who went near it. There was one scribe in the Brotherhood Team, who was infact stationed at the Capital Wasteland since 2255, and went on a trip back to Lost Hills in 2271, and was to return with this group. He was researching technology stolen from the NCR after Navarro was ransacked. One of these was one of several copies of a robot named "Eyebot Duraframe". This robot was capable of cracking high-grade military encryptions, but was never perfected. He was the lead scientist in making it happen. He had nearly finished it, but had to leave.

The Brotherhood set up wooden shacks and tent camps around the base, and set to work remembering and analysing the scribe's research. It was a hard project, equations after equations, but the Florida BOS, with the Scribe's help, finally perfected the research and figured out a way to hack the Charlotte Security. Next, they had to figure out a way to implement the research without the use of an Eyebot Duraframe unit. This was perfected too, by December 2275. Throughout the project, they invaded two military outposts and found blueprints for Charlotte and updates on it's coding and security.

With their own computer terminals, the BOS managed to connect to the terminals inside Charlotte and hack them with what they learned from the ED Research. They changed the Targeting Parameters, and then, Charlotte was in their control. The security system was a network of 120 Mark VIII Turrets, thirty Sentry Bots, twenty Gutsys, and sixty Robobrains, as well as three Howitzers. This was just over half the amount of robotic firepower that Umbertami was holding. The base also had simulation pods inside of it.

They had fully settled into Port Charlotte by May 2276. They began to plan out their campaign for Florida. They had two options; move onto D.C., or remain in Florida and set up a permanent Chapter. For the permanent Chapter plan, they drew up plans to gain the respect of the locals, gain links and earn friendship with the caravanners, recruit locals from the outside, and then convince and persuade parts of the population to allow the Brotherhood to rule over them. They also then encouraged having children to strengthen the army in the future, and in the next two years, 100 children were introduced to the Brotherhood. They then became nomads wandering from Sarasota to Bonita, hunting and scavenging for technology with no clear goal or motive until the plan of action was finalised. In December 2276, communication with Lost Hills was established. By March 2277, they decided. They knew there was no way to break through the Ash Sphinx Fellowship, and decided that rather than being mowed down when they invade Florida, they will instead make a nation inside Florida and make a competent stand against them. They finalised the plans for this campaign by July 2277, but of course, Coil Vision landed. Their plans were ruined.

They sat idly in their base for the next three years. They then began to create a new plan. They would take local conscripts from the Wasteland, raiders, tribals, wanderers, etc., and rehabilitate them into a normal lifestyle, with promises of a better life in the Brotherhood. They would then train them, educate them, and make them become as good as a Lost Hills Brother. In the meantime they would create stockpiles of resources. Their plan was to wait until either side made an advance. If Coil Vision lost and the ASF breached the Pulse Field, the Brotherhood would make their move and stampede through the Wasteland, conquering and occupying everything in sight. By therefore taking piles of loot from dead Coils and robbing their bases and conscripting locals as well as purchasing the allegiance of 3-Some, they would re-establish the front line and install a new Pulse Field, becoming the new superpower in the region, and taking Coil Vision's place. If Coil Vision won and the ASF retreated back into Georgia, then a similar but riskier plan would play out.

By 2290, the Brotherhood now had 700 soldiers, (300 conscripts, 300 originals and 100 combat-ready original children aged 14-15) and a myriad of 400 military robots. They are led by Elder Zack Brixton. He was a Head Paladin and was the leader of the reinforcement expedition, and survived the ambush. He was appointed Elder of the Florida Chapter once communications were set up with Lost Hills.

Bright Brotherhood

The Bright Followers, in 2281, launched their Rockets and made the Great Journey. However, many Bright Followers were still on Earth. They all decided to make an expedition to Florida after reading magazines of the Kennedy Space Centre and Cape Canaveral in 2282. They knew the destination of the Great Journey, and intended to get past the security and launch the rockets. After making it to Florida in 2283, (they made it through the Warzone area since the War had not began yet) Coil Vision allowed them in after hearing of them and placed them under their protection, deeming them an invaluable asset to their projects for Cape Canaveral due to their experience with working with rockets.

Due to the Brights' experience, work, and knowledge on rocket science and aeronautics, the CV struck a deal with the Brights: Brights help restore Cape Canaveral to working order, and the Visionaries will allow the Brights to perform a Second Great Journey if CV can take control of the facility, and that the Brights will activate the ship's Autopilot to bring it back.

They agreed. But unfortunately, whilst being escorted to the facility in 2284, they were ambushed by a covert Brotherhood hit squad. It seemed the Brotherhood directly knew about this and wanted to stop the activation of the Cape at all costs. After a narrow escape, the Brights took refuge in the Kennedy Space Centre. Cape Canaveral was guarded by an impenetrable security network of robots and Y-17 trauma override harnesses, from an accidental shipment in the final week before the bombs fell. Ever since, they have been planning on how to invade and take over the facility, and gathering equipment for the future raid. Coil Vision is too caught up in the War, as well as keeping order throughout their lands, to deal with what they consider a minor resource at the current moment in time, especially one that would cause immense devastation and casualty to the army. The Brights' now assist the Coil Vision scientifically, both militarily and publicly, in their own lab at the Kennedy Space Center, now known as the Alister Gaire Research Institute (AGRI).

Their goal was to recreate the Great Journey and meet up with Jason Bright and the rest of the Bright Brotherhood in the secret land in the Cosmos where they had settled.

On the way to Glorada, they enlisted at least twenty other Ghoul scientists, mechanics, etc. which they met. They had a flock of seventy. They circled around Caesar's territory. During this, while in Arkansas, they met one travelling Ghoul scientist from Washington D.C., named Scott Wollinski, who claimed to have been ousted from his hometown after their "intolerance" and "growing tired" of their "cultist nonsense". He claimed to believe in a religion called the "Church of Atom". The Brights' grew tired and irritated of his insanity, but were amazed at his technical knowledge. They kept him around. After the Brights' leader died, the Coils appointed him the new leader of the Bright Department, much to the dismay of them.

The real story of Wollinski: After he was convinced to give up his act of the Mechanist, his mind became jumbled, confused, and in a way, insane. After drifting into Megaton in 2278, he joined the Church of Atom willingly, and became Ghoulified through Holy Water. He became indoctrinated by it, and became devoted to Atom. However, in 2281, the townsfolk decided enough was enough, and shut down the Church and banished all of the members. Confessor Cromwell ordered the cultists to follow him on a "pilgrimage" to Arkansas, the state of Cromwell's youth. He claimed to have a fantastic idea for a new start for the Church of Atom, and claimed that Atom's presence was rife there. However, they were all killed at Kentucky. Wollinski survived, and gradually became more insane and became obsessed with Arkansas. He risked everything to make it to Arkansas. He arrived at Arkansas in 2282, and made it his life goal to find what the Confessor was speaking about. Eventually, he met the Brights. When they explained their motives to him, he seemed to believe that they were what the Confessor was speaking about. He tagged along with them.

In 2286, Wollinski decided to spread their religion, cause, and philosophy. Thirty of them went to establish the town of Saint Atom, in the ruins of Saint Cloud. He made it a shrine to Atom, and made it an advertising and recruitment office for the "Church of Bright Atom", spreading the religion of the Bright Brotherhood and Atom. It also trades with outsiders, and has a few stores throughout.

People's Republic of Lucie

On October 1, Chinese operatives all over the country were attempting to re-ignite the protests and riots of the previous months across the country. They were successful in some areas, and there was a detachment in Florida with same task. They were aiming for an Orlando riot. But were only successful enough to start a riot in Port St. Lucie on October 20th. By the night of October 22nd, the rioting spread to Orlando. But the next morning, the Great War occured. This resulted in the Chinese operatives in Florida regrouping at Port St. Lucie, and settling there. Two hundred of the protesters joined in, too. They founded the People's Republic of Lucie. It was led by the Red Chinese operatives, and the civilians were the Americans who shared the same opinions of them. By the 23rd Century, they became a successful settlement. They then became involved in the caravan business, and by 2260, were given a seat on the Commission. They were one of the three final members on the Commission before it disbanded. They went to fight off Coil Vision, but were defeated. They accepted a truce from Coil Vision and chose to become a state of their territories, similar to Umbertami. They signed. They renamed their territory to "Dragon Breath". It is now a tourist attraction and trading post on the Long 95 for travellers making their way to Umbertami, along with their strict Communist Chinese lifestyle and culture.


The Everglades are not occupied by anybody. The only inhabitants are a myriad of raider gangs and tribal groups. The Everglades run from Key Largo to Lake Okeechobee. Coil Vision and Umbertami have the frustrating job of keeping raider and tribal nuisances at bay whenever they come close, and during Coil Vision rule, there have been at least three major attacks against Umbertami. Before the annexation, the attacks were almost constant, and resulted in a repetitivle state of being in an on/off situation of Umbertami being occupied by the Everglade locals, and the Umbelites beating them back. And in other situations, Umbertami being shut down for time ranges from one to three weeks. If the tribals and raiders decided to attack the Long 95 in full force at the current moment in time, the Coils would be in no position whatsoever to fend it off, and would lose all control and hope of Long 95. It's just down to luck that the locals strangely haven't done so, yet.


The Warzone is the area where all of the fighting between Florida and the Ash Sphinx are taking place. It is enclosed in a large square box from Sanford to Jacksonville. There are infact some towns, settlements, etc. in the area. The existence of the Warzone is to be the centrepiece of the fighting, although, the Warzone area is actually similar to the Mojave Wasteland. Before the Fellowship invasion, there were a number of towns, settlements, caravans, etc. Although, after the invasion, all of that was heavily cut off and downgraded. By now, it is halfway onto becoming similar to the Capital Wasteland.

Occasional skirmishes occur when Fellowship troops manage to reach Coil Vision lands by boat, if most aren't shot down by border patrol snipers.

The Pulse Field and photonic resonance barriers were set up in a matter of six months, and drew the mark of Coil Vision's borders.

Because the balance of power for locations in the Warzone is constantly changing and being updated, it is simply marked as a neutral ground. However, it is estimated that in two years, at least one side will hold at least more than 50% of the Warzone, and it will become less of a neutral ground, and the Warzone will close in until eventually one side conquers the region. In 2286, the Coil Vision launched a failed attack on Jacksonville. The leadership are gearing up for a second one by 2292. However, almost every projection being run predicts the Ash Sphinx Fellowship being the victor of this sequence.

Supply Lines

Coil Vision and 3-Some:

  • Long 95: (I-95): Cutler Bay, Miami - Ormond Beach, Twisted Hairs
  • Slice 4: (I-4): Maximo Park, Saint Petersburg - Lake Sanford
  • Sprawl 75: (I-75) Riverview, Tampa - Lake Panasoffkee

Ash Sphinx Fellowship

  • Long 95 (I-95) Savannah, Georgia - Twelve Mile Swamp Conservation Area, Florida
  • Sprawl 75 (I-95) Chattanooga, Tennessee - Lake City, Florida
  • Waycross (I-10) (named after how it connects I-75 to I-95) Orange Pond - Jacksonville


  • Brotherhood of Steel: Port Charlotte
  • Ash Sphinx Fellowship:
    • National capital - Atlanta (Atlas), Georgia
    • Gloradan Military Campaign Base: Jacksonville, Florida
  • 3-Some Caravans: Verde House, Shellshock (Saint Petersburg, Florida)
    • Other major areas: Troika (Clearwater) (Ex-capital), New Macon (Tampa)
  • Coil Vision: Lamore, District of Buena Vista (Orlando) (Lamore, D.B.V.)
  • Umberto Family: Downtown Miami
  • Twisted Hairs: Daytona Beach
  • Sorcerer Organisation (defunct): State of Vista, Winter Park, Orlando
  • People's Republic of Lucie (now State of People's Lucie in the Coil Vision): Port Saint Lucie

States of Coil Vision

  • State of Giordano
  • State of People's Lucie
  • State of Umberto
  • State of Vista
  • Lamore, District of Buena Vista (Similar to Washington, D.C.) (Capital of Coil Vision) (Named in honour of the Reavers' founder, Albert Lamore. (Lamore, D.B.V.)

Foreign activity

  • Marker: One of the main goals of the Fellowship, in order to pay homage to their "predecessor's" capital, is to occupy Memphis. In 2288, the citizens of this wasteland agreed to stop fighting, turn away from their lives, and have now unified and pledged allegiance and lives to the future, the cause to fight against the impending Fellowship invasion, and a prosperous Memphis, and named themselves the "Marker". They are bringing up an economy, army, and a home. They await the attack by the Fellowship. Although they're bound to lose, they vowed to die giving the Fellowship a black eye they'd never forget in the process.


The story follows a crack team of six New California Republic Veteran Rangers, and one gray Belgian Malinois named Fidget, hand-picked by President James Hsu himself, to make their expedition into Florida, and recover a G.E.C.K. The Office of Science and Industry (OSI), is desperately trying to find a way to put a stop to the impending food shortages which would occur in less than two years, resulting in mass starvation, setting the Republic back some time, and maybe even destroying the Republic and post-War Civilisation as we know it as a result. Despite diligent assistance from Robert House, leader of the newborn Democratic Economic Republic of New Vegas (DERNV), no solution can be found. In 2281, a high-ranking member of the OSI, Thomas Hildern, who estimated the starvation would take effect in ten years, could have solved the entire problem, and found a Vault named Vault 22, which showed signs of plants growing without any form of stimulation or natural support. They grew healthily, gigantically, without any aid whatsoever. However, the two agents he sent to retrieve information from the Vault's datastore apparently destroyed the data for motives that are not clear.

Two years ago, in 2287, a team of NCR archaeologists uncovered an old Vault-Tec headquarters. Records, etc. were smothered throughout the building. The entirety of Vault-Tec, its operations, literally everything, was found inside there. They found a supercomputer detailing every single Vault-Tec Vault and facility in textbook-sized entries. They discovered that G.E.C.K.s were only sent to Vaults in areas considered major - California, Colorado, Texas, Kansas, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and the majority of the Northeast from Virginia to Maine. There were eight Vaults throughout Canada, three of which had G.E.C.K.s, and there were two Vaults in Hawaii, one of which had a G.E.C.K. Alaska had four Vaults, with two having a G.E.C.K.

They found out that only one of the G.E.C.K.s in Alaska, one of them in Canada (Montreal), one in Illinois, (Chicago), two in Michigan, several throughout the Northeast from Virginia to Maine, and three in Florida, had not yet been activated. However, the G.E.C.K. in Florida (Jacksonville, Vault 51) seemed peculiar. The Vault was given three G.E.C.K.s, and was one of the seventeen control Vaults. Only one was activated. The OSI spent countless days researching the G.E.C.K. tirelessly. It seemed the activated G.E.C.K. had somehow mutated in 2266, and the outside region was overgrown with fungal and plant life, and the readings were extremely similar to the state of Vault 22. It seemed the citizens threw out the G.E.C.K. to stop it infecting the Vault and then sealed themselves inside until they thought it would die down. It became clear that they had one final chance of saving the country from the impending starvation. However, they would need to retrieve the G.E.C.K. first.

With no other option, President James Hsu and newly promoted General Of The Army [1] (GOTA) Cassandra Moore, along with the tacticians of the Army, drew up a plan and hand-picked "Fireteam HEX", a team of six Veteran Ranger commando operatives and a gray Belgian Malinois named Fidget, handpicked by the highest authority, President Hsu himself and GOTA Moore, to head into Florida and retrieve the G.E.C.K. from Vault 51. Brigadier Royez is the leader of Fireteam HEX.

Setting off on a VB-02 Vertibird on April 27th, 2290, from the newly refurbished and restored "McCarran Aerodrome", they landed in Dallas, Texas for the night. They landed once again in Panama City, Florida to wait for the ideal time to fly through. They finally landed at Tarpon Springs, Florida, at a pre-War RobCo Factory, which Mr. House remotely commandeered to make ready for HEX to use as their safehouse on April 29th, 2290, 05:31AM. The NCR would keep in contact with HEX via radio and for the first time, the Internet, a pre-War service which House is working to restore, and is being tested in a prototype stage within the NCR Military.

HEX explore the chaotic cesspits of the Wasteland and the Everglades, conversing with their respective local tribes, visit the epicenter of Coil Vision command at Orlando and the outlying area, venture on an expedition to Umbertami, visit Cape Canaveral, the Twisted Hairs at Daytona Beach, take a trip to the Brotherhood, and make an explosive appearance at the Jacksonville Pyramid Site.

Settlements/towns/cities in Glorada

  • Umbertami (Miami) (City) (Umberto Family) (Coil Vision sovereignty)
  • Daytona Beach (Settlement) (Twisted Hairs)
  • Troika (Clearwater) (City) (3-Some Caravans) (Coil Vision sovereignty) (Etymology: Refers to the Giordano triplets and how they lead the company together.
  • Shellshock (Town) (Saint Petersburg) (3-Some Caravans) (Coil Vision sovereignty) (Etymology: Refers to how the shells, casing, bodies, and scaffolding of the skyscrapers and buildings in the area were ripped off and littered all over the ground.)
  • Ampere Promenade (Town) (Palm Bay) (Coil Vision)
  • Dragon Breath: (Port Saint Lucie) (Town) (Coil Vision sovereignty) (People's Republic of Lucie)
  • Lurkland: (Lakeland) (Town): A settlement of hunters, it is a trading post for meat and hides. They mostly deal in the Mirelurks and Lakelurks in the nearby rivers.
  • Synthesis Springs: (Farm) (Town) (Plant City) (3-Some) (Coil Vision sovereignty): It is the main farm of 3-Some Caravans and Coil Vision, and is the main and primary food source for Gloradans living in Coil Territory. Several stores are open there. (Etymology: Photosynthesis)
  • Scylla: (Town) (Lake Kissimmee) (Coil Vision): Coil Vision have set up a building in one of the islets in the centre of the Lake, where they are developing a mass water purifier, capable of purifying the entire lake, so that they can remove all dirt, muck, radiation, etc. Since its beginning in 2287, they have miserably failed. The reason for the project is to allow Coil Vision to use up less resources and spending, as it takes a high amount of time, work, caps, and resources to remove the radiation and dirt from bottled Kissimmee water. Apart from Kissimmee, the river network is used for water, but purifying Kissimmee and using it for all future water purposes would be cheaper and hold far more benefits. Apart from the purifier building, there is one research center and a water store for travellers. (Etymology: A massive colony of Mirelurks roam endlessly throughout the area.
  • Saint Atom: (Saint Cloud) (Town) (Bright Department, Coil Vision)
  • Vista: The main city ran by the Sorcerer Organisation, who named themselves after one of the few remains of Buena Vista - a gigantic statue of a blue hat. As one of the final three caravans in Florida before the Coil invasion, they were the leading caravanners and stood up against Coil Vision's takeover, and were destroyed in the process. They declared a stalemate and brokered a deal with Coil Vision. However, behind Sorcerer's backs, Coil Vision signed another deal with 3-Some, where 3-Some, with Coil Vision aid, would secretly kill off Bueno's brahmin, caravans, etc., forcing them into administration and a hostile takeover from 3-Some. The state of Vista then became the capital of the Coil Vision. Their headquarters of Buena Vista, Florida, became the capital building and military headquarters of Coil Vision.


  • Ash Sphinx Fellowship: 102,000 (45,000 soldiers, 57,000 citizens)
    • ASF Gloradan Military Campaign: 23,000 (19,000 soldiers, 4000 civilians)
  • Florida: 48,000
  • Coil Vision population: 26,000 (8,000 soldiers, 18,000 citizens)
  • Everywhere else in Florida (including Everglades and Warzone): 22,000


If, when I post the entire story, it is successful and people like it enough, I will consider writing a sequel, taking a more immersive approach on the local politics and being devoted to this subject. It will revolve around a character changing the entire situation of Florida, similar to the Courier, and causing the Fellowship catastrophic damage.