I'm kinda freaking out, I just turned on my PS3, loaded Fallout 3 and my save from last night where I finished The Waters of Life, and I went into the Citadel Lab. As soon as I entered the lab, I seriously heard what sounded like a woman talking in what seemed to be a different language (seemingly Asian) in a quiet and panting voice, and it lasted for about eight seconds. When it first started, I was sorting things out in my room and I turned round and looked at the TV about 3 seconds in wondering what the fuck it even was.

Anybody know what this could be? I've played Fallout 3 since April 2009, been in the Citadel Lab countless times, and never before have I seen this shit.

UPDATE: It just happened again, I could make out some of what she was saying, I heard "I can feel it" and what appeared to be "yogi". If it happens again, I'll record it.

UPDATE 2: Happened again, recorded it.